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Last Updated: 2021-05-19 Current Version: 1.29.0
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The developer has declared to the Play Store that it does not collect (or share) user data, but there is no way to access the app without logging into either a Facebook or Google account. Who knows what other data violations they're comitting if they can't even disclose basic account access. Also on first launch it downloads another 800mb data package without prompting the user or allowing a pause or cancel, bringing the total app size to 1.97gb.


Cool game BUT! The same cookie cutter exhibition mode is in this game. I can't express to you enough how boring and painful that mode is. It literally feels like a daily chore, and it's in just about every afk hero collecter rpg. I know it's not just me who is so incredibly exhausted of that game mode, at least make an option for auto play. I literally quit games when I see it has that mode, me and tons of other players as well. It's a cool game, I like it, without exhibition mode.


people complaining bout that shared level is a complete bs, it is actually so good that it saves up some of your resources. Though im giving 4 stars cause i hated that expedition takes so much time, please add an auto clear

★Fight against the Lord of Disaster to protect the Divine Realm!
Unveil the secret of Ore, save the world from chaos!★

Adventurers, gather and train your heroes, follow the legend of treasure, and embark on the fancy journey in this magic world!

Game Features:

★Tap, Collect, Upgrade, and Win!★
Stunning 3D characters with distinctive personalities.
All heroes could be legendary with hundreds of personalized skills.
Unlock hero tales and unveil gripping legendary stories.

★Three in One, Wise Play!★
Change the faction and use your strategy to form a team easily.
Assign Spirit Pets of three kinds and use their skills to crush enemies.
Enjoy interesting random events in rogue-like adventures.

★Build Your Own City!★
Build your own city and gain stat bonuses.
Unlock resource buildings to get resources with ease.
Customize your city and interact with your friends.

★Rich Gameplays, Idle to Win!★
Get free resources every day.
Join in the expedition and explore dungeons.
Splendid events that allow both core and casual players to find fun.
Enjoy Heroic Expedition anytime, anywhere!

★Explore Mysterious Areas with Your Friends!★
Compete with other players in the game and enjoy the various game modes in the tribe feature.
Challenge powerful bosses and fend off monsters! Choose the difficulty that best suits you.
Form your own tribe and conquer the land! Explore uncharted areas and find hidden treasures!

Contact us:
Email: hecs@droidhang.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hroc_expedition
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Heroic_Expedition/
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