Trivia Crack Explorer Tips & Tricks for faster progress

2022-01-05 Content Collaboration

Trivia Crack Explorer is the 8th Sequel of Mobile Trivia developed by the Trivia Crack franchise. It allows you to have a single-player experience, explore new worlds, test your knowledge and earn many rewards by correctly answering question steaks that will enhance your IQ and entertain your time.


The game is quite easy to get around, and if you’re an avid fan of learning something new every day, you won’t encounter any issues while playing this game. However, for players unaware of this game, don’t worry; this blog is for you.


Today we will give you some detailed ideas of Tips & Tricks of Trivia Crack Explorer that will help you answer more question steaks, earn extra rewards, increase your power-ups, and much more. So without any further ado, let’s get started right away.


Choose the right character

Choosing the wrong character from the spinning wheel as per your knowledge on the subject is crucial because choosing the wrong character may lead to losing your life and coins, too, if you continue by paying. For example, if you spin the wheel and it stops at science, but you are not interested nor have any idea of science, you are interested in Sports or Entertainment; then you can spin the wheel again if the option appears. 


This option does not appear every time. So make sure whenever the “Spin Again” option appears, take advantage of it without fail. Even if you fail, you will learn. Sometimes these questions are asked repeatedly, so you can take the idea from the previous answer and answer these questions correctly. Another option is that when you fail in your attempts, the pop-up appears asking to continue for free or pay a couple of coins to continue. Then we would recommend going for free to win and save coins, and if you have many coins, you can continue by paying. 


Trivia Crack Explorer Mobile Game


Use power-ups frequently

If you want to increase your chances of winning quizzes, the best trick we would give is to use power-ups frequently. At the beginning of the game, you will get power-ups for free, and you can use them whenever you need them. But sometimes it also happens that when you use power-ups excessively, they get over quickly. When they get over, you will see that numbers appear in the power-up option, which means you have to pay for power-ups. So you should use power-ups only when you feel confused or have no idea to answer to save it for future use. 


Watch Ads & Earn Rewards

The best trick to earn more rewards will be watching Ads. There are three ways. Ads can help you earn rewards in the form of coins & power-ups. The first way is receiving coins in the achest box when you win question steaks. You can click on “Triple it” to earn 3x more coins. 


The second way, Click on “Special Offers,” where you will find Unlockable Rewards. As mentioned earlier in the beginner’s guide, you can watch Ads and unlock rewards in the form of power-ups, coins, and spin-wheels.


The third way, click on Lucky Spin, watch the Ad & earn power-ups and coins. Additionally, increase your life too. However, if you hate Ads popping up every game, you can purchase an Ad-free pack or starter pack as an alternative. The starter pack includes coins, life, and power-ups. You can also increase your coins by purchasing them in bulk quantity.


Trivia Crack Explorer Watching Ads


Bonus Level

Don’t miss out on bonus levels at all. As mentioned in the beginner’s guide, your rewards will be accumulated if you leave the game in-between. Beware of selecting any wrong tile. There are 40 levels to pass on. There’s no guarantee that every tile will appear correct to earn rewards, any tile can be wrong, and there are chances that you won’t be able to make it till the end and will lose everything you won during the game. However, you don’t need to worry because there’s a better option of “Collect and Leave” to avoid losing all your rewards. When you click on this option, all your rewards will eventually be saved, and you can continue with further question streaks. 


Turn off Lock-screen notifications

Trivia Crack helps you alert on everything, whether the lucky spin is ready for free spin, your lives are full, and many more. Turn off Lock screen notifications if you don’t want your battery to be drained quickly. You can swipe down the notification banner from the top of your screen and look at all your alerts while using the Android phone. Doing this will save you a large amount of battery.


For iPhone & iPad users, Go to settings and tap on notifications. Select/Search “Trivia Crack Explorer” and tap on the Lock Screen icon. Select Notification grouping & select any one of three options: Automatic, By App, or Off to decide whether notifications should be grouped or not and how they should look on Lock Screen and Notification Center.



So that’s from our side for Tips & Tricks for Trivia Crack Explorer. We hope that our tips & tricks are detailed and helpful towards your progress in the game. Trivia Crack Explorer has a lot to offer, and by carefully following our tips & tricks, you’re at your best to win the quiz every time and correctly answer each & every question steak possible. 


However, in a couple of our tips, you have to struggle a bit because some options do not always appear like spin again. But anyway, as mentioned earlier in the beginner's guide, the game is all about learning, and there’s a single-player experience, so there’s no competition with anyone, and you do not need to worry at all.

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