Every wealthy family has secrets. Did you expect one of your kin to be a killer?
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Version 1.6
Updated on 2023-05-05
Rating 4.8
Category Role Playing
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Insert-Rich-Family-Name Description
Insert-Rich-Family-Name, is an interactive mystery novel that lets you live the life of a billionaire and decide your own fate. With captivating storylines, unique characters, and multiple paths to take, this choose your own adventure game will have you hooked from the first chapter.

• Play as woman, man, or non-binary; gay, straight, bi, ace.
• Customized your character.
• Show unwavering support for your family and stand by them through thick and thin, or choose to engage in sibling rivalry and betray anyone who stands in your way.
• Spend your money on frivolous things, make poor life decisions, or start planning.
• Choose to pursue a forbidden romance with your bodyguard, the detective who's always one step ahead, the trusted family lawyer, or a secret love interest that's been hiding in plain sight.

Embark on this thrilling ride as you clutch your pearls and flaunt your diamonds, but beware of the sharp knives and watch out for the blood stains that may follow.

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Comments about Insert-Rich-Family-Name Android Version
Insert-Rich-Family-Name is a great game that I absolutely adore, but it is not without its faults. For one, it is a game whose story leaves off on an alright cliffhanger that will not be resolved until the next game. The second is sadly the linearity of the story and its poor attempt to have a compelling mystery. Despite this, however, I would still strongly recommend this game as it is a fun ride that has me excited for its next part.
The way this story asks which country your family originated their business from, but none of the names are reflected despite clear differences is pretty weird. Better off just making it pre established. The mystery doesn't really seem all that deep, and kinda silly at times, but fun enough.
I did not know what I was expecting but can I just stay 5 stars all around ✨️. The game was amazinggggggg! The chemistry between your character and the NPCs just *chef kiss* all around. I can not wait for what the developer comes up with next, especially if it continues this story!!!!
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