BeatX: Rhythm Game

BeatX is a rhythm game that brings tons of Stepmania/DDR levels to your pocket
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Version 2.4.83
Updated on 2022-12-06
Rating 4.1
Category Music
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BeatX: Rhythm Game Description
Hit the arrows in the rhythm of the music to achieve the best score!

☆ Game features ☆
- More than 100.000 FREE levels/songs in download section
- Loads all (.sm), (.smzip) and(.dwi) files supporting Stops, BPM Changes, Mines, Fakes and negative BPM gimmicks!
- Single, Double and Versus mode (Splitscreen multiplayer - dance mat / game pad recomended)
- Compete with your friends on 11 Leader boards and get 22 Achievements!
- Supports DDRMax3 and ITG % Scoring
- Play on touch screen or using your dance mat, keyboard or joystick via USB OTG cable or Bluetooth
- Full HD support in Landscape and Portrait orientation
- Supports announcer packs and background videos and custom note skins!
- Runs Great on Android TV (Nexus Player or the ADT-1) and NVIDIA Shield

Friday Night Funkin for everyone :)

About the permissions
- Primary purpose of this game is to load your own SM/DWI/SMZIP files so you can play your favorite Stepmania/DDR songs on the go.

- "Read from external storage" permission is required to read Stepmania chart data and songs (user defined levels) from user folder outside of games default folder as this are previously downloaded by user from external sites (similar to Movies read by Movie player).

- "Write to external storage" - because song packs are often downloaded in form of "smzip" files - this permission is required so that BeatX can unzip this song packs to user storage device to be used by the game without external "zip" capable application

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Comments about BeatX: Rhythm Game Android Version
There are bugs I'd like to mention. (1) The announcer combos are too early. (e.g. The announcer says "100 combos!" when I only have 98 or 99 combos.) (2) The game lists Beginner charts from DWI files as Unknown, and it doesn't even find Double charts from DWI files! Also, on the song selection screen, Beginner is misspelled as "Beginer". Other than that, I bought the full version, and I don't want to stop playing this game when I'm on the go!
Great to have stepmania on mobile but be aware there are many settings to adjust. I personally adjusted the mp3 offset along with my input offset (both are 0.0) for the best experience (for me at least). Also, please be aware that when you download a beatmap pack they take up a lot of storage. Other than those two things everything else is self explanatory and the app is very fun and nostalgic.
Updating my rating to 5 after solving my corrupt song issue. I'm an old stepmania guy, and I can tell how much effort they put into this game. Being able to tweak settings like orientation, arrow speed, timing, overlap, swipe, and others is key. I thought it would just be a novelty and never truly like the keyboard version but I was wrong. There are clever ways to swipe and hit doubles with one tap which makes difficult keyboard songs possible with two thumbs on a touch screen. Totally awesome.
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