Divine W: Perfect Wonderland Tips for a Better Gameplay


Divine W: Perfect Wonderland is one of the latest MMORPGs; you can try to experience life in an ancient mythical world full of mythical animals and people like superheroes with superpowers. When you enter the game, you will see how beautiful it will be and how hard it is to proceed through the gameplay without any Divine W: Perfect Wonderland tips. Since many players are searching for the best tips, we have brought you this guide rich in the best tricks and strategies. 





Divine W: Perfect Wonderland Tips


When you use these tricks and strategies mentioned below in this guide, you will be able to achieve greater success in Divine W: Perfect Wonderland on PC. So, are you ready to be a top-level player in this gameplay? Then go and read the Divine W: Perfect Wonderland tips we have specially made for everyone who loves to play as a veteran. 


Defeat World Bosses to Obtain Gear

Gear sets are the essential items you should equip your character to make the character more powerful. Even though you can obtain gear pieces by completing quests or through some battles, the best way to earn top-tier gear sets is by fighting with world bosses. 


When you battle with world bosses, you will gather as many gear pieces according to the rank you damage the enemy. So, if you need to equip the character with the best gear, you should go to the Boss section and select the World Boss option. 


Defeat World Bosses to Obtain Gear


You will see different enemy bosses that require different character levels to unlock. Therefore, select an enemy boss available for your character's level to slay down and gather as much as gear sets. And when you choose an enemy boss to slay, you can see the loot that you will be able to pick by fighting with the boss. 


So whenever you have the chance, slay down the enemy bosses as it is one of the top Divine W: Perfect Wonderland tips you can use to achieve more and more gear pieces. 


Upgrade Pets and Mounts

Upgrading pets and the mounts is another best one of the Divine W: Perfect Wonderland tips you should add to your game's daily routine because the pets and the mounts are very helpful in battles and everything because they give extra attributes to your character. 


You can go to the Mount menu from the main game screen to upgrade them, and when you go there, you will see Pet and Mount as two categories here. When you go into the Pet category, you can see a big list of pets that are given in the game, but to activate these pets, you should gather all the requirements to activate them. 


Upgrade Pets and Mounts


When you have at least one of the pets, you should upgrade the available pet using unique resources to increase the bonus attributes that the pet supplies to your character. 


In the Mount category, you can see many mounts that you can use for your character to move from one point to another faster than walking. As for the pets, you need special items to activate the mounts given in the game. Also, when you have a mount, you need to upgrade it by gathering the necessities because the more you upgrade your mount, the more additional attributes it will give to your character. 


Now that you know how important it is to upgrade the pets and mounts available for you, you must do it without ignoring as it is one of the best Divine W: Perfect Wonderland tips you can use to improve your gameplay. 


Complete Chapter Quests

Quests are two types in the game, Main Story and Side Story, and you know the best way to claim rewards and unlock new options in the game is by completing the quests. Therefore, when the game shows you the quests to complete, you should accept the quest and do it. 


Complete Chapter Quests


The more you complete quests, the more you claim rewards for leveling up easily, and the more you level up in this game, the more you will be able to unlock new options and features. 


So, if you love to unlock new options in the gameplay, you should level up faster to achieve new things and to level up your character faster; you should complete all the story mode quests given here as this Divine W: Perfect Wonderland tips and tricks guide has recommended you to do so. 


Autoplay Option

When you enter the battles in this game, you can perform the battles manually or perform the battles automatically using the autoplay option. When you turn on the autoplay option once you enter the matches, you will not have to do anything other than equipping the gear pieces gathered through the battles if you need to do so. 


Therefore, when you are busy doing other things in the game, you should turn on the autoplay option to let your character take the lead and flow with the battle by killing all enemies your character encounters. 


Autoplay Option


Even though this is one of the finest Divine W: Perfect Wonderland tips mentioned in this guide, make sure you use this autoplay option only if you do not engage in other side activities in the game because otherwise, you will not be able to feel the vibes of slicing enemies using your character. 


Possess Warlords

The next one of the Divine W: Perfect Wonderland tips you will learn in this guide is obtaining warlords because when you possess a warlord, it will be a great strength to win against any enemy you face. 


You will see different kinds of warlords here, such as Destruction Warlords, Annihilation Warlords, Void Warlords, and Immortal Warlords. But you cannot unlock these Warlords until you meet the requirements to open them. 


Possess Warlords


The main spot you can go to unlock these Warlords is the Warlord Dungeon. When you complete several chapters and stages in the Warlord Dungeons, you can unlock these Warlords. Some can be unlocked through events available when your character upgrades to level 150. 


Possessing Warlords is among the best Divine W: Perfect Wonderland tips because you will be able to have many more benefits through the Warlords, and let us see what benefits you can experience through them. 


  • When you possess a Warlord, it will help you greatly improve your character's CP. 


  • You have the chance to use the skills of the Warlord every 300 seconds. 


  • Upgrading the Warlord using the required materials will give your character bonus attributes.  


  • Assign the possessed Warlords to assist your character when training to increase the efficiency of gathering as many experience points (EXP) quickly. 


Join a Guild

Once you unlock the Guild option, you need to join a guild because it is one of the best Divine W: Perfect Wonderland tips that will help you enhance your gameplay quicker.


Join a Guild


Once you join a guild, you will be able to grab free rewards such as daily sign-in rewards, exchange gear with the other guild members, and learn some Divine W: Perfect Wonderland tips by discussing with other guild members who are at a higher level than yours and many other benefits can be experienced through the guild. 


Also, the game is helpful as it shows you the top three guilds available now and the other guilds available for you to join. So try to join a guild that is among the top three if those guilds have some space for you. 


Enhanced Gaming Experience with LDPlayer 9

The best android emulator LDPlayer 9 is the best emulator you should use to play this game on PC because when you play this game with LDPlayer 9, you will be able to use the features and tools that ensure you have the top quality enhanced gameplay. 


Enhanced Gaming Experience with LDPlayer 9


The Keyboard Mapping is a feature offered in LDPlayer 9 and when you use this feature for your gameplay, it will allow you to set various shortcut keys according to your conveniences, such as Arrow keys, W, A, S, and D, to move your characters, and any other keys as the skills of the character by removing the whole layout of controls introduced by the game.


The Keyboard Macro Commands is another tool you can use when you play this game with LDPlayer 9; you can perform bundles of repeatable actions using one key by writing one macro script, including all the repeatable actions. 



As you know the best Divine W: Perfect Wonderland tips that will be useful for you to experience the top-level gameplay, it is your chance to test that these tips are that helpful by playing this fascinating mythic-based MMORPG with LDPlayer 9.

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