NBA 2K Mobile Basketball Game

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Last Updated: 2023-01-16 Current Version: 7.0.7823179

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Really fun to play when you have spare time. Plenty of modes with new events multiple times a week. The events are heavily rigged depending on the skill rating of the opposing team. I have found that the players miss open shots and layups in events when in other game modes you can drain a 3 while guarded. This has left me wanting to quit the game and has dropped my original 4 star to only 3 stars. I would suggest this game but 2k really need to fix the events.


not bad, obviously this is a slightly worse version of the console version but for mobile this is alright. Also the game keeps crashing idk if it's a glitch but when it does I loose my progress and it's till uses energy so it just a loose loose when that happens. And the audio loops and it really annoying, like when the whistle blows it repeats like 5 times and it's annoying.


This game is good for the most part, but PLEASE include more features, especially for MyCrew. It just doesn't make sense for let's say a Glass Cleaner to be the same height as a Sniper. I'd recommend for the player's height and weight to be adjustable, which changes certain attributes of your player, something like 2k. Also, please add more features to the gameplay, like being able to choose to run an isolation play, making the alley-oop system easier to use, or adding shooting fouls in thegame.

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NBA 2K Mobile Basketball Game is the latest version of the NBA 2K Mobile by 2K, Inc, and it gives you all the brand new features you expect from this basketball game. The game has been fully updated with new features, UI, and many more things, which will bring you into a complete dream for the NBA superstars deployed into the matches.


There will be a card mentioning system, and tourney courtside passes subscription, tournaments, 3v3 basketball drills, and many more things, including NBA events with the new NBA 2K Mobile Basketball Game. You will be the manager to build up a dream roster by going through so many NBA stars, and it is up to you to decide how they will bring the NBA championship.


New Card Collection and Game Modes


Here you will be presented with your all-time favorite NBA icons, and Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Vince Carter, and many more icons are there waiting for you to be included on a team. You can even create mentors to boost the player cards, which are all wrapped up with five-on-five matchups and many more game modes.


So many game modes are available here: five-on-five matchups, tourneys, shoot hoops, real-time multiplayer, and many more, and taking part in them will offer you rewards too. The best place to play this game with some better features is the best emulator: LDPlayer 9.


Better Optimizations for All Your Matches


For the players who want to be smooth with their playgrounds, you all have LDPlayer 9 with the setups to set your own keys. With Keyboard Mapping in there, you will be able to transform all the keys of movements and actions into your benefit because you are free to create a personalized key setting. So your matches will be flown smoothly. Of course, all these happen in a better view with better details because you have the best visual optimizations provided through LDPlayer 9.


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