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로한M INFO Installation tutorial

▣ 게임소개 ▣
『14년 서비스의 정통 MMORPG』
14년 서비스의 대작 PC MMO를 드디어 모바일에서 만나다!
PC에서 만났던 월드와 몬스터를 그대로 모바일에서!

『캐릭터 소개』
검/방패와 이도류(검/단검) 착용가능
튼튼한 방어능력과 강력한 광역스킬보유
ㄴ대인전투 전문가인 가디언
ㄴ강력한 생존능력을 지닌 디펜더

활과 석궁 착용가능
원거리 전투 전문가로 강력한 화력 보유
ㄴ파워형 궁수로 높은 피해량과 기동력을 가진 레인저
ㄴ다수의 적 상대에 특화된 스카우트

완드와 지팡이 착용가능
강력한 마법공격과 디버프 전문가
ㄴ디버프에 특화되어 강력한 대인전 능력을 지닌 워락
ㄴ광역스킬에 특화된 다대다 전투의 꽃 위자드

단검와 카타르 착용가능
빠른공격속도와 은신능력을 지닌 암살자
던전에서 "홍단"모드로 변신하여 익명전투 가능
ㄴ대인전투 피해량을 극대화한 어벤져
ㄴ상대의 행동을 방패하면서 치명적인 일격을 선사하는 프레데터

원작의 감성을 그대로~
랜덤한 옵션의 아이템을 조합하여 상위 단계로 제작
조합된 옵션은 최종단계까지 모두 계승
나만의 옵션을 가진 유니크한 아이템 제작!

『오픈형 필드』
18개의 방대한 필드 지역과 7개의 던전에서
함께 즐기는 정통 오픈형 필드 MMORPG

3개지역에서 열리는 필드점령으로 세금획득 가능

『공성전(7월 오픈예정)』
거래소 수수료 루비를 걸고 벌이는 최강길드 결정전

『인스턴스 던전』
원작의 엘레멘탈 던전을 비롯하여 
매일 입장할 수 있는 5개의 인스턴스던전

『차별화된 시스템』
시스템 홀릭으로 유명한 원작 로한의 방대한 시스템
자동전투 시스템
길드 시스템
살생부 시스템
스킬강화 시스템
홍단 시스템 등
원작의 인기 컨텐츠 모두 이식완료!


How to download & play 로한M on PC

  • 1. Search Google for LDPlayer/Directly enter the official website of LDPlayer (// to download LDPlayer.
  • 2. Install LDPlayer: Directly install/Overlay installation (The installation path can be customized), click Install and wait for the installation process till it is successful.
  • 3. After LDPlayer is installed, check whether the mark "VT" is shown in the top right corner of LDPlayer if LDPlayer is stuck at 94% or 50% (If VT is not shown, it means that VT has been enabled).
  • 4. If VT is enabled but the problem remains, you need to check wheter your graphics driver is updated.
  • 5. Open LDStore and type the name of app or game to search for it, and click INSTALL.
  • 6. The solution to the crash: Increase CPU and RAM of LDPlayer; Switch from integrated graphics to discrete graphics; Update the graphics driver; View the CPU and RAM of your PC and then reduce the usage of them.
  • 7. Lag: Increase CPU and RAM of LDPlayer; Switch from integrated graphics to discrete graphics; Update the graphics driver; View the CPU and RAM of your PC and then reduce the usage of them/the used memory of graphics card should be viewed when multiple instances of LDPlayer are running.
  • 8. The APK file you want can't be found: Go to Internet to download the installation package (APK file), and then directly drag the APK file that you downloaded to LDPlayer. Or you can install it through the button Install APK on the right toolbar of LDPlayer; If you have a Google account and the game you want is in the Play Store, you can directly open the built-in Play Store of LDPlayer and then search for the game or app you want and directly click install!
  • 9. Disable root permission when you encounter the prompt such as An emulator is running/Anti-virus software confilicts with the game program/ This device can't be used to play the game and so on.
  • 10. The prompt Installation failed appears during installation: Restart your network.
  • 11. Disconnect from Internet: Exit all your anti-virus software, including the built-in firewall of Windows; Download the tool for resetting the network; Right-click this tool and select Run as administrator; Restart your computer after it finishes resetting.

Perfect handling experience

Play games with keyboard and mouse
Operate simply and conveniently
Seckill mobile players in one hand


Play multiple games at the same time without restrictions

Small footprint

Stable and smooth
Perfectly compatible with games

Operation recorder

Operate simply and fast
Record and execute
Powerful effective function for AFK

LDPlayer 3.66 Release Notes

Release time: 2019-07-10


1. Optimized rendering engine and added support for ASTC texture format. Games will be smoother.
2. Optimized PUBG MOBILE, increasing the frame rate.
3. Optimized the UI of LD Store and fixed an issue where some games couldn't be updated through LD Store.
4. Enhanced the function of disk cleanup. Cleaning up disk can reduce the usage of disk space. (Only available for the newly created players in Multi-player or the fresh installed LDPlayer)
5. Added support for disabling mouse acceleration in all shooting games.
6. Optimized the sound quality of games and fixed the crack issue. Added support for high sound quality of CD-like stereo in microphone.
7. Enhanced the capabilities of playing video, supported more video sites and fixed the issue of the flicker of videos .
Bug fixes:
1. Fixed an issue where the emulator time was out of sync with PC time.
2. Fixed issues where OVERHIT and 트라하 (Traha) couldn't be entered. (For some Intel integrated graphics cards)
3. Fixed an issue where Rise of Kingdoms would crash when typing and pressing the Enter key.
4. Fixed an issue where SINoALICE crashed.
5. Fixed an issue where QR codes or verification codes in some games couldn't be displayed.
6. Fixed an issue where 60 FPS couldn't be set in Identity V.
7. Fixed an issue where Ride Out Heroes couldn't be entered.