MLB Perfect Inning: Ultimate

Com2uS USA, Inc.
Last Updated: 2022-08-29

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Brutal gameplay! Visually this game looks amazing, however the developers have dropped the ball on gameplay! Pitching is just stupid! Manual or AI! The batter interface is atrocious! No matter how good your timing is, you will always miss certain pitches in certain locations. Whether it's completely in the strike zone or borderline. Inordinate amount of double plays after you get hits. You can have 15 hits a game and only score 1-4 runs. The player combine will always give you the lowest card


I quit. Gameplay is brutal. You can barely see or follow any pitch with movement and when you hit the ball it's caught easily. it was playing against a +2 pitcher, I can't imagine facing a +10 card and above lol. People who give 5 stars only play season mode not PVP. Players only bunt and steal bases with those overrated sprint stats to score. Boosting fails, I almost always received the worst cards when I combine. Good luck I hope this game succeed. Bye.


Great graphics. The dynamics need work. Defensive throws are way too fast. My biggest gripe is that the manual batters aim becomes unusable. It'll register my touch but can't aim at all. Have to close out the game and restart. Sometimes it'll happen after a couple innings sometimes after a couple pitches. Really annoying. I'd play more if it weren't for this issue. Also now, the swing button isn't registering on some pitches. What's going on?? Will update review if issues are fixed.

Run MLB Perfect Inning: Ultimate on PC
Com2uS USA Inc's multiplayer game comes as the MLB Perfect Inning: Ultimate, and it is a world for baseball lovers. If you ever wanted to be a baseball player, MLB Perfect Inning: Ultimate will welcome you to the ground, and it is going to put you into the ground with the best batting as well as pitching to become a great player. There are so many uniforms, logos, ballparks, and rosters to be captured here from the 2022 season, and this is a game for you all to experience real-time baseball gaming on your doorsteps.
Real Life Baseball Experience
The gameplay in MLB Perfect Inning: Ultimate will happen against a player from any country in the world, and throughout the match, you have to kick out your enemies with the best ball control and strategies. Every tiny detail of the game has been designed to the next level to make you feel like you are in a real match since every body gesture as well as the skin tone matches with the real person in this game.
Every MLB player who is still on your favorite list can be seen here, and you will dive best into the game as they will feel real in full 3D. For the best gaming experience from such a great game as MLB Perfect Inning: Ultimate, you can use LDPlayer 9.
The Best Batting Controls and Fast Progress.
Every control in MLB Perfect Inning: Ultimate has been upgraded with the best, and it will be played just as it wanted to. You can decide to play even an auto or manual mode here, and you are entirely free to choose your own style. You will not just look at your cards for very long. The MLB Perfect Inning: Ultimate will put you into real-life excitement by making you feel like you are watching a live broadcast.

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