Rocket tanks. Boss payback

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Last Updated: 2023-01-29

Run Rocket tanks. Boss payback on PC with LDPlayer

Get to the treasure by blowing up everything in your path! Upgrade your tank and fight back the boss!
Dynamic tank battle!
Upgrade the tank to collect the treasures of the bosses. Restore justice!
Destroy enemies and bosses!
Enjoy the exciting gameplay with different enemies!
- Fight turrets, rocket launchers, fortified objects and bosses.
- Use two types of weapons: a cannon and a rocket launcher with automatic targeting.
- Complete treasure levels to fight the boss
- Impressive visual and sound effects
Volley fire from a cannon gives amazing results, enemies cannot resist your onslaught!
Use the gun evolution to fight more effectively in tank battles.
Destroy containers to get to the treasure key.
Make a payback with the tank boss after the first defeat.
Use an effective rocket launch to catch the boss off guard. Blow up the weapons installations.
Engine upgrades will help you dodge bullets and rokets.
By buying upgrades for the rocket launcher, you increase the damage and the number of missiles.
The more improvements you have, the more fun it is to play!
Choose your tactics to complete the levels: accurate shooting or a fun rush in the center.
Watch your health, after death you will have to pass the level from the beginning! But don't worry, you don't have to pay for repairs.
The result of the tank battle depends only on you!
Brave friends need protection and justice, give them back their treasures.
Get to the key to drop the grate. Also, the grid is lowered after the death of the boss. Each destroyed object can give a coin.
The number of stars depends on the coins for completing the level.
Shoot the cannon at objects and monitor their health.
You can increase the difficulty level by tapping the red skull button at the beginning of the level. This button disappears a few seconds after the start.
If you have nothing to do, start a tank battle and defeat boredom!
You can play at any time, just take out your mobile device and turn on the game.
Discover a variety of maps. Tanks are waiting for you, test your strength.
The sounds of gunshots and rocket launches create a realistic atmosphere.
Please leave any feedback to improve the game.
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