Epic Mecha Girls: Anime RPG

Viva Games Studios
Last Updated: 2021-12-20 Current Version: 1.1.9
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A stunning anime RPG with mecha fights and tons of girls to summon. Upgrade your robots and improve your characters to win turn based battles in Epic Mecha Girls!

Can you stop evil forces? Play a great adventure and get stronger defeating bosses, enemies and monster raids. Enjoy challenging levels and complete them using strategy and powerful attacks. Unlock new characters, merge them into powerful ones and get exclusive skins.

Epic Mecha Girls features:

Play a great anime game with incredible visuals and manga style. Lovely 2D graphics and animations in every fantasy battle.

Choose your team considering power, elements and skills to win every battle. Healer, magician, tank and many more to create your perfect party.

There are tens of characters and skins to unlock. Some of them are common, rare or epic. Can you get every legendary mecha?

Equip weapons, armor and magical items to improve stats. Also, merge heroes and mechas to get strength, speed and defense.

Enjoy different missions and unlock new girls, skins and objects to collect. Many of those items and heroes are exclusive and limited in time.

Choose your mecha team and fight against real people around the world. Defeat their robots and win fantasy items and prizes.

Fight with the hardest enemies in special events and extreme mode. Enjoy turn based battles or raids with the best characters available.

Enjoy Epic Mecha Girls, a fantasy anime turn based RPG with classic tactics, and defeat chaos using robots, powerful heroes and magical skills. Play challenging levels, raids and face bosses and other characters in PVP fights. Find the best weapons, improve your girls and unlock new legendary heroines.

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