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Unplayable after update. Doesn't get past loading screen. If they fix this this is A fun game and could be great with a few tweaks. The defend button needs to select the closest person to the ball rather than the person that is the same position as the ball handler. Passing also needs to feel less random. Also a more balanced approach to lower ranking. I don't want my three point sharp shooters missing an wide open from the top of the key because I have 100 less power than the opponent.


I used to play NBA Live, but the app is so slow and glitchy now, I decided to try 2K. The graphics and controls are ok here, but inferior to NBA Live. However, the playability is much better. It runs smoothly with fast menu transitions. There is one glitch that switches the camera perspective during gameplay, which can be annoying, but hopefully that can be fixed. Unfortunately though, this game is pay to play. If you want a decent team and better odds at winning, you gotta pay for it - heavily.


I love this game but I have connection errors. And which seems to be the only problem. If you guys could change the shot meter a little bit larger, if the times running out as you have to shoot you can barely see it because I have to look at the time as well as the shot meter. Overall it's a really fun and good game just has some things that need a change.

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NBA 2K Mobile Basketball Game is the latest version of the NBA 2K Mobile by 2K, Inc, and it gives you all the brand new features you expect from this basketball game. The game has been fully updated with new features, UI, and many more things, which will bring you into a complete dream for the NBA superstars deployed into the matches.


There will be a card mentioning system, and tourney courtside passes subscription, tournaments, 3v3 basketball drills, and many more things, including NBA events with the new NBA 2K Mobile Basketball Game. You will be the manager to build up a dream roster by going through so many NBA stars, and it is up to you to decide how they will bring the NBA championship.


New Card Collection and Game Modes


Here you will be presented with your all-time favorite NBA icons, and Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Vince Carter, and many more icons are there waiting for you to be included on a team. You can even create mentors to boost the player cards, which are all wrapped up with five-on-five matchups and many more game modes.


So many game modes are available here: five-on-five matchups, tourneys, shoot hoops, real-time multiplayer, and many more, and taking part in them will offer you rewards too. The best place to play this game with some better features is the best emulator: LDPlayer 9.


Better Optimizations for All Your Matches


For the players who want to be smooth with their playgrounds, you all have LDPlayer 9 with the setups to set your own keys. With Keyboard Mapping in there, you will be able to transform all the keys of movements and actions into your benefit because you are free to create a personalized key setting. So your matches will be flown smoothly. Of course, all these happen in a better view with better details because you have the best visual optimizations provided through LDPlayer 9.


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