World Flipper Team Building Guide


Cygames has come with their latest co-development to the world under the name of World Flipper. This is an action-based game, where the players can team up with other players to defeat enemies. This will be an excellent option to deal with the tough bosses in the game. All the characters have their specific personalities and unique skills, which will help them release their powers.


World Flipper Team Building Guide


We have already known that the players have the chance of teaming up with their favourite characters in the game. So, while organizing the party, you have to consider many factors. There will be several characters in the game, and you have to choose the best for you. This selection will depend on your gaming experience also.


Today, let us see how to build your team as a beginner player and an intermediate player of World Flipper. It is your time to download World Flipper on PC and enjoy the adventure. 


Organizing the team as a beginner


You have several important aspects to consider while building your party as a beginner player. Now, let us find what those are.


ALC as the leader


At the beginning stages of the game, there will be fewer characters available to use. So, in such circumstances, you can take the four-star ALC as the leader of your team. ALC can advance the attacking powers of all the parties parallel to the number of attributes of your team members. So, you have the chance to take them rather than think about the different characteristics of the characters you want to utilize.


ALC has unique special abilities. She is a character that you can use without any loss. You can take advantage of her skills at the initial point of the battles. You can spread ALC's attack power up buff among all the other players.


Team for every attribute


When the number of characters' increase, you can make the team for every attribute. This is the unique feature of World Flipper because you get stuck by raising one party. There will be favourite attributes in every quest, and players must make at least one team using features. 


There will be an advancement of damage by 1.5 times when you use the character with a beneficial attribute. With this received damage, there will be a reduction of the enemy in half. So, you have to use various parties with functional features by matching the challenging quest you face.  


The leading character of team


At the initial stages, you may have a short of characters. If you get a Strong character, it is the best chance of creating a solid formation around it. There are unique features to every character. You have to organize them in a suitable way to work with other characters. Commonly used characters are,


  • Veron – there will be a development of the attack power. Veron can get into a penetrating state. So, you can use Veron as a character of having a good penetration effect.


  • Valletta – this is useful to get the combos with the skills and enhancing the power flirt. Valletta can strengthen the Pwafuri, and you can earn the combo whenever you want to use it.


World Flipper Team Building Guide


You can use the following characters as the axis of your team even it is four or less than that,


  • Hanabi – using the leadership skills of Hanabi, you can enhance the skills gauge of the fire characters at the initial stages of the battle. As a powerful axis, you can use the fighting type skills I am good and multi-ball but.


  • Sovi – you can quickly get her at combos as it has power-free strengthening and down special attacks. She can make Pwafuri more strong and earn more combos easily.


  • Rams – he has powerful skill and potentials to enhance his skill damage. You can use Rams with a character who has high attack powers and skill damages.


  • Soushirou – the powerful skills of Soushirou will open at the initial point of the game. You can use this with a character who has high attack powers and skill damages.


World Flipper Team Building Guide


This is a good party, and many other characters have not been introduced. The five-star characters have the best attributes. So, you have to understand the skills and abilities of every character and create the concept of your team by collecting characters who have similar attributes.


Arrangement of the characters


The chance of activating the changes of the characters depends on the placing position of each character. There will be three main classes of placing the characters,


  • Leader – there is an activation of all the abilities and skills. You can refer to the type and the power of attacking to find the kind and control of the leader.


  • Maine - there will be a source of attributes of all the abilities. This will happen with the activation of the attacks and defences.


  • Unison – this will not activate the third ability. There will be 25% of the activation status on the main character.


Best weapons 


When you get the party concept, then you have to equip the team with weapons. But, you will face difficulties in getting weapons at the initial stages of the game. If the necessary weapons are not available, you can get the recommended weapons in the boss battles by collapsing the areas as they are the best. 


You can obtain the boss weapons by exchanging the multi boss gold coins. When your aimed boss has released, you can collect the weapons. Some easily obtainable boss weapons are Ancient shield, Meiou's Khakkhara, Great shield of the guardian deity, Tiger King Ax, Huli Jing 100 Name Book, Tide Wand, Obstructor, Fool's bow, Kaioh's spear, Scripture, and Ame-no-hazene.


In the collapse are, you can see Fluctuation Labyrinth weapons. With the growth of the party, you can get excellent weapons in the collapse area. They are Prometheus sword, Orcus fist, Oceanus spear, Heimdall's sword. Thor Hammer and Iolos Bow. When the event is going on, there will be several other obtainable weapons. So, you have to get the high perfuming weapons out of them.


Completed team


You cannot assess the strength of your party until you face a real battle. You can slowly change the composition of the battle if you feel you are unfit with them. So, by repeating that, you can complete the convincing party.


Organizing the team in intermediate level


You have several important aspects to consider while building your party as an intermediate player. Now, let us find what those are.


Organize according to the characteristics of the boss 


Certain bosses in this level can strengthen the buff effect by themselves. There will be increased damages from the enemies if their attack power is strong, and the player will do minor damage if the enemy is resistant. The skill can cancel the enhancement effects. So, the dispel character can cancel the enhancement effects of the boss who has issued enhancement effects. 


Some characters can cancel the effect of strengthening. The launch of the weakening effect of debuff will base on the type of enemy. The weakening effects are poison, paralysis and lethargy. Attack power down and recovery inhibition are the different options. Some characters can cancel the weakening effect when the boss turns more difficult. Then with the awakening of abilities, you can get the features of the boss and adopt the character with the required role.


Characters that affect the participants


All the participants mean all the other players, including yourself. When Posit uses the skills to develop the attack power and skill damage of all the participants, Philia can store the HP level of all the participants. There will be fewer outcomes if one person uses this formation. But, when all the players use these three characters of the effect of participants, there will be an increase. This will happen with the impact you get at one time in three characters.


Characters who give resistance down


For example, Enni can offer a fire-resistance down of 20%. It means that when you attack with fire, there will be an increase of damage by 20% multiplication. The ratio is 1:2 times. This will be a sound resistance reduction for multi and allies also. The resistance reduction is a vital factor in shortening the precise time for high-class bosses. So, it is greatly advised to use it. 


For another example, you can use Recital superclass: Enni. There will be a benefit of 1:2 times to three people. Resistance reduction plays a significant role during the creation of the skill axis. So, you have to obtain more character who offers positive resistance reduction to your team. Claris, Marianne, Hanabi, Bianca, and Iris are the main characters with fire resistance reduction.


Best weapons


You can equip the leader with a weapon of high enhancement value, which the target is only himself. This means +140% of own attack powers. You can easily find the leader weapon if you search with the idea of Own. There will be no hurt from the attached weapons to the characters in the second and third rows. 


There will be the same effects from all the parties' skill damage increase and the Power flip increase regardless of the attachments. So, you can efficiently attach them to the attributes in the second and third rows than connecting them with the leader.   


World Flipper Team Building Guide


Ability soul


The primary role of the Ability soul is to make effective adjustments depending on the ways to attaching it to the organization. Most players say they do not have it on the weapon, but they need to attach it. So, you can connect the Ability soul of a weapon which can enhance the skill gauge. Some examples are Lie Book, Pirebos, and Prometheus's sword. 


When you replace the Ability soul, you will automatically consume the item of blacksmith ball. You cannot attach or remove Ability soul without that. So, do not try it meaninglessly. 


Different types of parties


The different team buildings are based on the concept of the party. It won't be easy to find all at the primary levels of the game. But you have to balance them as follows,


  • The leader should be an attacker. 


  • The main second row should have a supporter or sub-attacker.


  • The third main row should have a supporter or tank.


  • Behind the leader, there should be a self-reinforcing character.


  • The unison second row is a supporter or sub-attacker.


  • The unison third row should have a recovery character.


According to this composition, the buffs will collect by the first-row leader, creating firepower. If you attack all three rows, there will be difficult doing the damages, so the recommendation is to decide the character who will do the most significant damage.


Example of Water power flip knitting


The character formation of Water power flip knitting is as follows,


  • The leader will be an attacker.


  • The main second row will be a strengthened power.


  • There will be a tank in the third main row.


  • Behind the leader will be a self-reinforcement character.


  • The unison second row will be a recovery.


  • The unison third row will be an enemy resistance down.


In this case, Alice will be the attacker. With the increase of her firepower with Murakum, she will strengthen her power and earn more combos with the second row, Sovi. Fuffs can secure the allies from the attacks, and it will create a suitable environment to balance the whole body effect of Alice. 


There will be a good buff recovery to Riesel with enhanced attack powers, and Samasa can minimize the enemies' resistance and make a suitable environment for the attacks. The whole team is supporting Alice. 


Example of Wind skill damage formation


The character formation of Wind skill damage formation is as follows,


  • The leader will be an attacker.


  • The main second row will be a gauge acceleration.


  • The third main row will be a recovery.


  • Behind the leader will be a self-reinforcement character.


  • The unison second row will be a strengthen skimming.


  • The unison third row will be a strengthen skimming.


In this case, Soushirou will be the attacker. With the increase of Unison Veron, the attack power and granting penetration with the power of Soushirou's skill will increase. It will enhance the buffs of Posito and Chass. In this formation, Philia is the recovery character, and Kohane will accelerate the skill gauges of the while team.


There is another form of the team. But it will be challenging to create at the initial stages of the game. You can make all six characters as the attackers. But for this, you should have a good idea about creating the party, putting out the damage in the leader column and supporting characters around. 


To have the best heroes with this team building, use the fastest method of rerolling by referring to the Reroll Guide from here. 


World Flipper Team Building Guide




World Flipper is a strategic game where the players should have an excellent ability to identify every character's skills and skills and form the party in the most beneficial way. In this guide, we have discussed all the facts of team formation to a beginner level player and an intermediate level player. So, create the best team for you by following the best ideas suitable to you and your situation.

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