Advanced Strategy Guide For Stumble Guys


Stumble Guys is a game of wits and mechanics. However, you can always take advantage of a few tricks to truly get ahead of the competition. Here's an advanced strategy that should you get better at the game. If you haven’t already, you can download Stumble Guys for free on LDPlayer.


Always Time Your Jumps:



Advanced Strategy Guide For Stumble Guys


Stumble Guys is a game of mechanics and timing. It gets quite hard to focus on anything other than running towards your goal as you play the game. However, the game does feature some controls, which you definitely should not discredit at all.


If you time your jump well, you can get boosted towards the middle of a crowd. To get away from that newbie that is behind you or to get to the finish line when you are milliseconds away, having a good well-timed jump can be essential, if not pivotal, towards playing the game in a competitive setting.


Learning Slide Jumping:


Suppose you have been playing the game for quite a bit. You'll end up realizing that double jumping is also another important mechanic of the game. It is used to traverse areas that you seemingly won't be able to get to in any other way. However, more importantly, if you've ever seen tips and tricks for any map, you'll end up realizing that sliding while double-jumping provides you the forward momentum you need to get to areas that are harder to access.


Do note that slide jumping has a recovery time that takes a bit to get used to. You cannot jump or run instantaneously after you slide jump and has a recovery time of about 0.5 seconds.


Grab and Run:


Grabbing is an essential skill that you will need to master to play harder obstacle courses if you want to move over walls or ramps. However, timing can be tricky as just pressing the button won't lead you to grab a target. Instead, your hands must physically move towards the spot and then will ultimately latch on.


After they end up latching on, you can grab something and act with it. If you keep trying, you will end up picking the mechanic up quite quickly. Moreover, in Arena based maps where you are up against other players in closed quarters, you can use the mechanic to perform more vandalizing tasks such as stealing soccer balls or robbing them of their resources in some game modes.


Grabbing also completely slows down your momentum. So, if you are foaling off a ledge, for example, or need to land on a particular spot, using the grabbing mechanic can give you the edge you need.


For a fun side note, you can also grab other players to "hug" them. While this does not provide you with an inherent advantage, it is still quite a fun mechanic to do with friends!


Learning When To Dive / Slide Jump:


Stumble Guys has a wonky physics engine on purpose. You can build up momentum extremely quickly as you move around or jump a few feet. However, this momentum can turn out to be your enemy in some cases as you try to navigate through various obstacles.


This particular spot is where diving matters the most. If you need one move that is essential to your kit, it is diving. Moreover, the skill is also useful when you are trying to avoid obstacles that come your way. If you are good at timing your dives, you can use the forward momentum mentioned earlier to throw yourself forward, missing the obstacle that would have tossed you down.


Plus, diving is also useful in ice-based thematic maps, where you can go down much more quickly if you dive down than anything else. So, dive as much as possible unless you are on a relatively long and completely flat path. Over there, diving can slow you down!


In essence, you should always dive whenever there is a downward slope (small or big.) You should try and dive corners and through obstacles as it can let you clip through objects in some instances, which is quite useful.


Falling Can Be Useful…..Some Times:



Advanced Strategy Guide For Stumble Guys


We get it, falling? Isn't the purpose of the game to get to the finish line faster? Well, it is. But falling isn't all that bad in some cases. A well-timed fall or dive into oblivion can lead you closer to your goal than walking would have ever had.


Falling is an element of the game you will experience every other round, no matter how good you are. However, if you d it with intention, you might end up being tossed or thrown around in places that would have taken more seconds to walk to. This can be the head start you need to keep your lead in particularly tough levels where you can't get to a place by casually walking there.


Do note that you will need to know checkpoints and which ones are closest to you so that falling makes sense. Otherwise, you might end up leaping down only to discover that you ended up going further away than you originally intended to. Iso, we do not recommend using this strategy on every map that you seek.


However, this is especially useful on strategy-based obstacle course maps with multiple checkpoints loitered around the map at any particular point.


Following The Crowd:


If you have just opened up the game or are a beginner, playing Stumble Guys can be an absolute pain. If you are playing a new map, we recommend following the rest of the beans around as much as possible. If you see everyone running around to one place, it’s a safe bet that they probably know what they are doing, and you should follow them around.


Unless and until you are sure of where you need to go, with no doubt whatsoever, you should follow bean mates around. This is especially applicable on close-quartered arenas such as Laser-Based maps. If you haven't memorized the patterns, you can bet on the fact that someone in your lobby has.


So, make sure to follow them around and stick to them if you want a chance of beating the level at any reasonable pace.


Slow Your Pace Down:


Stumble Guys is a frantic game of running around trying to get ahead of everyone else. However, this is where you stop improving and fall into the trap of doing the same thing over and over again as you do not quantify your strides. You will end up falling prey to the same obstacle again and again while players start qualifying.


As such, the odds of you qualifying for the next round will be dropping down by the next second. Yikes! Therefore, we recommend slowing down once in a while. We get it. It's a race. Slowing down might seem sub-optimal. But, it is much better than dying again and again at the same place.


As soon as you change your pace, you'll be able to think of new strategies and change your timing as you go at your speed, trying to avoid as many obstacles as faster. This will be much faster than running around and constantly dying again and again.


You should stay calm and try not to pack even if you fall a few times. Remember that almost half of the populous is going to be qualifying for the next round. So, until there’s no slot left, hope is not lost!


Go With The Crowd:


Advanced Strategy Guide For Stumble Guys


If you are in the middle of a Stumble Guys map, you'll be stuck between tens of players trying to go through the same choke point. Most players try to beat the curve and end up wasting more time than. There definitely will come the point where you'll be in between other frantic beans trying to get out.


Instead of fighting and rummaging your way out of the crowd, go with the flow and try to look for a way to get out after players move away for a bit. If you move around in the middle of a crowd, you might end up getting trampled or, even worst, fall off, which completely hinders your progress.


Do note that in early rounds, you do not be the best or come in first. Instead, you just need to qualify. Therefore, you really should not be spending time stumbling on choke points and should instead wait.


Spending On In-Game Currency:


You’ll earn some in-game currency points based on how many rounds you end up surviving and can also get more of that resource depending on your placement in the qualifiers. You can exchange this currency for customization options like costumes and other schemes.


Another perhaps more rare resource that you can earn is Crowns. You only get these after winning the game and being the last player alive. Not to worry, however, while rare, there are particular objectives you can complete that present you with crowns regardless of your wins or not.


You can also purchase this resource with real-life money. However, you do not need to do that at all. The items that you get, like costumes and theatrics, do not add to your gameplay whatsoever and are merely there for cosmetic purposes. If you play the game naturally every day, you'll end up earning plenty of items to exchange for decorative items as the match moves forwards.


Taking Advantage Of The In-Game Shop:


The In-Game Shop has tons of items brought in and out of the game every few weeks. You can also look at featured items in the shop, which are available for only a few globally available days.



Advanced Strategy Guide For Stumble Guys


Regular items are completely randomized and last for a day or so only. So, if you see a regular item that you want to purchase, you should start grinding towards it as soon as possible as it won't be staying for long.


We recommend checking the store every day when you start playing the game to see if you need a particular amount of a resource or not. You definitely will be guilty of days where you spend an extended amount of time trying to earn enough resources so that your character can look a certain way.


Once again, however, this is completely cosmetic and will not enhance or be detrimental to your gameplay performance whatsoever. However, you will be easier to spot if you have a more flashy outfit.


Customizing Your Character:


Once you are at the main menu, you can choose from the different types of clothes, patterns, theatrics, and other items from your inventory. You can get the ability to customize your character even further by purchasing items.


You can change your items after every round once you hit the main menu as there is no limit. We do recommend picking up a brighter outfit as it makes you easier to spot.


It Is Okay To Lose:



Advanced Strategy Guide For Stumble Guys


This might seem fairly obvious, but Stumble Guys can sometimes be an extremely rage-inducing game. Therefore, you should keep calm when playing the game as the only way to get better is through practice.


Once you get better at the game, you will learn how to navigate each map with relative ease and will be able to dodge and weave obstacles with ease. So, do not get discouraged. Plus, there's no real win rate calculation or stat tracking in the game as of yet. So, you can die as much as you want, and it won't affect your gameplay at all!




With all these tips in your mind, you should easily take over most lobbies with your mechanics and strategy. However, if you can’t seem to make the best out of every match, don’t worry! Practicing is the key to becoming a true Stumble Guys player.

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