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Very nice, could be daunting at first because you will mostly see pretty things locked behind paywall. But you should ignore that and play. It has actual equipments(that isnt pictures with stats) that you can equip which allows for lots of customization. It can get pretty lonely at times tho, the world is empty most of the time. Cant co-op at all since there's none. Oh, and the story is well written. Perfect for those who enjoys stories and wants to feel to be a part of the game's world.


Loved the artwork and the character creation and even the combat for the most part, however due to the need to have multiple weapons is a red flag that this is a p2w game through and through. Uninstalling due to that.


A very beautiful game with simple control. The story and art itself is amazing + the English translation is really good. But as you play it gets harder to increase your character 's power. Overall a very good game, totally would recommend.

A world where a massive sea blankets the skies: Mitrasphere.


Interact and team up with players from across the world as you embark on your new path. Chat, create private rooms, and socialize with a variety of animated emotes and voiced lines to heighten the fun.


Overcome difficult bosses in real-time combat with your friends and others. Coordinate your raids, polish your tactics, and plan well. Plenty of exciting challenges await!


Freely switch between five classes as you wish. Your character can take on any role at any time, including Guardian, Swordsman, Cleric, Archer, and Mage.


Customize your character’s appearance from every piece of equipment to their voice. Change outfits to what fits your current mood and acquire fun costumes. Dozens of voice overs to choose from, from classics such as ‘Mysterious’ to fun tropes like ‘Tsundere.’


Two worlds exist, straddling the ocean sky from below and above. Golden crystals rain down from an enormous tree floating in the ocean above. The miraculous power these crystals possess alter the lives of everyone and everything. Those the crystals fall upon meet one of two fates: a life of endless riches, or inimitable suffering.

These crystals were hence named "Mitra," a name that ushers forth both hope and misfortune.

This is a tale of a village whose residents are petrified as they gradually mutate into trees; of a girl enslaved, whose words none can understand; of a warrior from a ruined country, who lost both pride and limb; and of strangers from another world, whose preordained future spells doom for the land.

When the determined choose to rise against their fate, a compass will show them the way.

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