Heaven Dreams Rhythm Game

Heaven Dreams Game mobile rhythm based gameplay to help you relax and unwind
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Download Heaven Dreams Rhythm Game APK
Rating 2.4
Category Music
Package name melatonin.rhythm.mobile
Downloads 100+
Heaven Dreams Rhythm Game Description
Heaven Dreams Rhythm Game mobile free get a good night's sleep with Heaven Dream Rhythm Game! This Heaven Dreams mobile rhythm game will have you tapping and grooving to the beat. Download for free and immerse yourself in a world where the past meets the present. Play Melatonin Rhythm Heaven and let the calming melodies of melatonin guide you to dreamland. With this game, you can relax, unwind, and improve your sleep quality. Say goodbye to restless nights and hello to sweet dreams with Melatonin Game.

Download now and enjoy these amazing features:

Rhythm-based gameplay to help you relax and unwind
Calming melodies that are inspired by the sleep hormone, melatonin
A journey through time with a mix of nostalgic and modern music
Easy-to-learn but challenging levels to keep you engaged
A range of different instruments and sounds to experience
A fun and engaging way to improve your sleep quality
Download Melatonin Game now and enjoy a better night's sleep!"

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Comments about Heaven Dreams Rhythm Game Android Version
The game is good and soothing and all that, but honestly it just randomly stops after a bit and stays like that so long I have to close the app and then play it all over again. It sucks. The only star it gets is one because of the graphics and how soothing it is
Can't open the app without adds popping up. I recommend turning on airplane mode on if you wanna play. I also recommend the desktop version of this. Overall a mid game.
The loading screen takes to long for a short game, 2 buttons on the menu don't work, the background is just a stretched and shortened PNG of the game, and it isn't even on beat.
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