Victory For (V4): Detailed Tips and Tricks Guide


Victory For (V4) is an MMORPG game offered by NEXON company. The game features an open world for players to explore a lot of stuff.


Choose from six different classes, fight monsters, explore and forge alliances, customize your character, etc.


Victory For (V4): Detailed Tips and Tricks Guide


Choosing a class, fighting monsters, forging alliances can be a difficult part if you have never played an MMORPG game before. Today in this tips guide, I will be explaining a lot of stuff to make Victory For (V4) much easier for you to understand and play.


Without further ado, let's get started.


What Class to pick?


Like every other MMORPG game, "Victory For" also allows you to pick the class and character of your choice. So, if you already picked the class you want, then you can skip this part.


However, if you don't know what class to pick, then first you have to know the classes and characters in V4. Every class has unique skills, and every character has different stats.


These are some of the classes you can choose from to progress much faster in the game.


Easy to use Classes:


⦁ Gun Slinger is a very rare class in the MMORPG game, and the stats of this class is great.


⦁ Enchantress is also one of the classes you can pick for farming and progression.


Both of the classes are very easy to play as a Free to play player.


Balanced Classes in V4:


⦁ Knight is a balanced class in V4, which works as a Tank in team fights. The stats of this classic balance from damage to recovery. However, this class has more hp than any other class.


⦁ Slayer class is famous for its high DPS. Combine Knight with slayer class in a team fight, and you will have a win.


⦁ Warlord is somehow similar to the Slayer class because it also has High damage, but the attack speed is very low.


Victory For (V4): Detailed Tips and Tricks Guide


These are some of the classes which any player can easily play and without using real money. Keep in mind; the progress is up to you. How much you are dedicated to become the best or to progress or to become good with your character.


Understand your character and class and what it does and where it shines. Once you have gotten all this, there will be no class in V4 you can't play.


Leveling Up:


If you haven't played any MMORPG game before and it's your first time, focus on leveling up by doing multiple quests.


The main Quest is very important to complete as it's the story of the game, and it gives you all the guidance you need, and it gives you rewards on completing quests.


The main Quest also gives you a complete Epic set, including Radiant Glory Gloves, Sub Weapon, Shoes, Armor, and Main Weapon.




When you are doing the main quest or farming, do not forget to use "Advanced Blessing Potion."


Advance Blessing Potion increases the EXP earned by 200% and chances of loot by 100%. The duration of this potion lasts for 2H, but you can stack duration with multiple uses.


You can get this potion from Map, Quests, or by log in rewards.


Increase your Combat Power:


Increasing your combat power is very important in this game, but first, you will need to focus on farming. At the start only increase combat power if you are stuck.


Once you think you are ready to work on your combat power, work on your character first increase his/her attack, Defense, Hp. Increasing all of these will automatically increase your combat power.


Gear Enhancement:


Gear Enhancement will help you with increasing your combat power. To enhance your gears, you will need a special scroll.


Victory For (V4): Detailed Tips and Tricks Guide


For example, if you want to enhance your Radiant Wise Glory Gloves, you will need Defense Gear Enhance Scrolls to complete the enhancement.


The amount of scroll required to enhance is gear will be mentioned on your Gear Enhancement screen. Enhancement increases Defense, Attack, HP, Critical Hit, Combat Power, etc.




Completing Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Guide mission will not only give you rewards, but it will also make your progress a lot easier.


Missions are not that hard; you either need to Eliminate a specific amount of Syllunas Monsters, Lunatra Monsters, Elite Monsters, Region Bosses, use Soul Shards, etc.


Phantom Abyss:


Phantom Abyss is the specialty of the V4 game. In there, you will need a specific amount of combat power to enter the fight.


For now, there are five different modes in Phantom Abyss, which include:


⦁ Knight's Regret 1 requires 3900 combat power.


⦁ Knight's Regret 2 requires 13000 combat power.


⦁ Girl's Nightmare, 1 requires 23000 combat power.


⦁ Girl's Nightmare 2 requires 53600 combat power.


⦁ Girl's Nightmare 3 requires 29000 combat power.


All of these modes give EXP, Soul shards, enhancement scrolls, and more.


General Merchant:


Do not forget to buy stuff from the General merchant. It allows you to buy Iru's Assorted Steaks, Palo's Meat Pie, Brellan Fruit Juice, Zikus Special Stew, and much other stuff, which is important in the game.


Victory For (V4): Detailed Tips and Tricks Guide


All of this stuff is important when you are doing the main quest, farming, or doing dungeons. The above-given items increase your Movement Speed, Attack, Critical Damage, HP, Attack Speed, etc.


So, all of the items give you extra bonus/advantage over monsters and enemies.




Victory For (V4) is a game to play only if you are dedicated; it requires your time to give you certain benefits. All of the tips mentioned above and tricks will help you a lot while progressing further.


The buffs are pretty important in the early game as you are developing your account, and the game is at a slow pace at the start. To progress much faster, you will have to buy all the buffs you can and use them during dungeons, main quests, farming, etc.


Stuff like leveling up and gear enhancement not only increases your combat power it also increases the stats of your character. So, do not rush in and enhance the normal gears. Wait for the epic or higher gears to start enhancing your gears.

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