ILLUSION CONNECT Guide Partners Edition


Illusion Connect is a role-playing game developed by Superprism Technology Co., Ltd.


ILLUSION CONNECT Guide Partners Edition


Illusion Connect is a new RPG game recently launched on both major platforms on October 22, 2020. As of now, the game is maintaining a rating of 4.7 on the Google Play store. The game features real-time battles controlled by only you. Build your ultimate team to dominate in combats, command the partners, and become their Leader. You can also build your home, customize it the way you like, and win battles.


Illusion Connect also features more than 50 Partners who are your heroes in the game and Leader with five different forms, and that's your main character in the game. Today, in this "Illusion Connect Guide Partners Edition," you will get to know the best partners in Illusion Connect, which will help you in the early and late game. So, without further ado, let's get started.




Let's begin from the basics, so everyone knows what partner is if he/she didn't start Illusion Connect yet. Partners are your heroes, which you can summon through the gacha system. Heroes/Partners are divided into three categories SSR, SR, and an R rating, in which SSR is your legendary partner/hero. Each partner/hero has different unique abilities/skills, including healing, damage, support, hp, etc.


Then there is Leader, you can get Leader free as a new player, and you can unlock other Leader Forms as you progress further in the game. Is Leader free? Yes, the Leader is one hundred percent free. All you need to do is level up your account to unlock other forms of Leader. Each Leader has different abilities/skills and deals massive damage. The Leader is your main character; if he dies, you will lose. So, no matter what, you have to save your Leader.


The reason to mention Leader is that you can't use random partners with each Leader's form. The Leader only allows some partners to join him during combat; others not so much. So, working on partners according to the Leader requirement is of utmost importance.


ILLUSION CONNECT Guide Partners Edition


SSR partners are quite good, but if you have played gacha games before then, you know how hard it is to get SSR heroes/partners let alone level up. If you compare SR partners with SSR, you will find the difference in stats, but in the long run, you can max SR partners/heroes faster than SSR partners, which gives you an increase in stats and higher lens level. If you are free to play player, then go for the given below SR partners to dominate your opponents.


SR Partners:


The best SR partners, according to pro players, are Pan and Rikia. Pan is good for a single target attack, whereas Rikia shines in AoE.


In Illusion Connect, each SSR SR, and R rarity partner has four skills. Combat Passive, Special Normal, and Unique. Unique is the ultimate skill that we talked about in our last article. In short, it the ability your partner uses right after you drop your partner in combat. 

Let's take a look at these SR partners and their skills.




Pan has “Thief” as a combat passive. Pan uses this skill to steal a 4.5% attack from each empty position on the battlefield. Pan also gets a flat 15% increase in crit rate while using this skill.


The overall skill provides good single attack damage in the early and late game. Use this skill with a combination of Pan's Unique skill, and you will have your enemies on knees.


ILLUSION CONNECT Guide Partners Edition


Pan's unique skill, known as Ultimate skill, allows Pan to do 480% attack damage to a single target. The unique skill also reduces the target's recovery rate for three rounds by 80%.


Consider this skill as the last blow to kill enemy Leaders/Bosses. The unique skill has a bar that regenerates over time, and once it's full, your partner will automatically use the skill. However, you can plan your attacks according to Unique skills to do massive single target damage.




Rikia is the second SR rarity partner who you can summon early game. Both of these SR partners are good for early game and late game, so you can level them up without giving it a second thought. Increase their levels, lens, and also equip Gears to increase the stats. Rikia is a five-star partner and an AoE unit with some great skills. Let's take a look at her skills.


Skills Comparison:


Rikia's combat passive, commonly known as Black Magic in Illusion Connect, is a powerful supportive skill. When Rikia appears on the battlefield, all ally debuffs are dispelled, and each debuff dispelled increases her max hp by 16.5%.


The skill is so great, and the best thing about this skill or Rikia is that she is only an SR rarity partner. Compare Rikia with Fenebeth, which is an SSR rarity partner. You will be shocked to see their skills are somewhat similar, and according to pro players, Rikia overpowers Fenebeth in some aspect of combats.


Fenebeth has combat passive skill "Curse." When Fenebeth appears, she places some sort of curse on all enemies that lasts for two rounds, and all the healing enemies receive converts into DMG.


Rikia's combat passive seems a lot stronger as compare to Fenebeth's combat passive skill. But there is another perspective of this skill. For example, you have Rikia, and your enemy has Fenebeth. Fenebeth comes in and uses her combat passive skill, which will make your partner pretty much useless because they will die as soon as they start healing, and that's where Rikia becomes so much important.


ILLUSION CONNECT Guide Partners Edition


Use Rikia's combat passive, and she will dispel all debuffs, and that's just one scenario. There will be several other times when you will need a partner that can debuff. So, upgrading Rikia and keeping her in your team is an excellent choice for every combat.




SR or Epic rarity partners are much easier to level up as compare to SSR partners. It doesn't mean you don't need them, but it does mean you should wait for them and level them up accordingly. In the meantime, focus on your SR rarity partners and use them efficiently.


As mentioned above, the Leader doesn't really allow everyone to fight for him, so you should remember that too. A leader has its own skills/abilities, which deals more damage than partners. Avoid Leveling up a leader too much if you are aiming for another Leader. However, Leader is your main character; leveling up Leader will increase your chances of winning, so make a wise choice before you get stuck in a difficult situation.