Among Us: How to play the new Doctor Role

2021-01-14 Content Collaboration

Among Us is a rising game with so many hidden roles for a classic like genres in Mafia and Werewolf. The only difference it holds from them is Among Us has an ample space to move with players in a real-time world. There are several roles available for any player in Among Us. And so far this game has reached much popularity even in a pandemic situation.


Among Us: How to play the new Doctor Role


There are various mods available for players in Among Us, and they are officially the variations created by the game creators and the developers. No one is ever going to be a crewmate usually, and they all have got a specific role attached with themselves to perform.


There are roles like Jester, Sheriff, Imposter and the sheriff in here and there is a new mode called Medic or the Doctor. Who is this Medic? Today we are going to find out on who is exactly this Medic and his gameplay.


What is this New Doctor Role?


This is a new role added to the Among Us gameplay, and as it seems in the name, it is more like a healer. The doctor role can find the dead bodies in the cooldown of the imposters. So once these dead bodies are founded, the doctor role is going to revive its life.


Among Us: How to play the new Doctor Role


The rejuvenated body he took will not be able to speak or revealing its choices. But yet this dead body can make massive gameplay in the Among Us game pay. So it is a trending benefit for you.


The medics, or in other words, Doctor's hidden powerful strength, is his reviving power. He can revive anyone who is already died. So you will take advantage of using dead players to the good sake of the gameplay. But this Medic or the doctor role will only perform this magical power before other players reach the dead body. If any other get that dead body, the role doctor will no longer be able to revive that character from death to the gameplay.


How to play the new Doctor Role?


In the game pay of Among Us, one crewmate from your lobby in the gameplay will be assigned to take the Doctor or the Medic role. Doctor role's duty is bounded with searching other dead bodies. These dead bodies are related to crewmates, and he has to find them before others reach that place.


The role doctor has to find out the dead bodies before they are going to be reported. And also you have to find them to revive all fallen crewmates to continue the strengths you followed through the gameplay and reach an end on what you have a deal with the tasks. So once you have revived those characters from death, they can again deal with the jobs they have continued throughout the gameplay.


Among Us: How to play the new Doctor Role


When playing Doctor's role, all of the players have to follow up the rules given by Among Us. These house rules are created to make this doctor role not to be so much powered and to have more fun on it. As we all know, most of the custom games are not giving us the permissions on playing with strangers you meet on public lobbies. This fact is going to be applied the same in Among Us as well.


All of the players in Among Us have to be careful o not playing with a random person you meet in the gameplay. So they have to mode up this into their lobbies, and they are fully responsible for finding a cooperative lobby. So that players can obey the rules in Among Us and then, this doctor role will be installed.


Once you are assigned to the role doctor in Among Us, your main task is to find out the dead ones. You have to travel across the whole map in the game and find out the ones who have already died in crewmates. Once you have found them, the role doctor is going to have a revive button with them. This button will have appeared in the screen's right corner and will show you as Report or Kill and Sabotage.


When these doctors are in touch with the range of a dead body, they can use the button we mentioned earlier, and they can click it to gain the crewmate into living. If you are a medic role, now you have to click the button and once it has done your fallen crewmate going to have appeared live on the gameplay.


What if Doctor doesn't found any Dead Body?


If this role doesn't get what is expected, if this ole Doctor is not going to find any dead body around the map, other crewmates can try on the move. Those crewmates can take attention in unspecified ways, and through that, they can take the attention and take what they expect to revive the crewmates. But remember this action is somewhat dangerous. But at the same time, this action can cause death for crewmates in the ongoing process.


The ones who have died in crewmates should not reveal who have killed them. These dead crewmates have to be agreed on to that. This way of action can help imposters give away, making the whole game easier for crewmates. You can break this rule as a crewmate in only situations like witnessing the killing again by the imposter.


So in that occasion killed crewmates can reveal what they got detected with without informing the person they saw who made the killing.


Most of the time, the crewmates' reviving ability will always aim at a big target to the ole. It can make the Doctor identify by the imposters, and these imposters will try to figure out the doctor's identity so that they can kill him. The role doctor is allowed to reveal his identity in a group of meeting, and at the same time, imposters can also claim to be a doctor to make a real doubt on the actual doctor role.


So if you are confused between the imposter's Doctor and the fundamental role, you can make possible differences to him by using various skins and hast related to their character. Choose from them and make the real doctor role into more unique so that you will not be mistaken from the imposter's Doctor.




The role of Doctor or the Medic is a massive advantage for the gameplay of Among Us as it plays a significant role in having your powers back. As this doctor helps you make our dead crewmates into life again, you can continue on your gameplay with flowing works, and there is no disturbance to the gameplay. So this role's ability is going to be so much impressive to the team.


Even though the doctor's characters cannot speak or vote, they can still engage with the workflow of the game. So there will be no problem to the gameplay, and yet these revive mates can play. So that makes sense to the gameplay of the Among Us. So why not taking advantages of the Doctor when you have got so many chances with it?

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