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Fake GPS Location - Floater

Fake GPS Location - Floater


Last Updated: 2019-01-24

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Game Info

Floater is a fake location app, that runs from a floating window, allowing easy access to other apps.

Fake the location on your phone to any place in the world. This app set up a fake GPS location so other apps thinks you are there. You can be in New York, Paris, London etc.

Designed for developers to properly test their apps that use and track gps information without the need to lock on a GPS signal. Useful when you want to add a geolocation to a photo if you forgot to turn on location when you were taking it. Can also be used as a prank app - any foul/wrong usage will not be supported by our team.

The floating functionality is super useful so you don't need to constantly change apps as you develop your software.

How to:

1. Grant "draw over other apps" permission to enable floating functionality.
2. Enable the Developer settings on your device(on older versions it is not needed)(See tutorial on how to enable this).
3. Enable mock locations or select this app as mock location app. In the developer options select "Allow mock locations".
4. Set your location to "GPS ONLY"(or "Device only") for best results.
5. Resize the window or minimize it so you can view your app, drag the black bars to move the window.
6. Start the app and move the map to where you want to fake your location. The green dot indicates where you want to be.
7. Select the play button to start faking your location.
8. To stop the fake location click on the stop button not the pause button.


- Location history
- Save Locations to Favorites
- Change notification look (text, description, buttons, show/hide icon, hide from status bar)
- mock GPS coordinate to the service provider.
- Create, save and import/export routes (GPX/KML)
- Set fixed/random accuracy
- Set fixed/random speed
- Add different map tiles
- Use gyro to move the map
- Network mode, control location of other Floater users on the same network

Permission needed for this app:

- Access Coarse and Fine Location - to fake your current location
- Location - needed for when you want to show your real location on the map
- Internet - to display the map
- Storage - needed for when you want to export or import GPX/KML files


- There is no need to turn the GPS on, but for best results turn it on and disable "high accuracy" and change it to "GPS ONLY"(or "Device only")
- This app requires you to have play services and maps installed.
- We do not encourage you to use this app together with non complying apps.
- If the app behaves strangely, clear and update GPS data and restart the device.
- Run this app first before the app you are faking so it will receive coordinates from this app and not from the real sensor
- Disable "Use wireless networks" options in Location settings in order to avoid problems where you will keep receiving fake locations even after stopping the app.
- Since this is a floating service, the app may get killed by the Android OS if you are running low on memory or running too many apps. Make sure run this app when you have lots of memory and/or running a few apps to get the best results.
- This app is catergorised as a tool to help developers properly test apps with location functionalities. Also works with Tasker, Command line and through Intents. See tutorial for more info.

Has in-App purchases for removing ads

Please read tutorial if you have any problems using this app. Read it before you leave a rating or comment.

If you find any bugs or want more features - please feel free to contact us using the feedback option or post here:

Note: Do not use this app with games and apps that clearly violate their terms. Do not use this app for cheating or any foul use. Make sure the app you use comply with using mock locations.

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How to Install Fake GPS Location
- Floater on PC

  • 1Download LDPlayer installer on your desktop

    Download LDPlayer installer on your desktop

  • 2Run the installer and complete the setup

    Run the installer and complete the setup

  • 3Open LDPlayer and search Fake GPS Location - Floater on the search bar

    Open LDPlayer and search Fake GPS Location - Floater on the search bar

  • 4Install the game from LD Store (Or Google Play)

    Install the game from LD Store (Or Google Play)

  • 5Once installation completes, click the game icon to launch the game

    Once installation completes, click the game icon to launch the game

  • 6Enjoy playing Fake GPS Location - Floater on your PC with LDPlayer

    Enjoy playing Fake GPS Location - Floater on your PC with LDPlayer

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Location - Floater PC



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