Clash Royale - Top 5 Decks to play

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Here comes the real-time strategy by SuperCell. Enjoy the collecting of the cards and upgrade them in a dozen ways. Enter into the Arena of the real clash of clans and select your favorite clash of clans character to play. Be a part of the new clash royale with real-time multiplaying features.


Clash Royale - Top 5 Decks to play


Clash Royale is a video game by Supercell, and it is officially known as a real-time strategy video game. You have to combine the elements in here, and those are coming through the collectible cards, tower defense, and also an online battle arena for the multiplayer. Clash of Royale is available for Android and iOS platform gamers.


This game is an online game, and it is free to download and play. As a player, you can collect cards and match them. These all cards are featuring the troops of Clash of Royale, spells, knights, princess, baby dragons, and much more. You can enjoy the freedom of knocking the princess and king, and you are free to get the options to defeat them.


In the Clash of Royale, you will be able to construct your decks to defeat the opponents you face. As a result of creating decks, you will build a healthy path on your gameplay. So today, here we are going to describe the top 5 decks to play for going strong in the game of Clash Royale.


Top 5 Decks to Play


Top decks will help you to push on more trophies on the ladder, or they can be instrumental in winning the battles in Clash of Royale. These decks are advantageous in becoming a top than the other players in a competitive way by using them in the right way. So let’s start on the top decks in clash royale.


  • Dig iAmJP 


Hog or the Cart is consisting of Ice Golem, Log, Poison, hog Rider, Valkyrie, Inferno Dragon, hunter, and Cannon Cart. Dignitas iAm JP is capable of pulling out a hybrid Hog rider and a cannon Cart decks. He does it by using the back of him against the wall.


Clash Royale - Top 5 Decks to play


Hog / Cart is pulling out the hunter and dragon for the purpose of reversing the sweep SK Loay. This deck is capable of earning the top out of all the decks due to its best mixing of offensive and defensive cards with a low cost of average elixir.


We can make sure that this deck is a balanced and versatile deck for any situation. The Deck Hog/cart is the best for taking out the advantages of opponents' mistakes. You can defend the enemies very quickly here. Not only that, as a player on this deck, you are free to perform extensive AOE damage by using both troops and the spells.


You don’t have to worry about opponents since you strong enough to attack the enemies with high damage cards before they come into your tower. You can perform counter-attacks by sending the Hog Rider, and also, you will get the chance to send into two several paths and choose the enemy you are going to defeat.


  • FNC LemonTea 


This class is very aggressive among all of the decks, and it is instrumental in giving significant pressure on your enemies. This pressure will not cost high cards but low-cost cards.


This deck is combining the Miner and Mortar into one to pressure on the bridge from both sides. Miner is going to the town in a tower, and Mortar is going to the death side.


Clash Royale - Top 5 Decks to play


The reason for FNC LemonTea for being a top deck is it only cost cards of lower grades to the bridge of spam. The cannon cart and the rascal is capable of surviving the quiet strength spells. So, as a result, they are keeping the pressures of the mountain.


If you are using the right strategies to play, you will eventually become higher in the towers. While you are becoming the top, your opponents of clash royale are trying to defend.


You can only use the spell of Zap in this deck. But remember, this deck is slightly weak in defense. So it would help if you mastered in placing of the keycards of decks, miner and also the Mortar. So play this deck efficiently with the right strategies by understanding the fundamental components. So you will be able to take the all best from the top deck “FNC LemonTea” of the clash royale.


  • TSM VULKan


Yes, of course. This deck is also one which uses Mortar/Miners. But remember, this deck is one that uses by TSM Vulkan for the purpose of fall the TRB Oxalate. As in the FNC LemonTea, this deck also using low-cost cards to defend the enemy towers. You will be able to cycle in fast and make sure to yourself to have a key card.


Clash Royale - Top 5 Decks to play


The deck TSM VULKan is enriching with two spells as Log and fireball. Those spells are a mixture of mortar placements. These spells are helpful in defeat the enemy with pressure before they perform any attack. You will not be hard in the gameplay until you have the fireball with you in this deck.


  • CoL Adrian


The CoL Adrain deck or the Night Witch/Golem beating down deck would not be new. But this deck is powerful at performing a clone spell. CoL Adrian deck is taking advantage of Elixir Pumps to defeat their enemies. The deck initially uses the clone spells to serve deadly damages against the opponents.


Clash Royale - Top 5 Decks to play


Cloned troops in this deck are only surviving on the one hit. Always make sure to remove away your opponent’s spells to perform the clone spell. You have to stick to the plan in the deck CoL Adrian and if there is any other space is given by the enemy, use Elixir pump to gain an advantage of the same before you going to kill the enemies.


  • TSM VUlKan – The Graveyard Control 


The final out of the best deck is going to the TSMVULK graveyard control. This deck is coming through the team Solo Mid’s VULKan. The VULKan is using this deck to gain a win against the CLG skills and also to lock a team win of TSM.


We should say that this deck is not much aggressive as we mentioned the deck before. But TSM VULKan deck will not be hesitating to defeat anything that goes against it.


Clash Royale - Top 5 Decks to play


The deck TSM VULKan will be exceptional due to its using spells. The spells using in here are Poison and the Tornado. Poison is choking the out of the troops while a tornado is happening in the right place.


Clash Royale - Top 5 Decks to play


Ice wizards in this deck are decreasing the speed of the attackers, while the tombstone in here is creating a defensive structure for the deck. Your victory will be more fasten with using Graveyard and the cannon cart. This deck is designed for patient players. So it will be best to use this deck by a calm player.




Although there are plenty of decks available in the clash royale, you should have to choose the best ones for your gameplay to become a success. So keep in mind that strategies and the skills used in the decks are beneficial to go faster in the gaming path on decks.


Please make use of these five best decks from their maximum values and become a master in Clash Royale. Why are you waiting? Come and play the best deck to become a winner.

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