ArcCreate: Open Rhythm Game

An open source, community-based 3D rhythm game
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Version 1.1.0
Updated on 2023-09-10
Rating 5
Category Music
Package name com.Arcthesia.ArcCreate
Downloads 100+
ArcCreate: Open Rhythm Game Description
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Welcome to ArcCreate, an open-source, community based rhythm game made by team Arcthesia. Create, play, and share your levels with the community!

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ArcCreate is not affiliated with Arcaea or lowiro.

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Comments about ArcCreate: Open Rhythm Game Android Version
This game is fantastic! It resembles Arcaea, but it runs smoothly without any lag issues. I particularly appreciate the practice mode, which significantly aids in tackling the more challenging songs. However, I'd suggest improving the user interfaces through updates. Additionally, it would be amazing to have the ability to edit or create charts directly on mobile devices, not limited to just PCs. Overall its good!
As a former competitive piano tiles 5 player, i must admit this game really brings the RPG gaming experience to the next level. the arc Crate community love using a wide variety of songs from small unknown artists such as "laur" "xi" and even "camelia". unfortunately, this game is far too beginner friendly with most charts being a mere "beyond 12" difficulty which are too focused on accommodating beginner thumb players such as myself. i would love to play more challenging stuff in the future 😊
Fix the offset ,it feels like not working at all and i was expecting it actually has online chart navigation. It's still closed tho ,more likely u got focused on discord.
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