Clash Royale - The Fastest Goblin Barrel Decks


Here we are coming with the newest variation of Clash of Clans by Supercell "Clash Royale." Yeah. You heard it right. This game is a mobile video game for android and iOS. Enjoy the adventures with real-time strategies of clash royale and play the genres of multiplayer online battles, card games, and tower defense.


Clash Royale - The Fastest Goblin Barrel Decks


If there are anyone interests in building clans and defeating the towers with kings and princesses, this one is for you. Play the game in a mode of multi-playing and want to play and strategy game in a maximum of five minutes? This clash royale is for yours. Be a reason to lead the royale family into a definite victory.


The Fastest Goblin Barrel Deck


When we talk about the fastest barrel deck in clash royale, the first thing that comes to your mind is what this barrel deck is? There are so many decks and top decks available in the clash royale, and here is the barrel deck. Let's dig into those by one.


What is a Goblin Barrel?


Goblin Barrel is known as a spell card. It is responsible for spawning some of the goblins. So this goblin barrel is a threatening factor for the opponents and a winning lead. By using this spell card, you can easily defend a tower of the opponent. Goblins are consisting of some patterns for spawning. Your opponent in the clash royale will have time for the response.


Clash Royale - The Fastest Goblin Barrel Decks


Goblin barrel is primarily a functioning card to place in several bait decks. If you are going for a deck that gets most from the goblin barrel deck, these are the best decks for you. We are not only introducing you to one deck.


We bring you several goblin barrel decks that lead you to the fastest way in the fast in clash royale. So here we go to the quickest goblin barrel decks.


Rocket with Goblin Barrel Deck


Rocket with Goblin Barrel deck is holding an average elixir cost of 3.3. This deck is very competent at defending, and it does not have any drawbacks. Suppose you want to play free on this game, use this deck to free to play.


Usually, the rocket and the goblins are the real points for your winning. Rocket and the log will be the spells, and using them wisely can lead you to an exact victory.


You can have nine elixir 4-card cycles with an Ice Spirit, Log, Knight, and a goblin gang with this deck. You will have the chance to bait the arrows, poison, and fireballs on here. Baiting is done by fireballs, arrows, and poison with princesses too. So these cards are the most critical factors for defeating the opponents. You can try these matching to defeat the enemies wisely.


Clash Royale - The Fastest Goblin Barrel Decks


  • Knight + Goblin Barrel
  • Princess + Goblin Barrel
  • Goblin Gang + Goblin Barrel
  • Ice Spirit + Goblin Barrel


Skeleton Barrel with Goblin Barrel Deck


This deck is including a 2.9 elixir cost on average. As in the rocket with goblin barrel deck, this deck also very well in defensive strategies. The fireballs and the log are the damage spells you receive through this deck. You will get the opportunity to drop the knights with Skeleton barrel, Dart Goblin, to give a sudden attack to the towers at the bridge.


You will have nine elixir 4-card cycles along with skeletons, the knight, log, and skeleton barrel with this deck—bait on your opponent's wills unique spells with a combination of skeleton or the dart goblin. Try the following combinations to play on this deck.


  • Skeleton Barrel + Goblin Barrel
  • Knight + Goblin Barrel
  • Knight + Bomb Tower
  • Dart Goblin + Skeleton Barrel
  • Knight + Skeleton Barrel
  • Skeletons + Skeleton Barrel
  • Dart Goblin + Skeleton Barrel


Goblin Barrel with Miner Deck


The Goblin barrel with Miner deck initially consists of an average elixir cost of 3.4. Both the defensive strategy and the offensive strategies are in good condition with this deck.


It would help to remember that this Goblin barrel with Miner deck is not included with any medium spells or high damage spells. And also, there will be no resets for attacking or sufficient cards for investments.

 Clash Royale - The Fastest Goblin Barrel Decks


You can have 11 elixir 4-card cycle with log, skeleton army, goblin barrel, and a goblin gang with the deck goblin barrel with miner deck. Bait the opponents with fireballs, arrows, and the poison with princes. Those will be your most potent cards in the process of baiting. So try the following combinations to earn great success in the gameplay.


  • Skeleton Army + Miner
  • Minion Horde + Miner
  • Goblin Barrel + Miner
  • Minion Horde + Goblin Barrel
  • Skeleton Army + Goblin Barrel
  • Ice Spirit + Goblin Barrel
  • Goblin Gang + Goblin Barrel


Rocket with Goblin Barrel Deck


Here is another deck of rocket with goblin barrel that consists of 3.8 elixir cost in its average. Both of the strategies on defense and the offense are great in this deck.


You will not get any severe anti-air damage or attack resetting cards with this deck. This rocket with goblin barrel deck is pretty much good for free to play players.


You will get the rocket and the goblin barrel for your indeed victory with this deck in the game clash royale. Your received spells will be a rocket and also the giant snowballs. So using them in a strategic way can assure your victory in the clash royale for sure.


11 elixir card cycle with a combination of giant snowball, goblin barrel, dart goblin, goblin gang are the opportunities you get through this rocket with goblin barrel deck. As for the baiting options, you will get arrows, poison with a princess, and a fireball. Those cards will play an essential role in your definite victory.


Here are the best combinations to use in this barrel deck of rocket with goblin barrel.


  • Princess + Goblin Barrel
  • Goblin gang + Goblin Barrel
  • Dart Goblin + Goblin barrel


Essential Tips on Goblin Barrel Decks


Although there are different combinations for each deck, we would recommend you to use the best synergies as Musketeer, Valkyrie, Princes, baby dragon, Skeleton Army, and the hog rider as a good barrel synergy.


Make sure to keep in mind that the goblin barrel will counter by several items. Think of your opponents are using fire spirits, barbarian barrel, goblin gang, the log, or the skeleton army you better hide your goblin barrel deck into another move. Because revealing into those attacks can count on for goblin barrels for sure.


Clash Royale - The Fastest Goblin Barrel Decks


As a second point to remember to keep your mind note that a goblin barrel counter can stop some individual cards. If your enemies are using Mortar, Xbow, Elixir collector, or the goblin hut, you can give them a reverse attack with the use of a goblin barrel.




As a gamer in clash royale, we are recommending you to use the Rocket with Goblin barrel deck as the fastest goblin barrel deck. As an average, that deck is consisting of some exciting powers and opportunities along with it.


But we are not saying that the other few decks we described here are not right. They are also pretty much good, but the deck with a rocket goblin barrel deck would be a perfect choice for the victory.


Understand on decks and strategies they use along with the gameplay. So you will able to clear your whole path along with the clash royale. Use the opportunities wisely and strategically, and the right way of playing can surely lead you the best on the fastest way in clash royale.


So why are we waiting? Let's start our game and enjoy the quickest goblin barrel decks with clash royale.

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