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Just in time for the huge English update, all Cookie Run: Kingdom voice actors have been published. Although this upgrade has some new fight material for fans of the franchise to enjoy, it's likely to be the ideal moment for a flock of newcomers to give the game a chance. Read on to find out who you recognize from the English patch, whether you remember them from before or not. We've also cast them in several of their most popular characters. 


Cookie Run: Kingdom already boasts a stellar cast of English voice actors. As you explore the game's wide world, you'll likely discover more names and voices that you recognize as you unlock more characters. Adventure Time's Finn and Nier each have a significant role in the film, as do the voice actors from Persona 5, Sailor Moon, Falcon, and Winter Soldier. 


The launch of the Cookie Run: Kingdom English language update is an excellent opportunity to play the game. After all, it's high on our list of the greatest gacha games. Check out our Cookie Run: Kingdom tier list if you just started to make sure you're rooting for the best. And if you need extra gems, we have lots of new and exclusive Cookie Run Kingdom codes for you to use. 



Character English Voice Actor Known For
Adventurer Chris Parson Final Fantasy XV (Gladio), Overwatch (Junk Rat)
Alchemist Jeannie Tirado Genshin Impact (Kujou Sara)
Almond Ray Chase Nier Replicant (Nier), Final Fantasy XV (Noctis)
Angel Erika Ishii Code Vein (Female PC), Vacation Simulator (Vacation Bot)
Avocado Courtenay Taylor Resident Evil (Ada Wong), OK K.O.! (multiple)
Beet Elysia Rotaru Avengers (Alisande Morales), Anthem (Princess Zhim)
Black Raisin Tiana Camacho Cris Tales (Galley, June), Cells at Work! (White Blood Cell Neutrophil)
Blackberry Michelle Phan Marvel Avengers Academy (Jessica Jones)
Carrot Rosanno Pansino YouTube (MichellePhan)
Chili Pepper Kiera Please Musician
Clover Kimberly Brooks Psychonauts 2 (Hollis Forsythe), The Owl House (Skara)
Cream Puff Lucien Dodge KonoSuba (Dust), Danganronpa V3 (Keebo)
Custard Cassandra Lee Morris Persona 5 (Morgana), World of Final Fantasy (Enna Kros)
Dark Cacao Patrick Seitz Beastars (Riz), River City Girls (Abobo)
Dark Choco Isaac Robinson Smith Avengers (Theo), Marvel's What If...? (Brick)
Dark Enchantress Patty McCormack The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn - 1960 (Joanna Wilkes)
Devil Aleks Le Lost Judgement (Shinya Kawai), Final Fantasy VII Intergrade (Sonon Kusakabe)
Espresso Zach Aguilar Yakuza: Like a Dragon (Sota Kume), Tales of Arise (Gayne)
Fig Giselle Fernandez Shironeko (Theo)
Fire Spirit Austin Lee Matthews Final Fantasy VII Remake (Roche), Pokémon Evolutions (Professor Sycamore)
GingerBrave Jeremy Shada Adventure Time (Finn)
Golden Cheese Pilar Uribe A.I.C.O (Akiko Nanbara)
Gumball Caylus YouTube (Caylus)
Herb Khoi Dao Deathloop (Charlie Montague), Genshin Impact (Albedo)
Hollyberry Elizabeth Maxwell Persona 5 (Sae Niijima), Persona 5 (Rosaria)
Knight Daniel Amerman League of Legends (Ezreal), Final Fantasy VII Intergrade (Polk)
Kumiho Kimlinh Tran The Rising of the Shield Hero (Keel), Wargroove (Ragna)
Latte Vivian Lamolli Bosch (Yum Yum)
Licorice Cameron Bowen Injustice 2 (Red Hood), Infinite Crisis (Robin)
Lilac Behzad Dabu How to Get Away with Murder (Simon Drake)
Madeleine Yong Yea Paladins: Champions of the Realm (Vatu)
MaLa Sauce Caitlyn Elizabeth Little Witch Academia (Croix Meridies)
Mango Christian Banas Pokemon Journeys (Fisherman, Team Rocket Grunt)
Milk Daman Mills Sonny Boy (Aakaze), Dragon Ball Super (Frieza)
Millennial Tree Keith Silverstein Genshin Impact (Zhongli), Persona 5 (Masayoshi Shido)
Mint Choco Zeno Robinson Cris Tales (Cristopher), Pokémon Journeys (Goh)
Moonlight GK Bowes Aggretsuko (Tsunoda)
Muscle OJ Gaming YouTube (OrangeJuiceGaming)
Ninja Stephen Fu Wonder Egg Priority (Shuichiro Sawaki)
Onion LilyPichu Genshin Impact (Sayu)
Pancake InquisitorMaster YouTube (InquisitorMaster)
Parfait LeeandLie (AmaLee) Cardcaptor Sakura (Akiho Shinomoto), Pokémon Evolutions (Lillie)
Pastry Colleen O'Shaughnessey Sonic the Hedgehog (Tails), Digimon (Sora Takenouchi)
Poison Mushroom A.J. Beckles Tokyo Revengers (Takemichi Hanagaki)
Pomegranate Victoria Grace Mirai (Mirai), The Last of Us: Part II (Yara)
Princess Eden Riegel Nier (Devola/Popola), Persona 5 (Hifumi Togo)
Pure Vanilla Yuri Lowenthal Spider-Man PS4/PS5 (Spider-Man/Peter Parker)
Purple Yam Sean Chiplock Re:ZERO (Subaru Natsuki), Lost Judgement (Matsui)
Raspberry Christina Kirkman All That (2003-2005)
Red Velvet Max Mittelman Persona 5 (Ryuji Sakamoto) Final Fantasy VII Remake (Red XIII)
Rye Amber Lee Connors Wonder Egg Priority (Kurumi Saijo)
Sea Fairy Laura Post A Whisker Away (Kaoru Mizutani), Nier Reincarnation (Akeha)
Snow Sugar Analesa Fisher Genshin Impact (Saimon)
Sorbet Shark Arianna Ratner World of Warcraft (various)
Sparkling Xander Mobus Persona 5 (Ren Amamiya)
Squid Ink Courtney Lin Kageki Shojo!! (Ruri Shirohana)
Strawberry Anairis Quinones New Pokémon Snap (Rita), Wonder Egg Priority (Rika Kawai)
Strawberry Crepe Valeria Rodriguez Genshin Impact (Sucrose)
Tiger Lily Stephanie Sheh Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon),
Twizzly Gummy Dawn Michelle Bennett Wonder Egg Priority (Neiru Aonuma), Freedom Planet (Lilac)
Vampire Jason Kaye Red Dead Redemption 2 (various)
Werewolf Desmond Chiam The Falcon and the Winter Solider (Dovich)
White Lily Erica Mendez Sailor Moon (Sailor Uranus), New Pokémon Snap (Phil)
Wind Archer Kellen Goff Lost Judgement (Sakaki), Genshin Impact (Abyss Herald),
Wizard Kyle McCarley Nier (9S) Harry Potter Wizards Unite (Harry Potter)


Cookie Run: Kingdom is constantly introducing new characters to the game, so we expect this list of voice performers to grow over time. The patch delivered two more, and with a major new event coming off, there's a lot more material on the way. 


With the progress of the story and the appearance of new characters in its PVE sector and competitive PVP playlist, there is always a possibility for additional well-known voice actors to be cast.

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