War of the Visions: FFBE Best Characters


We are going to tell you about FFBE Best Characters of War of Visions. You can sign up for the six characters of your party. After reading this best character list guide, you will be able to beat your opponents. So, keep on reading.


List of FFBE Best Characters:

There are three types of characters in War of the Vision. We will discuss every type of character in detail.

  • S Tier Characters
  • A Tier Characters
  • B Tier Characters


First of all, we will discuss S Tier Characters. S Tier Characters are further divided into the following characters.

  • Madiena
  • Engelbert
  • Ayaka


Madiena :

Mediena is a mage of Black/Green color, which has Ice that is her first piece of magic.

Its Attack power is 79; Magic power is 266, and HP is 1636.

War Of The Visions FFBE1

She can decrease the power of the ice attack of the enemy for units for three turns and assaults on them with massive magical powers. She has not only one of these powers. She has very heavy power abilities due to which it is on the top in units of the War of the Visions.

She has a flare, which is one of the best abilities of black magic powers. She can attack with massive power on a targeted enemy in the area irrespective of its position in that area by using a flare.

She can also help her fellows by increasing their speed. She can protect herself with a Poison Sting Counter, which forces poison on the enemy during their attacks. So, Madiena has not only magical powers, but she can also protect herself.


Advantages :

Has high magic powers.

Has ability of self-protection.

Can increase speed of fellows.


Engelbert :

He is responsible for the best physical damages in the War of the Visions.

Its Attack power is 218; Magic is 62, and HP is 3225.

War Of The Visions FFBE2

His physical damage amount increased when his health lost in the war. The primary useful ability of Engelbert is Sain Wall, a shield made of light. This shield plays an essential role in his protection from any physical damage three times. And Engelbert uses Speed Break to decrease the speed of enemies.


Advantages :

Has high physical damage.

Can defense with a lot of skills.


Ayaka :

The best support character in the game is Ayaka.

Its Attack power is 72; Magic is 231, and HP is 1881.

War Of The Visions FFBE3

She has a limit burst, Angel Grace, with which she does several supporting jobs. She restores a massive amount of HP to friendly units, eliminates stop effects on allies, and also increases stop resistance for three turns for her allies.

She has the best ability of Full-Life. She can restore to the full life of her party members even they have lost much HP.

It can also make her swap position with target due to her ability of Position Swap.

It has another best ability, Emerald Echo, which helps her to control your other mages in the battle.


Advantages :

Supporting character.

Ability to restore life of fellows.


A Tier Characters are also divided further into the following characters.

  •  Sterne Leonis
  •  Gilgamesh
  •  Oelde Leonis


Sterne Leonis :

The shape and structure of Sterne Leonis are the same as of Engelbert. But Engelbert is a character of light while Sterne Leonis is of the dark.

Its Attack power is 315; Magic is 75, and HP is 1513.

War Of The Visions FFBE4

Sterne has fewer HP due to which it remains in a bit lower category than that of Engelbert. This unit increases its power of attacking against enemies by the use of its HP. This capability is called Hazard Break; if you use carefully, it can be much influential.


Advantages :

Increases its powers itself.


Gilgamesh :

It is responsible for the merging of ice magic with massive physical attacks.

Its Attack power is 235; Magic is 196, and HP is 1698.

War Of The Visions FFBE5

Gilgamesh can remove the tiles that discrete him from his targets, called Excalibur.


Advantages :

Has easily approach to targets.


Oelde Leonis :

Oelde Leonis has a lot of HP due to which it called the best protective character.

Its Attack power is 281; Magic is 62, and HP is 2338.

War Of The Visions FFBE6

He has an impressive and incredible ability that he can create a defensive wall around which protect him from any attack of enemies.

Oblivion Glint is another ability of Oelde through which makes him more powerful. This ability increases his attacking power and hit chances.


Advantages :

Has defensive abilities.

Can increase its power itself.


B Tier Characters also have three types of characters, like S Tier and A Tier Characters.

  •  Robb Hourne
  •  Xiza
  •  Macherie Hourne


Robb Hourne :

Robb Hourne is a great character in the game, as it is responsible for moving towards any tile in the area. Its Attack power is 241; Magic is 66, and HP is 1533.

War Of The Visions FFBE7

It has a fantastic ability named Kongou, which has extra attacking power to deal with Stone type and Machine type enemies.

Blue Passion is another fantastic ability of Robb Hourne, which helps to lessen the AP on the targeted enemy. This ability also fails the magical attacks of bosses.


Advantages :

Can reduce AP of targets.

Can deal with powerful enemies.


Xiza :

Xiza performs its job as a supporting character like Ayaka.

Its Attack power is 225; Magic is 64, and HP is 2079.

War Of The Visions FFBE8

She is not similar to Ayaka in healing effects, while she is best to eliminate several status effects of herself and her allies.

She can eliminate Disable, Poison, Sleep, Immobilize, Stone, Blind, Toad, and Silence. If you want to approach with all these, you can use her Breathing Technique ability.

You can restore a little HP by using her Revive ability.

 You can move your enemy one tile away from its original position by using her ability, Burst Slash. With this ability, you can win more time.


Advantages :

Can remove status effects.

Can restore its HP itself.


Macherie Hourne :

Macherie Hourne does her job like Cleric, who is responsible for approaching many injuries by using her amazing magical abilities.

Its Attack power is 107; Magic is 209, and HP is 2074.

War Of The Visions FFBE9

She has an ability like Xiza, Esunaga, which works like Breathing Technique and eliminates several status effects.

Anti-Calamity is her primary skill which helps her to increase immunity to several status effects for an ally for three times, which is better than to remove these effects.

She has another amazing skill called  Magic Counter. This skill is responsible for countering magical injury. You should pay attention to this unit because a few units can do this job like Macherie Hourne.


Advantages :

Can increase immunity to various status effects.

One of the best unit in the game.


Tip: If you want to get the characters that are not in the given list, you need to play the game to get gold to buy a new character.


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