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The new update is awful, whenever I pause a video to see the scene or read the subtitles, it shows 'take a break'. By touching the cross button the screen returns to normal,but it's just so annoying, I sincerely hope that you will fix this in future.I have no complaints about ads or any other features. Overall really good app. The new long press playback option is awesome. Please don't remove that option.


The latest update to your app has caused significant frustration among users, including myself. As an avid viewer of foreign movies and animes, I rely heavily on subtitles. However, the recent update displays an intrusive full-screen message every time I pause, urging me to take a break and drink water. This incessant interruption has severely impacted the overall enjoyment and functionality of the app. It could be a great update if this reminder shows once per day, but it shows every time.


It's a great app, I really enjoy it, but the problem with this new update is that , when you pause the video instead of it to remain like that (full screen) but the video will be small and showing (take a break, the fun continues) Some of us are not pausing the video to take a break, we are reading subtitles, that is not a good update, i know some have same problems but they don't know how to tell u, thank you

Run PLAYit-All in One Video Player on PC

PLAYit-All in One Video Player is a music and video player that comes with all features within one place, and it has been introduced by the PLAYIT TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD. It gives you a chance to download videos, transfer them, and manage them easily, and this is going to be the perfect place for all your downloads and enjoyment. The best emulator: LDPlayer 9 can give you all features to enjoy a longer hour of PLAYit with better optimizations added.


Best Online Player with Many Features Added

This is a video and music player and an app that acts as a downloader. There you can have some videos and music shared, and the app can detect all the local media files automatically. Then it is going to manage them in the best way by sorting and sharing all media files. So you have the best media managed here according to your interest.


All the formats for audio and video are supported with PLAYit, and you also can search for things quickly there. You have to search for your favorite pic, video, or music; the PLAYit can download them all for you, even from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. There are also features to create private folders here, giving you access to a secure feeling, and if you want, there’s also an online subtitle downloading section for all your Hindi, English, and Tamil sub needs.


The Best Features with a Wider Screen

Now your favorite music can be downloaded with better details using a PC, which will be granted by the LDPlayer 9. You have a better quality view in landscape mode there, and all your audio and video needs can now be done easily with just one click.


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