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Last Updated: 2022-12-26 Current Version: 1.7700.3148
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This game is getting a bad rap from people about controls. The problem is not the controls, the problem is that these players have sausage fingers and no skills. There is nothing wrong with this game. It's fun, it's classic, and it runs like the 2D side scrollers of the old days. The controls are fine...if you pay attention to where your fingers are! Stop blaming the developers for the controls and pay attention to where your touch input is.


Had a decent amount of fun, until recently. This game is VERY predatory when it comes to its monetization. I fell for the FOMO aspect of the game last minute and bought the Growth Pack for $31+tax at level 158, only to find out that the growth potion in that milestone DOESN'T WORK DURING BURNING, WHICH IT DOESN'T STATE. The growth potions you get from the Story Exploration declose this information, but they explicitly omitted from the one you have to pay for. Deceitful.


Being forced to begin autoing every quest was very frustrating. After toggling it off once it should remain off unless turned back on. Movement also felt a bit clunky, but it's something I would probably grow accustomed to if I played the game longer. The over the top skill animations aren't my cup of tea, but that's purely my personal preference.

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MapleStory M - Fantasy MMORPG comes with twists along with the real nostalgia of MapleStory by NEXON Company. Now the MapleStory M world is there in mobiles to follow up with a fantasy, and you will have a good old daytime here. And LDPlayer 9 is the best android emulator to play MapleStory M - Fantasy MMORPG on PC with 120FPS.


Classic Characters, Fashion, and the Trade Station Systems


You get a handful of classic characters from MapleStory from this game, and your favorite Bishop, Dark Knight, and many more will be there to make you enjoy it. The classic MapleStory has been wrapped up with many updates here, and you don’t have to make your characters appear the same way on all days. Instead, there is fashion, and you can have some mixed dyes, plastic surgeries, and many more things here to make full customization for your characters.


A trade station system comes with MapleStory M - Fantasy MMORPG, and nonstop auto battles will happen in this world. Even if you close your game, they won’t stop. Your most valuable things can be found at the trade station, and those can be used to make yourself stronger.


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MapleStory M - Fantasy MMORPG is beautiful with its graphics and visuals. So for those who enjoy it to the fullest from their current device, try LDPlayer and set the FPS 120 form there to enjoy the sleekest operations from your gameplay. You will have the best ever gaming for sure.


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