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Last Updated: 2022-09-21
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This game is fun. I love how they added furniture and other stuff that isn't in Minecraft! For people who wants furniture and other stuff but don't want to buy Minecraft, this is for you. The reason I have it 3 stars is the fact that my screen turns black randomly because of the ads, also I don't remember this game having ads. I liked it better when it had less ads and my screen not turning black randomly. I also encountered this. When I was going in a world, when it w loading, it kicked me out.


It's very nice and great. No purcases and if you want no ads close the internet. Butthe prob is, every server i join is RUINED. It takes a very long time to load, and when i finally join, its completely OBLITIRATED. now i don't mind the Servers. BUT PLEASE MAKE THE LOADING SHORTER. Though it's a great game. I would really recommend it!


5/5! I would reccomend downloading/installing it! but i have problems with the calender though it said "Right click to update calender" and when i right clicked nothing happend and the game is full of ads! but i dont really care about the ads though-so um yeah? alrighty thats it!

KawaiiCraft 2021 - a game that will change the idea of style of craft, game world od kawaii world craft dream.

Start building and show the world your cute kawaii craft constructions. Cubic sandboxes with craft, open the will of your imagination to crafting & building exploration, the beautifullest building.

In this perfect game KawaiiCraft 2021 for adults and kids, for girls and boys most sweet thing in the game create game Kawaiiworld craft dream island!

Awesome KawaiiCraft 2021 features:
- Amazing sweet Game to Play
- Cool graphics: enjoy the best kawaii graphics with high FPS
- Kawaii craft Texture Packs for Minicraft
- Perfect game for the boys and girls
- Easy to download and install
- Creative mode, Survival mode, Kawaiiworld mode
- Craft powerful weapons and armor
- Making incredible charming buildings
- Multiplayer games: you can play online and help your friend build!
- Kawaii world - free craft games, villages, creative cities, houses and farms
- Best Craft 3D World Adventure Kawaiiworld
- The best of 2021 simulation games

Easily place the building blocks you wish to place and build anything you can imagine.
Fly or walk across the unlimited lands in Kawaiiworld.

Start the game and start creating your amasing beautiful dimension with kawaii world cubes and items: bedroom, lowers, paintings, kitchen, table with flowers and many more.

KawaiiCraft 2021 lets you do real discovers in new real world dreams of imagination. Build from various beautiful cubes amazing mansion with a stylish interior and beautiful surrounding landscape.

**Download KawaiiCraft 2021 Crafting Game for free now and explore this cute world with friend enjoy. Thank you!***
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