Best Arcade games on PC & for Android
In the world of gaming, different types of games have their unique charm, attracting different kinds of players. Whether it's exploring unknown worlds alone or teaming up with friends for battles; whether it's pursuing depth and strategy in games or being captivated by the unique charm of artistic styles, there is a always game that can meet your needs. Below are some highly recommended Arcade games, each with its own exciting story, promising unique gaming experience. They allow you to immerse yourself and embark on a series of wonderful Arcade gaming journeys, making sure your gaming moments are unforgettable.
Slash the beats in a perfect combo of dancing music & rhythm slicing game.
Looking for new rhythm edm game music?
Or maybe dance music games?
Well, you must try Dancing Blade!

🕺Dancing Blade is an immersive rhythm experience you have never seen before on mobile! Enjoy tons of handcrafted levels and swing your way through the pulsing music beats, surrounded by a futuristic world. How long can you slice, dance and stay on the road in this edm game?

Slice to right, left, up.. or don’t slice at all! Use your Finger as Blade to slash the
Discover special mechanics in this "match-3" puzzle style game!
Cutie Paws - a fun, addicting arcade puzzle game. Catapult and match 3 cutie paws in a variety of levels.

Play with cutie paw pet tiles to match and combine them before they reach the bottom.
Find plenty of exciting levels filled with adorable characters and an overall pleasant atmosphere, animal sounds.

Key Features:
- Entertaining worlds
- Multiple levels
- Tons of rewards
- Special mechanics

Enjoy the fantastic and exciting gameplay of the game.

Enjoy with This mickey running craft game is the most mouse running games.
Welcome to the great mouse kingdom craft! prepare yourself brave mickey, get ready to run, jump, dash and rush through the kingdom of mine.

In this craft game, you will be a runner who has to run and collect coins in an endless runner game mine. You need to be very careful as there will be many mouse in your way. You will need to use your craft Mickey and reflexes to avoid them and keep running. There will also be power-ups that you can collect to help you in the craft game.
therefore, if you look
Funky foot tapping endless runner. Are you ready to flip to the other side?
Experience electro swing in a unique endless runner as you flip the world around you with addictive, “just one more time” gameplay. Tap to the beat as you fly through handcrafted levels with a funky fresh soundtrack!

★ Tap to switch between two color states, all while escaping this foreboding place!
★ 3 game modes to keep your fingers snapping and your feet tapping!
★ Express your inner soul by getting new colors from the record store!
★ Compete with your fellow members of free birds by reac
Hungry piggy evolve in io games. Pig evolution in big world
Piggy io - Pig Evolution is one of io games about funny hungry pig evolution. Start a io game with a hungry piggy and evolve with each level. The piggy game rules is simple - go through all stages of pig evolution. The pig can evolve and turn into different creatures. Collect coins at the piggy bank and upgrade your piggy in io game. Evolve into other creatures from the hungry pig. This is a pig game where you can eat everything: coins, flowers, trees, stones, mills and even home.

Piggy io - Pig Evol
Blast through the sky,collect & shoot all stars & enemies.Can you do it in time?
Choose your marble and navigate around the obstacles. Rolling and blasting through the air with your Marble Jetpack, while collecting and shooting down all the stars and enemies in the level and trying to beat your fastest times in the challenge levels.

In the arcade level you must collect and shoot every star and enemy, but you better hurry before your time runs out. Marble Jetpack arcade levels also have checkpoints to save your current spot in the level and add time. The checkpoints can be reused
A very interesting and challenging game. Who will get longer worms?
This a very competitive game. Come on, Let's have a challenge!

The worm makes its own body grow longer and longer by eating food.

When the worm's head touches the body of other worms, it will become food, and game over. Then,other worms will be able to eat this food. Sounds interesting, right?

Let's play this interesting game together. Who will get longer worms?
Unleash strategy in a 3D puzzle world!
Embark on a Strategic Puzzle Tower Adventure with Color Wall 3D: Build, Strategize, and Conquer

Step into the captivating universe of Color Wall 3D, where each level presents a unique 3D puzzle within a towering circular structure. It's not just about the colors; it's about how you place each piece to navigate and clear the obstacles, crafting your path to victory. With the newly added Villages feature, your gameplay directly influences the world of the adorable cube characters, allowing you
Play this newest piano game made for piano lovers
Have you ever dreamed of playing the piano song ARMY.....?
Now your dream can come true. With this game, you can play songs like a real piano master.
Try to follow the rhythm of the music by touching the magic black tiles, and enjoy the best piano songs.

How to play Piano Tiles
Tap on the black magic tiles.
Tap double black tiles at the same time.
Tap and hold double blue tiles at the same time.

-Piano Game Features
Simple design and graphics. Easy to play.