Tips That Instantly Turn You Into A Pro N.O.V.A Legacy Player


Tips That Instantly Turn You Into A Pro N.O.V.A Legacy Player


N.O.V.A Legacy is a futuristic 3D Sci-Fi First Person Shooter developed by the reputable and well-known Gameloft SE. The game features intricate combat and movement mechanics, emphasizing futuristic weapons and abilities that add an arcade-like touch. The game still features robust mechanics and allows players to weave in and around battles with ease.


N.O.V.A Legacy was one of the first games that introduced Multiplayer Real-Time Combat across the internet or LAN (Local Area Network Connections.) The game is still played by millions of players and has an exciting Campaign Mode that you can sink your teeth into for an enjoyable gameplay experience!


Learning Movement and Aiming:


Aiming and Movement, just like any other FPS, is a pivotal part of N.O.V.A Legacy. However, there are a few aspects of the game that separate it from other Titles. Firstly, since the game is based on the future, there are many finite movement tricks you should be aware of to make the most out of the mechanics that the game offers.


Firstly, since the movement / jumping mechanics are relatively instantaneous, you should get used to the high-speed, action-packed Movement. It will always be a matter of life and death to aim before or after your opponent with this Movement. We recommend using the ADS feature to the extreme. Try to always aim down the sights as soon as you make a move, as it lets you be more accurate in your overall tracking and movements.


Tips That Instantly Turn You Into A Pro N.O.V.A Legacy Player


If you want a challenge and wish to improve your aim and Movement further, always play with pistols or SMGs. These weapon times require a lot more skill than standard ARs and can therefore improve your mechanics.


If you like aiming for static targets or improving your tracking, go for a slow firing heavy Sniper Rifle. Remember that practicing your Movement and aim will not garner you with instantaneous betterment. However, you will notice a considerable change in your reaction speed over time, which is the core component to becoming a pro player in N.O.V.A Legacy.


Become a Master At Loadout and Inventory Management:


N.O.V.A Legacy offers a ton of weapon and loadout customization options. It only makes sense for you to manage your equipment and try to develop a gameplay style that matches what certain enemies you are facing. For example, we recommend having a Light Loadout, a Medium Range Loadout, and a Heavy Loadout.


All these load-outs should be fully equipped with an SMG, AR, and Sniper Rifle, respectively. As the three knights of destruction, all three of these weapon types are quite essential to get. If you like close combat and are playing shorter maps, we recommend replacing the SMG with the Shot Gun instead. However, keep in mind that shotguns in N.O.V.A Legacy are not robust.


They are under-powered simply because the game hardly has any close-range combat ranges. So, we recommend using an SMG instead.


Complete your Tutorials:


N.O.V.A Legacy has an immersive starter tutorial. Since N.O.V.A Legacy has intricate mechanics playing the tutorial should help you understand most of them. Focus on playing the tutorials that teach you everything you need to know about double-jumping, ADS’ing, and other movement-related mechanics.


If you are still unsure of what to do after you complete the Tutorials, replay them! If that even does not help, we recommend going for any professional YouTube gameplay as they generally offer a lot of insight into the game.


Use your Throwables Wisely:


Unlike other mobile FPS games, you can use grenades in battle. Grenades offer a higher level of damage than any other gun in the game. If aimed correctly and if hit on impact, they deal a ton of damage. Do note that you only have a limited number of grenades at any given moment. So, use them wisely.


Tips That Instantly Turn You Into A Pro N.O.V.A Legacy Player


As you progress in the Campaign Modes, in particular, you might face opponents that are hidden behind corners that kill you instantly. In these cases, grenades are your best friend. Throwing them at a proper angle is very important at those points.


Try always to pivot your grenades on corners. Keep in mind that hitting opponents on impact deals the most damage. You can also cook your grenades to give your opponent lesser time to react. This tactic is beneficial when you are coping against better players who can flick away from grenades.


If you are against a particularly pesky player, you can always bait their Movement out by shooting at them and then throwing a cooked grenade at them simultaneously.


Keep your Ammo In Check:


Tips That Instantly Turn You Into A Pro N.O.V.A Legacy Player


Ammo is an integral part of any FPS. However, unlike other mobile-based FPS's which are quite lenient on Ammo Consumption and Management, N.O.V.A Legacy is quite different in this regard. The game put you up with guns that lack a ton of ammo.


You can find your ammo status at the top right corner of your screen. You can practice ammo consumption by playing practice matches against bots. Try to use a limited amount of ammo per kill. If you end up consuming way too much ammo trying to kill an opponent, you might find yourself continually reloading.


Reloading is the most vulnerable spot you might find yourself in at any given point. So, try to avoid reloading excessively.




N.O.V.A Legacy is an epic Sci-Fi First Person Shooter that has not shown its age yet. Even though the game has celebrated its second anniversary a while back, the Developers have still been supplementing the game with constant updates and content patches that have kept the player base alive and well.


With the recent introduction of a competitive mode, more players have been popping into the game and enjoying the Movement mechanics that have shaped this game's course for years now.


Therefore, it only makes sense that players are looking to perform well in Competitive Matches. The tips mentioned above should help you turn into a better N.O.V.A Legacy player while also developing your game sense. 

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