Tower of Fantasy Best Tips and Tricks You Should Know 2022


Tower of Fantasy is a new sci-fi role-playing game for gamers looking for a unique gaming experience. As the name implies, it is a thrilling game with numerous distinct weapons and hero characters set in magnificent gaming settings and narratives. As a result, we hope that this open-world game will be your best choice if you stay tuned with this Tower of Fantasy best tips guide while you can play it deductively. 






As the Hotta studio develops this game, you can enjoy one of the most spectacular games in the world gaming arena. So this game will be pretty exciting and will bring you to another level of fantasy gaming experience while letting you do the battles and get the winner's place.  


As you go far in the game, you should get to know the Tower of Fantasy best tips and tricks to become the champion. Because by knowing the methods to play and how to play in the battles, even the terrified opponents cannot challenge you, but you can do a blast on the battlefields. So take a look and be ready to finish this latest concept in an advanced manner.  


The Best Movements

In the Tower of Fantasy game, you need to step on the best movements and then you can climb the gaming levels effectively. In this Tower of Fantasy tips and tricks, we break down a few movements and the best tips to follow.


The Wall Movement

When you attach a wall in the gaming levels, you will have a stamina bar, and whenever you hit the spacebar, the jump will reduce a big chunk of that Stamina. However, by following this Tower of Fantasy best tips guide, you can climb indefinitely or close to indefinitely any massive structure the way you are going to do. 


Also, if you are going to jump on the wall, and then you need to tap on the "space bar", and then you need to hit the "control" button to let go of the wall, then you need to double-tap the "space bar" to give yourself a double jump and then you need to tap on the "w" button to move forward to reattach to the wall. Repeatedly, you need to double-tap both the "control" button and the "space bar" and then the "w" button, and then you can climb up any structure without using any stamina. 



The Aerial Movement 

There is a movement called air pumping in the Tower of Fantasy, where you dash in the air, and it does not use any stamina. So by using your hover jet or your rockets on the back, you can get greater distances with less Stamina by being in the air the way you can go forward in the gaming levels. 


Here, you can start very high or as high as you can, and you cannot use your rocket to get a booster and then you can balance your dashes in the right way to do a booster by using the dash booster. But remember, you cannot do this too quickly. Otherwise, your dash will cool down.


So what you need to remember is that the dash boosts about every two seconds so you can balance that energy that will allow you to cross great distances with ease when you typically would not be able to swim it or get across the path. 



If these controls are too harsh for you, you can utilize the Keyboard Mapping feature provided by the best android emulator: LDPlayer, by using a PC to play the game. There you will not have to engage more with the default controls for these, all jumping and moving and so on. Other than that, you can have the gaming with your friendliest key controls by this best emulator: LDPlayer.


EZ Food and Honey

In the Tower of Fantasy game, honey is the best food you need to take while going through the gaming levels. Because you need a lot of honey, it makes some of the best easy food you can get that heals you for a lot of HP.


Also, once you make it to the second area in the gaming levels, you can cheat and get over there. But you need to wait till the second day you can get to this vendor where you can buy a lot of carbonated water, salad dressing, and many other things. Then you can go to the cooking vendor and go to the creation and learn new food, which is fantastic.


Here, we suggest you go for one of the easiest and best food recipes in which you can take some oranges or some planted fruits and take a little bit of honey. Also, you need to add some water to the vendor machine. Finally, you can get a tremendous honeyed fruit juice which heals for an absolute ton of almost every one of the good easy foods as you are ready to follow this Tower of Fantasy tips guide.



Check our Beginner Guide for the Tower of Fantasy from here to know and learn more about the game to utilize these tips better. 


Use Your Ciphers

Using your ciphers in the Tower of Fantasy game is a somewhat challenging task in the gaming levels. But if you can use the best Tower of Fantasy best tips, you can get a lot of ciphers mainly from three various colors. As gold, purple, and blue. When it comes to the gold ciphers, you can only get so many per week, and you can only get so many per week for the rest of them.


Try your best to use the blue and purple ciphers. If you see those chests worldwide, open them because they can give you materials and get a ton of those ciphers over time. You can get them only from doing Dailies on a daily basis and a few other events when on the purple cyphers.


As well as, you can use these ciphers mainly for world bosses where you can get together with a bunch of other gamers to try and get both SSRS and SR materials to drop from these different world bosses in the world. On the other hand, multiple different ones depending on which world is best. But, at the beginning of the game, you should try and team up with a bunch of other gamers and then use those every week or use them whenever you have them. 


Always Have Fire and Fire Weapons

As one of the best Tower of Fantasy best tips, we suggest using fire and fire weapons throughout the gaming levels. The reason to suppose fire in the game is that you can use fire in two of the best ways to get gold orbs and regular purple orbs. 


Before getting them, you need to destroy those phosphorus plants and those coves. These are a one-time thing, but the only way to get them is to use fire. So by having a fire, you can make sure you are not passing those up in the ground, and you are getting those purple orbs and gold orbs. 


Because this is the way that allows you to summon more and more, and you should constantly be summoning as you are getting more resources. But keep in mind not to use your premium currency until you get the little things and enhance your power in the game. 



Make Sure You Do the Dailies

In this Tower of Fantasy, you need to make sure that you do your dailies, your training, and your activities every day because all of these will help you scale up your character and help you get equipment. Not only that, that helps you get resources to upgrade your weapons.


As well as, by doing the dailies, you can get EXP materials which help you get a bunch of different things. As there are a lot of dailies in the game, you can progress in the gaming levels. In addition, if you can go for the main story quest missions every day, that will be the most effective Tower of Fantasy tips guide you use to empower yourself. 



The Tower of Fantasy always came up with beneficial Tower of Fantasy tips and tricks to conquer the gameplay. You have the best guide and Tower of Fantasy tips that will allow you to become more progressive. So here are the best tips with some exact progressing tricks to move fast and quickly in the game. 

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