Arknights CC#7 Strategy Guide


After the exciting rerun event that is Manfield Break and the amazing Mountain banner, Arknights players are going to have to face a challenging yet rewarding Event that everyone has been expecting up to this point: Arknights’ most difficult mode for every player: Contingency Contracts #7.

This time, Contingency Contracts (or CC for short) brings with it a special newly designed skin as a reward, brings back old skins for older characters and a Brand New Limited Timed banner that is one of, if not the best banner in the history of Arknights.

To prepare for this challenging event, this guide aims to inform you of the event’s details, help you formulate a special strategy beforehand and advise you on the special limited-time banner on whether or not you should roll on it.

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LDPLayer - The Perfect Option to Play

As many Arknights players would know, timing is the key to Arknights, from the deployment to the positioning. With LDPlayer, not only are you allowed to play on 120 FPS with amazing graphics settings, but you will also be able to do Arknights’ famous Pause Deployment trick by simply clicking the keyboard using LDPlayer’s Key Mapping function, allowing you precious time to clear the event on the highest difficulty without fail.

Contingency Contracts #7 - Pine Soot

Like other Contingency Contracts before it, Pine Soot mainly revolves around 3 different aspects: The Permanently Available map, The Daily Rotation map and The Event Shop.

The primary goal of Contingency Contracts Events is for players to clear both the permanent map and the daily rotation maps in order to gather resources and event currencies for character upgrading materials.

The Permanent Map

The Permanent map will be available permanently throughout the 2 weeks of the event, from the 9th of June to the 23rd of June. Like other Contingency Contracts Events, The Permanent Map serves as the main challenge stage for all players throughout the event, clearing this special stage with specific accumulating “Contracts” will reward you with event currencies to spend on the event shop.

These “Contracts” range from changes in the enemies’ stats to limitations in squad sizes and class deployment restrictions. Accumulate and finishing these “Contracts” in 1 stage clear will up your “Risk” level, finishing the event missions in the process.

You need to clear Risk 18 in order to finish the event.

Daily Rotation Maps

In addition to the Permanent Map, there will also be a set of 8 different Daily Rotating Maps with special missions every day.

These maps change daily and their risk missions will also change between rotations.

These maps will give the remaining amount of event currencies you need in order to clear the event shop

For these stages you need to clear Risk 8 for the map that is on rotation for that day in order to obtain the maximum amount of event currencies.

Event Shop

The Event Shop is divided into 2 parts: The Permanent Event Shop and the Temporary Event Shop.

The Permanent Event Shop will continue to be available even after the Event has ended, so you don’t need to worry too much about not being able to get everything from this part of the Event Shop. The Permanent Event Shop mainly consists of furniture, character tokens and special rerun skins for characters.

The Temporary Event Shop will only be opened during the actual Contingency Contracts duration and contains a large quantity of Character Upgrading Materials. Focus your resources on getting what you need from the Temporary Event Shop first, then if there’s any leftover, you can then spend on the Permanent Event Shop.

Contingency Contracts #7 Strategy Guide

Login Daily and Finish All of The Event Missions

This will ensure that you will be able to clear out the shop before the event ends. The event shop is of utmost importance so you need to log in daily and finish the daily rotation map in order to clear it most effectively.

Upgrade Your Operators

This event is very difficult and requires a full squad of fully built Operators in order to clear it reliably, so it is important that you upgrade all of your characters in preparation for the event.

Thankfully, during the event period, all Character Material Farming Stages are opened 24/7, so you can spend your Sanity on these stages in order to buff up your squad.

The Event Shop also offers a large quantity of Character Upgrade Materials so spend your Event currencies wisely to upgrade your squad for further challenges.

Don’t Be Afraid to Borrow

As the event is of utmost importance but is highly challenging, borrowing some key Operators from friends will prove beneficial for all players, helping you be able to clear the event stages easier with a squad of 11 Operators instead of the usual 10. So don’t be afraid to ask and borrow some of your friend’s Operators, they will even thank you for the Credits that they will receive thanks to you!

Joint Operation 5 Banner - Should You Roll

Specially designed to help players with Contingency Contracts by supplying them the chance to get some of the most powerful characters currently, the Joint Operation 5 Banner consists of 4 meta characters that any players should have in their team: Phantom, Saga, Schwarzt and Surtr.   


Phantom or what people like to call him: Phantom of the Opera, is a quick drop, quick redeploy Specialist Operator. As his Archetype suggests, his main ability is being able to be quickly deployed onto the battlefield, dealing massive amounts of damage for a short period of time and then retreat immediately. 

With his special cloning ability, having him in your squad will amount to having 2 specially designed characters that can hinder the enemies movement and deal damage to them every time they are redeployed. A worthy power for a Phantom and an especially powerful character to utilize in Contingency Contract.


The Hungry Dog Woman That Yells Food Names - Saga, is a vanguard type Operator that has the ability to slash and not-kill enemies in an instant. Saga’s special ability lies in the fact that she does not directly kill the enemy once their HP have dropped to 0, instead, she marks them with her special mark, allowing allies to kill them instead and help them recover their Skill Points, allowing for faster skill rotation.

Saga as a Vanguard Operator is a well-rounded design Operator that can help you start the battle easier and help support the entire squad behind her - after you get past her voice yelling food names that is.


The Bikini Clad Cat Lady With A Confusing Name - Schwarz, is a special type of sniper Operator. Unlike other snipers that specialize in sniping airborne enemies or dealing massive damage to all enemies within a large area, Schwarz power lies in her power to deal massive amounts of Physical damage right before her line of sight. When her skill is active, Schwarz will gain a massive attack boost and completely ignore the enemy’s defense, making her one of the best boss killers in the game.

However, unlike others in this banner, Schwarz was released relatively early and thus is hindered by early game syndrome, making her damage output not on par with others. Despite this, she still remains one of the best 6* Snipers in the game


The One The Only The Queen of Arts Herself- Surtr, needs no introduction. If you have ever played Arknights or watched any Arknights contents, you would know that Surtr is the Queen of Dps in Arknights. 

Not only does her kit allow her to deal with massive bosses in a matter of seconds, her special skill and talent allow her to regain full HP once activated and allow her to live for up to 10s even after her HP bar has reached 0, all the while dealing massive Arts damage to the enemies as revenge.

Surtr is and will always be worth rolling for in any banner that has been rated up and is one of the main reasons why this banner is one of the best banners in the game.

Should You Roll

Yes, absolutely. There is no doubt that this is one of the most stacked banned in the history of Arknights, not only does the rate up have 4 very powerful characters and the best DPS character in the game - Surtr on rate up, it also guarantees that the 6* that you get from the banner WILL BE 1 OF THE 4, meaning you have a 100% chance of getting a character that will carry you through the entirety of the game. So you should absolutely spend your currencies in this banner.

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