ONE PIECE トレジャークルーズ

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Last Updated: 2021-05-14 Current Version: 11.2.2

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A great one piece game. Quite complex now compared to the early days but it's still cool. One quality of life update I would like is the ability to feed the same characters easier. Right now, I don't favourite characters because it's easier overall to see, and then upgrade the characters with multiple dupes. Otherwise you have to check each character which can take forever, in order to clean up my character box


I've been playing the game for ~1600 days and I am still fond of it. There are only a few minor things that I have issues with: lack of sales in game (compared to other gachas) and some lacks in QoL. But overall, I highly enjoy the game. I love the gameplay, collecting characters, all of the current modes, and more. I would recommend playing if you enjoy the manga or anime of One Piece


In the past year there have been more price increases than the previous 7 combined. Playable content is next to none. It's all cash grab abd forced pay-to-play at this point. One Piece creators would surely be ashamed.

Gather your friends and have a great adventure! A flashy combo with a simple tap!
Dive into the world of One Piece with your own pirates!

◆ A new sensation action that connects combos with a tap! ◆
"ONE PIECE Treasure Cruise" is a simple tap operation
A new sensation tap action where you can enjoy a powerful battle just like the original!
Tap your fellow characters at the right time to decide on a combo!
In addition, the unique "Special Moves" of all characters are reproduced with a flashy production.
Attractive characters rampage in the trekle!

◆ Relive the story of the original story! That famous scene revives! ◆
The story begins in "Fusha Village" where the boy Luffy meets "Red-haired Shanks".
The excitement and excitement will be revived with "Quest" where you can relive the story of the original story!

◆ Gather and raise your friends and form your own pirate group! ◆
Not only the main characters, but also the unique supporting characters!
Get an order book at the bar and add various characters to your friends!
Raise your friends and become the strongest pirates!

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