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Last Updated: 2022-09-14 Current Version: 5.23
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Very fun I love it! Please add a skip button to custcenes because some levels are easy to make a mistake and fail the prank and then we have to watch the cutscene again. Also some clues don't really help and for it to be useful you have to use 2 clues or 3 ( most of the time it tells you what you already know for clue 1) then you have to watch an ad to get more stars because there are near to no stars in the map. Please add more stars in map and make them respawn every 3 levels


I like this game, alot. It's fun to play specifically when u are bored. Basically, I finished almost all levels except for " special chapter" (If that's what it's name is) and in some levels when you start the the intro thingy is sometimes quite long and u have to wait over and over if you keep on loosing in this specific level. Maybe add a skip button? Also, please at least put one add in each and every other chapter. And there are alot of bug issues. Please fix this. 👍


Amazing game and really fun but you have to watch ads for almost everything. And it's pretty hard to find stars for hints. Last, the hints aren't really direct. I got a hint I didn't get it so I watched 3 ads for another hint. That's another thing the first hint is only 1 star, but for hint 2 it is 3 stars and it's hard to find them. It's still an amazing game. I love pranking Scary Teacher. Pls fix these small mistakes. Still the best game ever.

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It is time to meet a high school teacher who gives nightmares to a genius girl with Scary Teacher 3D, and this game by Z & K Games will make you see a threatening teacher. She is the definition of pure evil because she is threatening the kids and her severe punishments. The scary teacher pleasures herself by torturing kids, and now the threat comes near you as she is living in your neighborhood. So it is time to take revenge from here, and it is time to scare her and have your revenge.

Revenge by Doing Things
In Scary Teacher 3D, you can have the ultimate revenge that gives you nightmares by scaring this rude, creepy teacher. To give her a lesson for what she has done, you can engage in many activities, and so many pets are also under her custody. So this is a mission that you need to undergo with revenge as well as to release pets without being caught.
You only have a limited time to do all these things, and you cannot even get caught by her. So, every task should be done with care, and you better be very careful about what you are doing here. Now you are free to use LDPlayer 9 to advance the Scary Teacher 3D gameplay with the best options.

Many Rooms with Many Mysteries
Miss T is hiding a lot of secrets here in a house full of rooms, and every room needs to be explored to find out what is hiding there. So many pets, photos of the victimized kids, as well as chocolates and cakes, to be found here, and there is a basement that comes with so many surprising things too. So it is time to take revenge and explore what Miss T is really hiding by herself.

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