Divine W: Perfect Wonderland

Leniu Games
Last Updated: 2022-10-08
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The game plays itself and you watch. It is 100% Autoplay. There is literally nothing you have to do. It leads the way, battles mobs, you can't even read up on the manual of what's happening next or claim your rewards as the game just progresses without you doing anything. It's like watching a video. What's the point of the game. The graphics are good but that's about it. Stupid


People think that the autoplay is annoying but for me? It's fine. Although there are time when I want to move in my own and not rely on it. Graphics and visuals are great, grinding isn't boring. It's still a pay to win game but I don't care since all Rpg games are p2w anyway. Leveling up isn't hard and not easy either when you're on a higher level. There are a lot of events that you can enjoy. 1 of my favorite is the quiz bath. 5 stars from me cause I enjoyed it! Totally recommended


It's a great game, love the graphics. But the packs and draws are too expensive and has a very low chances of getting rare items. And also, I think it would be great to have ranking titles from 1 - 3 or 5 at least, not just for 1. Because this game is literally a paying game so you should at least give back to those who are willing to spend. And oh, one most important thing. You should at least extend the expiration of the lowrie cause it's really expensive to renew it every week.

Play Divine W. Perfect Wonderland on PC
Leinu Games comes with an oriental fantasy by Divine W. Perfect Wonderland, where there is gameplay that you have to deal with in an oriental style. This MMORPG game is making you dive into an open world with a most thrilling journey, and it is all about swords and magic. The map coming in the game is more than 60,000 inches, and it is time to decide how this world will be going with its future.

Open World with a Fantasy Theme
This new world allows you to explore right now, and as a player, you can increase your power by unlocking the warlord. There will be so many legends as well as myths to be engaged here, and this is just the world that makes your dreams come true. Everything has been detailed with a fantastic theme, and there will be the best ever visual experience to be enchanted for.
Divine W. Perfect Wonderland comes with a massive open world in there, and everything is made out of the best art style. Everything, including the weather, will come to the world naturally, and the world right here has been made with every little detail to make it stunning for the players. The best emulator: LDPlayer 9 is going to be the best platform for you to play Divine W. Perfect Wonderland with the perfect features.

Fighting and Dressing
There are several fights that you can deal with by using your own weapon, and you are just free to combine the skills you want. Being wise with your selections is always required as it is the best way to win your intense fights in the game. The game is not only about fighting because there will be an outfit system to choose what you dress. Everything is unique here, and now it is time to decide how the future of this world will be going on.

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