T3 Arena

Last Updated: 2022-07-08 Current Version: 1.25.908935
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T3 Arena is a brand-new, action-packed hero shooter that allows you to Join your friends in 3v3 games and battle in the Arena whenever and wherever you choose. Powerful characters with distinct personalities, thrilling multiplayer game types, and simple assist choices are all waiting to be discovered.



Players must collect many heroes, as well as compete against friends in a variety of multiplayer game modes and maps. At T3 Arena, join forces and develop your own team plan. Alternatively, go solo and win the game like a pro.

Face up against the opposing squad. Should you assault or defend? It is tough to build a team plan, and keeping your crystal from breaking will be challenging. Dive into the chaos and come out triumphant. Have fun with this action-packed shooting adventure. You will never have time to waste. 


Many Modes to Explore

You can play Team Deathmatch and win by getting 20 kills as quickly as possible. In Crystal Assault, you can defend your crystal or play aggressively and destroy your opponent's crystal. You can also join free for all and take part in the bloodbath. Other game modes include Control, Payload Escort, and Payload Race, which you can also explore and enjoy. always succeed and prevail Use LDPlayer to play T3 Arena on a computer.

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