Among Us: How to complete tasks in SKELD Map as a Crewmate?

clock 2020-09-18

You all might already know too much of Among Us and what it does and how to play. So, I will skip the part where I tell you all that information.


Among Us: How to complete tasks in SKELD Map as a Crewmate?


However, most of you might not know that The SKELD was the first map released in Among Us, and today I will be helping you figure out all the tasks and how to complete them before Imposter or Imposters kill you and your crewmates.


So, let's get started.


Different Tasks in The SKELD Map:


There are different types of tasks you have to complete to win the match. However, what task you get depends on the system.


Your crewmates do get different tasks, but some of their tasks are similar to yours. For example, if you have a task to Empty Chute, they might have the same task.


The following are the tasks you can get in the SKELD map, which you have to complete as soon as possible.


Unique Tasks of The SKELD Map as a Crewmate:


There are three unique tasks in the SKELD map to complete.


Stabilize Steering:


Among Us: How to complete tasks in SKELD Map as a Crewmate?


Stabilize Steering is probably the easiest task in "Among Us," and I have included all of the maps.


To complete this task, you will have to go to the Navigation area and start the task. You will see a location in the middle of the screen. All you need to do is drag the cursor to the middle of the screen to Stabilize Steering.


Calibrate Distributor:


Calibrate Distributor is a very tricky task to complete. Most of the players skip this task because they don't know how to complete it.


To complete this task, you will have to be in the Electrical area and start the task by going to the Electric Panel.


In there, you will see three different numbers inside three circles. You will also see three different lights on the right side, and each light will have one button underneath it.


The first one will be overlapping the circuit; all you need to do is press the button underneath the light right when the circle reaches the circuit. If you pressed it on time, you would move on to the next circle.


The next circle will start overlapping the circle the same as the first one. You have to repeat the process. Once completed, you will have to do the same with the number three.


Among Us: How to complete tasks in SKELD Map as a Crewmate?


However, keep in mind you cannot miss the circuit at any cost. If you missed the circuit, it would reset your whole progress.


For example, you have calibrated the first two distributors, but you couldn't calibrate the third, it will all reset to zero, and you will have to do it all over again from the first one.


The task will complete once you have calibrated all the three distributors.


Align Engine Output:


Align Engine Output is the third and last unique task, which you can only find in the SKELD map.


To complete the task, go to the Upper Engine area. Now, remember there are two parts of this mission, which you will have to complete to complete the task.


The task will start from the Lower Engine area. So, go there and start the task. You will see a screen where you will see a line in the middle and one line in the lower part of the screen.


What you need to do is align the lower line according to the middle line to complete the task. You will have a navigator/cursor to align the Engine.


Among Us: How to complete tasks in SKELD Map as a Crewmate?


The line will turn green once you are aligned; if not, it will stay red. Now, go to the Upper Engine area and complete the Align Engine Output to complete the task.


Tips for the "SKELD Map" as an Imposter:


As an Imposter, it's your job to kill everyone on the ship or sabotage the ship to win, and while doing it, don't get caught.


The following are the tips you can follow on the SKELD map while being the best imposter.




Vents are a bit different on SKELD as compare to the other two maps.


All the vents and where it leads you:


⦁  Vent 1 is in the Cafeteria area, which you can use to go to O2 or admin. You can also use the vents to come back to these areas.


⦁  Vent 2 is in the Weapons area, which will only take you to Navigation. Now keep in mind Navigation has two vents. One leads you to the Weapons, and the other will take you to the Shields area.


⦁  Vent 3 is in Navigation, which can lead you to the Shields area.


⦁  Vent 4 is on the other side of the map in Lower Engine. To go there, you will have to walk.


From the Lower Engine vent, you can go to Reactor.


⦁  Vent 5 is in the Security area, which can lead you to MedBay.


⦁  Vent 6 is also in the Security area, which leads you to the Electrical area.


⦁  Vent 7 is in Electrical, which leads you to the MedBay area. You will have to come out from the vent to use another vent. But keep an eye on the crewmates, so you don't get caught.


Among Us: How to complete tasks in SKELD Map as a Crewmate?




Sabotages is one of the main tasks as an Imposter. Click on sabotage to close all doors. The door will unlock automatically after a specific time.


While the doors are closed, you cannot sabotage the ship. You can sabotage the Reactor, Electrical, O2, and Communications to panic the crewmates.


You can also sabotage and kill a crewmate to create a lot more rush in the game.


Fake Tasks:


Fake tasks are there to protect you. Try to do that to avoid unnecessary attention towards you or to gain trust from crewmates or to gain alibi from crewmates.




There are a lot of different and same missions in all three maps of Among Us, and each brings a new experience to the table.


The game is very much addicted to a lot of players; it's been almost two years of its release, and still making players go crazy as Imposter or Crewmate.


The developer said, "We didn't expect that this game would go this far, at least not after two years." At first, the game only had one map, and then the developers added two more maps.


Let's see what more we will see in this game. Till then, enjoy the game with the above-given tips and tricks of the SKELD Map.

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