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Last Updated: 2021-03-19 Current Version: 1.38
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it was fun at first until I shot so many times but the guy who doesnt shot got the reward. it happened couple of times. also, I shot so many times and the guy who join me later got the reward. what the hell. I increase my weapon, but I hardly catch a fish, even the small one. and the guy who have the lower weapon easily catch a fish. This is not fair. as if you really want me to bankrupt and there is no free coins. We need free coins daily by looking ads or something.


Worse fish game yet. Upgrade button keeps popping out every second even when you don't have enough to upgrade. You can't just exit, it forces you to share because there is no close button only a share button then there is no close button on that screen either. Not a good experience.


the game is great, but sad to say that after a few seconds of playing it, it always flashed on mah screen that it can't connect to the server even my network is full. so i give you below 1 star but there's no other option here.

Ocean war is a very interesting casual online game, Here we are presenting the special visual effects with a variety of fish on the mysterious seabed. The game is also super easy to get on with! Use your the turret to kill all kinds of fish to get more golds! Forge your turret and make them more powerful! Get ready to challenge the ultimate BOSS with your friends!


(1) This is a Free game and super easy to get on with! You can experience the magical sea world in only 10 seconds!
(2) More than 50 mysterious marine creatures are waiting for you to explore.
(3) Enjoy the generous rewards! Here we are present you the unlimited free golds and diamonds!
(4) We have initiate forging system of turrets. Upgrade to a 10,000 times turret and enjoy the game!
(5) We have initiate ocean BOSS copy system! You can challenge the powerful deep-sea monsters with your friends.
(6) You can share your magical experience of exploring the seabed with your friends on Facebook.
(7) The game supports multiple languages including English and Malay and Vietnamese.

Ocean War Support: oceanwar01@hotmail.com
Thank you guys for playing Ocean War!
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