Airship Map Official Release - Among Us Update

2020-12-29 Content Collaboration

The airship map is going to be released officially as the fourth map in Among Us. Innersloth has already confirmed the Airship map released on 23rd of September 2020. And it has going to be added with so many new contents in the game Among Us. The new content set to release will be free to play for all, and there will be a lot to see in the new release Airship Map release.


Airship  Map Official  Release - Among Us Update


The Airship's meeting room will be at the top of the ship, and you will see there a cockpit I front. That is where players are getting chances to look at the outside of the ship from its front window. The map is already having new methods for navigation and floating methods to carry players here and there.


We still know the features like size, more tasks added, and the nine-room appearance in this map, and it will be centered on the series of Henry Stick. You will see the existence of 17 in the Airship Official map and several types as Henry Stickman cosmetics in here.


Official release and the Development


We already said that the Airship Development is finally confirmed, and you will see some new content added to Among Us with the sequel cancel. Innersloth has already confirmed the Airship to be free for all players.


Airship  Map Official  Release - Among Us Update


An interview was held with Innersloth to asked whether they have any plans for a new map. They have answered it with a yes, and they mentioned it as a drawn of a four-room sketch and a sketching layout of the map. In the Game Awards 2020, the Airship map trailer was first shown, and later on, Geoff Keighley has confirmed the announcement of the release of the Airship in an official manner.


The official confirmation of the release was on Geoff's Twitter account on the 2nd of December 2020. It has some different kinds of locations, cockpits, viewing decks, gap rooms, meeting rooms, lounges, medical, armory, and showers with that Twitter message.


The Airship will be asked on players to complete its all hosting new duties. One of the videos can show you a player where sort the record books. The lists of the tasks included here notify the gamers to decontaminate the main Hall of the ship.


Rooms in the Airship Map


Icon of the Airship map is a one question mark, and in a video, it has stated about the new GUI of Among Us. This Airship was confirmed to be the fourth map in that video, and it has a question mark for it to seem like a placeholder in the map icon.


If you look deeper in the teaser's screenshots, you are going to see appearing on the Airship map. We think that this an Admin map of the map. And also, by looking deep down at the Airship announcement trailer, there will be three kinds of different picture frames.


Airship  Map Official  Release - Among Us Update


All of those frames are in the kitchen, and they all got different colors with them. These are different colored characters, and one of them is a character of Cyan. He got a mustache with him and a top hat on his head.


Another character in this sequence got a light-colored army green ogre with a small hat. The small hat this green colored character holds is having three number of spikes with it.


The last one is like a character of blue. He has a top hat which is big and already got a gun in his hand. The first two characters we have explained are cleared to be as crewmates as they can be seen very clearly to anyone. Those two characters can be killed, and they are becoming ghosts in the game.


The Airship will have a very long name in any Among Us maps, and it has already got 11 characters with it so far. These 11 characters have already included the space. Skeld'sSkeld's name has only got nine characters with it, and it also has the inclusion of space for it. The one with seven characters in their name is Mira HQ, and it is also space included.


The character Polus has only got five characters with its name leading to be the shortest character name in the series.


Players have to remember a statement on Marcus Bromander'sBromander's Twitter account mentioning that he has already posted the official trailer, and he convinced the players to have it free download. The theme is free to download on new grounds as to the statement made by Marcus Bromander.


Modification of the Airship with Previous Maps


Airship  Map Official  Release - Among Us Update


  • In the previous version, MedBay was not in Medical, and now in the Airship release, it has been replaced with Medical. This process is quite similar to replacing the greenhouse with O2 in Mira Hq in previous versions.


  • There will be so many added multiple Airship tasks, and it has already included a new killing animation. The introduction of this kill animation has happened with the trailer of Airship reveal, and this animation can be known as the Cyborg laser beam. Kill animation has taken its base on the Right Hand Man'sMan's laser.


  • There are alarms in the other three maps already, but the one in Airship is quite different. The alarm set for the Sabotage is Airship is going to be different than other maps.


  • In the Airship map of Among Us, players have the freedom to choose a room for the spawn purpose, and they can choose this after an Emergency meeting. The players' selection is limited to the Engine Room, records, and the Main Hall.


  • The Airship's official news release will have more and more new technics added to it, and there will be more platforms and ladders added. Both of these added ladders and platforms can be seen in the gap room.


You will see a voice narrating in the trailer of the release, and that is the voice of Marcus Bromander. Marcus is playing the role of Reginal Copperbottom, which was a character in the Henry Stickmin series.


Reginald will be the character who plays a role as Toppat Clan leader, and it reveals the authority he has like a demeanor. It has confirmed in the trailer.


All of the Rooms in the Airship are exclusive except the Electrical and the Security.




The new map for Among Us will be compared to the biggest one in the game so far. This is kind of an interesting map Among Us to gamers for the start-up at many points. And also, it allows players to meet in the game instead of grouping in teams.


Overall, we can only say this kind of tiny little details in the game, yet we can't say much about the game until it is released. So until it drops to the players in a settled date, players you should have to enjoy your Among us by being either hunter or the hunted ones in maps. Because those are the ones already available in the Among Us as maps, so let's keep up hopes.

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