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In a big explosion in the universe, the first flame between heaven and earth was generated, called the Qijing. The Qijing exists on the Western Heaven Spirit Mountain and has magical power, which can affect various creatures in the world. Tang Sanzang's master and four disciples were ordered by the Heavenly Court to obtain miraculous scriptures, but the world did not become better as a result. Behind this, there was a hidden ambition and conspiracy of a certain god
The Tathagata saw the true face of Emperor Shitian, retrieved the miraculous scriptures from his hands, and hid them. Nowadays, the whereabouts of Qijing are unknown, and the Heavenly Court has sent a large army to search extensively. Starting from Tianyu Mountain, the wolf demon White Wolf tirelessly seeks to retrieve the master and disciple of Tang Monk who obtained scriptures back then. The team gathers and embarks on the path of returning to the scriptures... The most disruptive legend of traveling to the West in history unfolds here.
Game features:

【Super Burning Three Realms, Plot Restoration】
The Great IP Restoration of "Journey to the West" features well-known original characters such as Heart Killing Guanyin, WuKong, Tathagata, Tianyu, White Wolf, empire warrior, and Tang Sanzang fighting alongside you. From Tianyu Mountain to Tianting, the original plot is restored one by one, taking you on a journey to the west that ignites the three realms.The dream story began and people began to spread it.They call this story monkey king journey or wukong fight.

【Binding connection, divine power combination attack】
In addition to the heroes of mythic might's essential killing skills, the corresponding soul generals' partners in the battle can not only activate the binding links of the soul book, gain a large amount of basic attribute bonuses, but also be paired with powerful combo skills to achieve Jedi flipping or strike a fatal blow.

【Soul will gather and freely mix and match】
There are three major factions of Heaven, Darkness, and Life, with a total of hundreds of soul generals coming. Ten consecutive draws will inevitably produce orange kung fu monkey king, making it easy for you to collect and match the lineup team without being a unlucky candidate. Unlock the biographical stories of unknown characters and activate additional binding effects.

【On the Journey to the West, Accompanied by Friends】
You can play or play Soul Generals anytime and anywhere, change and match your own immortal sword, inherit equipment attributes with one click, and freely cultivate without any burden.

【 Multiple dungeons, adventure of patterns 】
There are many unique dungeons waiting for you to challenge, such as the Ancient Battlefield, dream journey to the west,the Floating Turret Tower,summoners war, tower of fantasy,tower of god,jade dynasty and the Dragon God's Eight Departments. Divine weapons, cultivation resources, magic tools, and unparalleled combat skills are available for you to win.More opportunities to acquire powerful weapons, such as: dragon trail, the elder scrolls, Different dungeons have different and rich rewards waiting for you to join the adventure, challenge your limits in all directions, and win a massive amount of gifts.More powerful divine soul generals:mythic heroes, demon god,ancient gods,among gods,grand summoners,
A large selection of stories make up the game’s narrative in the form of events, encounters, and quests. The choices you make in these often affect your companions as well as the world around you. Pick your background from trader,one-punch man,epic seven,demon hunter, mercenary, or goku explorer; work for factions, pursue rumors and trading opportunities; acquire wealth, gain fame, and discover hidden knowledge.
Engage in turn-based, tactical combat that involves your companions and a large variety of enemies, both humanoid and monstrous. Start your story guardian tales.
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