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Updated on 2024-03-25
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Have you ever dreamed of going from rags to riches, amassing a vast fortune, and becoming a financial tycoon dominating the business world? In Road to Riches, you are framed by your boss and saddled with enormous debt, hitting rock bottom in life. However, fate smiles upon you. With outstanding business acumen, through strategic management and investments, this moment marks the beginning of your wealthy life!

[Commercial Legends, Strive to Winl]
●Relive the classic story of rising from an ordinary employee to a legendary CEO living a life of luxury cars and beauty. Partner with allies sharing your enterprising spirit to overcome cutthroat competition and build your own business empire hand in hand!
●Promote step-by-step through real merit and manage your own bank. Make a resounding name for yourself in the financial industry and eventually become the leader of a commercial empire, the ace among bank presidents!

[Come Join the Hottest Business Game]
●Here you can run your own shop and take on challenges from diverse business models.
By offering varied products and innovative management systems, you can realize the dream of becoming an industry master.

●[Reign in Business, Earn Hundredfold Returns]
A true business simulation game. Unlock various industries and buildings, expand your commercial empire, accumulate wealth, and finally dominate the corporate world.

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Comments about Crazy Rich Life Android Version
No option to topup via Google play and their support doesn't help at all
Was fun.. but suddenly no more English language..
Definately need the game in English version.
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