Arknights 2.5 Anniversary - What You Need to Know


Celebrating 2.5 years in operation, Arknights is having its 2.5 anniversary filled with amazing events, brand new updates, and a whole bunch of awesome rewards for all players. In addition, this 2.5 anniversary introduces a special Limited time available banner and 2 new 6* Operators - 6* Supporter Ling and 6* Specialist Lee.

In this guide, we will go over the details of the 2.5 anniversary celebration event and advise players on how they can get the most rewards. In addition, this guide will discuss the power of the 2 new 6* Operators - Ling and Lee, and advises players on whether or not they should roll on the special 2.5 Anniversary banner - Unstrained Liquor, Pellucid Heart.

Let’s play Arknights on PC and find out.


LDPlayer 9.0 - The Perfect Arknights Gaming Experience

Specially designed with Arknights combat and gameplay in mind, the newly introduced version of LDPlayer - LDPlayer 9.0 - offers all players the most amazing Arknights experience on PC.

LDPlayer 9.0 not only allows players to easily download and play Arknights on PC, it is also designed and specialized so that players can have the best experience playing Arknights on the highest FPS and highest graphics

In addition, using its keyboard-mapping function, players can clear Arknights stages more effectively by simply pushing keyboard buttons, and allowing players to be able to do the most famous Arknights trick - the Pause deployment trick, making the stages even easier than when playing on mobile.

Arknights 2.5 Anniversary Event

Held from the 29th of July and lasting for 3 weeks, The special 2.5-anniversary exclusive Event - Invitation to Wine - is a specially designed event with high-difficulty stages, a massive amount of rewards such as characters upgrading materials, and a brand new Free Welfare Operator - Kroos the Keen Glint.

The 2.5 Celebration Event can be divided into 3 specialized areas: The Special Event - Invitation to Wine, The Log-in Bonuses, and The Special Limited Banner - featuring the 6* Limited Operator Ling and the 6* operator Lee.

Special Event - Invitation to Wine

During the event, players will have to clear through the story in order to unlock farming stages for the entirety of the events in order to accumulate special event currencies in order to exchange for rewards in the event shop such as character upgrading materials, EXPs and the event exclusive FREE 5* Operator - Kroos the Keen Glint.

Kroos the Keen Glint is a special Sniper class Operator with the ability to deal consecutive damage to enemies within range once her skill is activated. She can also deal massive amount of damage by attacking up to 4 times in succession to a single enemy once her 2nd skill is activated, making her an amazing free Sniper to have on your roster, replacing her 3* Version.

Log-in Bonuses

During the Anniversary Period, special log-in events and bonuses will be held in addition to special packs being available in shops for purchase.

During the Special Exclusive Banner available period, all players will be rewarded with a special 10 summons ticket - exclusively for the special Limited Banner - upon logging into the game.

In addition, a special Lungment Lucky Strips Log-in Campaign will be held where players will be able to obtain Lucky strips upon logging in, granting players Orundums - currency necessary for rolling on banners - daily. Up to 800 Orundums can be obtained daily through this special event with the lowest amount obtainable being 300 Orundums.

Furthermore, logging in for a total of 10 days during the event period to obtain special rewards such as Sanity Potions, Originites, Orundums and a specially designed skin for the Operator Indigo.

Finally, the first time players log into the game during the anniversary Period they will be rewarded with the special celebratory gift pack in the mail, filled with rewards needed for the progression in the game and rewards for helping Arknights to operate until now.

Special 2.5 Anniversary Banner - Should You Roll

2.5 Anniversary Banner - Unstrained Liquor, Pellucid Heart

Available exclusively during the Anniversary Event period and lasts for 2 weeks only, the brand new limited banner features 2 amazing 6* rate up Operators - The 6* Supporter Ling and the 6* Specialist Lee.

The rate for this banner is the usual 2% for a 6* operator with Ling and Lee accounting for 70% of the chance when you get a 6* operator to appear when you roll in the gacha. It is important to note that among the 2 6*s available, Ling is a LIMITED TIME AVAILABLE OPERATOR, meaning once this banner ends, she will not return to the game in at least 1 year time. So it is important that you consider this factor when rolling in this special banner.

In addition, during the banner period, all players will be granted 1 single pull every day for FREE, allowing players to make up to 14 pulls during the banner availability period.


As a 6* Specialist Operator, Lee provides players with an amazing kit for utility in both his abilities and skills. Lee’s ability allows him to essentially hold 3 lanes of enemies by himself as long as you have enough DP to sustain him on the field.

Lee’s unique trait makes it so that for every 3s he stays on the field, he will consume 3 DP (2 DP if he has his module), making it extremely difficult to maintain Lee on the field if you don’t have a Vanguard. However, his utility allows him to circumvent this cost by making him essentially being able to solo 3 lanes of enemies all by himself without having to rely on others to keep him alive, making him an immensely valuable Operator to have when dealing with maps who have massive amounts of enemies.


The 6* Limited Timed Available Operator and one of the 12 Dragon siblings together with Nian and Dusk, Ling is a 6* Supporter Operator with the ability to summon special familiars to aid her in battle. Ling is the epitome of the Summoner Archetype with her ability to summon familiars with proficiency in long-ranged attacks in addition to close-ranged combat.

Ling’s 2nd skill allows her to summon Familiars that attack from a range, binding the enemies and dealing massive amounts of Arts damage to them in 1 blast. Her 3rd skill is the direct opposite, with familiars being able to be deployed for close-range combat, and merge together in order to form an impressive never seen before 4-block familiar that deals arts damage to all enemies it blocks and enemies within the 4 titles surrounding it. 

Should You Roll

Yes you should. This special 2.5 banner is perhaps one of the best banners in the history of Arknights as it provides players with 2 specially designed operators that is good for both new and veteran players. 

In addition, this banner essentially gives 24 pulls for free for all players, allowing all players to half the pity requirement to obtain a 6* operator, so at the very least, players should roll on this banner until they get 1 6* operator. Not only that, aside from the 2 rated ip Operators, the previously Limited Operators -Nian and Dusk- are also on rate up in this banner, accounting for 30% of the 6* operator rate when you get a 6* operator in this banner. Therefore, this banner is a good chance for players to try and get all 3 of the Dragon siblings available in the game as of this moment

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