Tower of Fantasy Beginner Guide to Take the Adventure


It’s been not so while after the release of Tower of Fantasy into the world and set in a post-apocalyptic open-world; it brings wonders to players with a new theme for the MMORPG lovers. With a variety of characters, features, weapons and many more combats, this game is now playing a major part in the current gaming world. That is why the Tower of Fantasy beginner guide is crucial for every starter of this game.






So today, we will talk about the beginner things under this Tower of Fantasy beginner guide that will help players proceed with their gameplay, and we are going to provide you with an excellent idea to play with this game. Right after following up this guide, you will be able to do everything like a pro as you are ready with everything in this game that takes your way to success.


So here is the Tower of Fantasy beginner guide with everything that you need to be aware of in the game as follows.


Overview of the Combat System

In the Tower of Fantasy beginner guide, we would like to give our primary focus to its combat as it plays a crucial role in the gameplay of this game. There are several types of features that can influence the actions of your combats in Tower of Fantasy, and the way they are acting will totally differ from one attack type to another.



We can list these all combat attacking types in the list as follows.


  • Phantom Time – this one is the first thing that we are talking about under this list, and it will dodge before there is a monster that launches a hit at you. Dodging will result in a phantom time trigger, and generally, it will build up the original energy of the weapon. If a player switches up their weapons, it will trigger a combo attack in the game.


  • Combination Attack – suppose there is a fully charged target that you intend to attack. Then if you can switch the weapons so that it will make a combo attack against the enemies.


  • Elemental Restrain – here we are using the corresponding attacks with elements to trigger the most significant damage. This will be very useful for a player as every monster they see in this game comes up with its own weaknesses in the game.


  • Physical Shield – when you are experiencing a shield breakage done by the physical weapons, know that the Cyan Physical Shield acts very poorly here. We recommend players with elemental weapons if they need to do a shield breakage.


  • Non-attribute Shield – you will see no elemental resistance here, and there will be no reduction for the elemental damage either. So players need to use this along with the weapons of monster weakness.


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Tower of Fantasy Beginner Guide for Food

As from this Tower of Fantasy beginner, you should know that there are foods here that we use on our characters, which will provide us with so many effects. Foods are the fueling things to earn health. Increasing the stamina, resistance, elemental damage and can also increase the overall damage potential of a player. Basically, food can recover the player’s hunger points in the game.



The system of Food comes after the 5 seconds pass in the combat, and then players will begin to consume their hunger points. Right after that, they will revive their health. Here, with 10% of HP you gain, you will be consuming one hunger point and every 5 minutes passed in the game, you will earn another hunger point from the game as well.


When these hunger points are becoming raised in the game, players will have more capacity to regenerate health. Basically, the hunger points between 1 to 30 will regenerate 2% of your HP for every 2 seconds passed. And when it comes to 61 to 100 hunger points, you will be able to regenerate 5% of your HP every 2 seconds. If a player has 0 hunger points with them, know that they can no longer regenerate their health automatically.


Complete List of Challenges

The challenges are the next thing to be discussed under the Tower of Fantasy beginner guide. There are so many challenges placed in this game that require to be completed by the players. And they all have unique tasks to be accomplished as well. All dungeons are named below in the list.



  • Pinnacle League – this is the PVP arena available in Tower of Fantasy.


  • Previous Phantom – this dungeon will be one of the helpful dungeons that a player should engage in because it drops so many breakthrough materials that are being helpful for a gear


  • Frontier Theater – this dungeon from Tower of Fantasy will drop the gears to the players


  • Wormhole – this Tower of Fantasy dungeon provides players with a currency, and it can be further utilized by purchasing gear, mats, affinity boxes and gadget mats.


  • Fight Together – this is also one of the dungeons that drop useful gears and also the chips.


  • Ability Training – if you would likely play some mini-games from Tower of Fantasy, this dungeon is the perfect place for you, and after you win these mini-games, you will be offered so many upgrading materials for the chips and for the weapons.


  • Astral Exploration – this dungeon will drop so many breakthroughs and upgrade mats for players that are useful on their weapons.


  • Dimensional – you will be able to collect materials for chip upgrades as well as the chips by this dungeon.


  • Energy Beacon – you can place some beacons in this open world, and checking every 24 hours will give you the chance to have some upgrading mats for the weapons.


  • Time and Space – this dungeon will drop you some weapon upgrading materials


  • Ruins Exploration – these are the dungeons that let you have gear and gadget materials with clearance.


  • World Exploration – this is a special challenge that has nothing special to be done, and you can go with exploration of the open world.


  • Lucky Meal – this will provide you with tata meals, and those are providing you with upgrading materials for chips and weapons and the gold. You can engage with this dungeon up to three times a day.


  • Sign in – daily signing in to the game will give you the chance to earn currency: black crystal.


  • Daily Reward – you can clear some purple quests from the open world and have rewards of chest unlock chips and yellow gacha orbs from here.


Tower of Fantasy Beginner Guide for the Characters

The next thing under this Tower of Fantasy beginner guide will be the characters. Characters in Tower of Fantasy will be created by players on their own; you are free to choose either male or female here. Total freedom has been given to customize them all with hair, face, and costume.


Character's strength will be shown as the Battle Power, increasing with your character level-ups. When you upgrade your equipment and collect some powerful allies and weapons can also result in raising this battle power.


World Map Exploration

This game has an open-world concept, and so many things are here to explore. You can collect some cooking materials, open chests, climb into high mountains, defeat monsters, and many more in the game.


Around this world, you will also get some teleport towers, and the players can activate those. These teleport towers are helping us to get into some specific locations in the game.


Tower of Fantasy Beginner Guide for Weapons

So many types of weapons can be seen in this game, and they all have their roles, elements, and also skills as well. When these weapons are full of their bars, it is going to perform an ultimate skill. Weapons will be categorized by three main types.


  • Blue-colored weapons are the R-grade weapons
  • Purple-colored weapons are the SR grade weapons
  • Orange-colored weapons are the SSR weapons


Among them all, SSR is the rarest, and when the weapon reaches high rarity, its stats are also going to be raised. Completing the game's main stories will allow you to have your weapons and there is also a summon method to have them earned. If you want some higher-grade weapons like SR and SSR, they can be taken from the summoning system, while a story can only offer you the R-grade weapons.


Characters can be equipped with three types of weapons from the different elements or with the same element. But our recommendation is to use your heroes with several types of weapons and try to use multiple types of elements as well.


If you have so many weapons builds with you, you can have some builds created with three slots available in this game, and those are creating the builds with a combination of different weapons. If you want to have high power, raising your weapon's level can help you for it but should not exceed your character's level. Weapon limits can be increased with the stats from the same weapons.



That is all that we have to discuss under the Tower of Fantasy beginner guide, and we hope that knowing these basic things about the game will make your gameplay smoother for you. Have an idea of what you can do in the gameplay by going through each step of this Tower of Fantasy beginner guide, and it won’t make you wrong at any cost.

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