Tower of Fantasy Vera 2.0 Version Coming Soon with Several New Characters and Enemies


Are you a big fan of Tower of Fantasy? You might be, especially if you are a big fan of gacha games, because Tower of Fantasy has run the world since its release. With the constant developments the developers are making to the game, it is always a refreshing experience for all the players, and now it will be doubled because there is the Tower of Fantasy Vera 2.0 version. The news has been officially confirmed to be released for the west, and we are going to see some characters from the Chinese version coming to the west this time.





Tower of Fantasy Vera 2.0 Version Coming Soon


According to the official Twitter statement made by Tower of Fantasy, Tower of Fantasy Vera 2.0 will be released on 20th October 2022, and there will be a lot of new things to be experienced and enjoyed here. It is a venture that will be filled up with many unknown things, and it will be a new cyberpunk world that you have to explore, along with a new desert region named Vera. Many mounts, weapons, and monsters will come with this Vera with the new version.

Pack yourselves up with Tower of Fantasy on PC and prepare for the new Tower of Fantasy Vera 2.0. Here we have listed everything that you need to know about this and let's get into the guide directly now.

Tower of Fantasy Vera 2.0 with New Vera Region

The newest version is going to come up with a new desert region, and that is called the Vera. As per the Hotta Studio, Vera seems to be ruled by the Seventh District of the Hykros before the Cataclysm. Now that it has lost all connections with the main, this will be a new region for the game.

The time dimension on this 2.0 version will not be similar to the main, and it cannot take the original energy with a stable supply. But now the Vera comes with a reduced amount of energy radiation within it.


Tower of Fantasy Vera 2.0 with New Vera Region


This is coming along with two parts from it, the Desert Gobby and with a floating cyberpunk city within Mirroria. Let's get to know each of the two as follows.

The Desert Gobby

This is one of the separate hubs from Vera, located at the heart of Mirroria city. It is identified as the cyberpunk and wilderness hub from the Tower of Fantasy Vera 2.0, and it comes with several monsters, instances as well as raids that need to be conquered by the players. In the end, there will also be some legendary bosses to defeat.


The Desert Gobby


Floating Cyberpunk City

This is the next hub from the Tower of Fantasy 2.0, and it is also going to be a brand new city available. Since this is a cyberpunk city, there will be many technological things associated with it, like the energy spheres, flying cars, and so many triangles. There is already a trailer released for this city, and it shows off some of the characters as well who will move through the desert landscape. And what is unique here is that these characters are using speedier bikes to move from here and there.


Floating Cyberpunk City


 A New Mirroria City Hub

The new Tower of Fantasy 2.0 version will also be featured with a new city, and it's named the Mirrroria. This will be placed in the middle of our Vera region, and it has a chance to be the major city for the upcoming game version.

New Characters with Tower of Fantasy Vera 2.0

As we mentioned before, the teasers released for this new version show several new characters, and they will be different in their traits, qualities, and skills. We will be able to catch three new characters, Ruby, Lin and Saki Fuwa, and a little bit of explanation for them can be given as follows.


New Characters with Tower of Fantasy Vera 2.0


  • Ruby – Ruby will be coming with a new fire-opening kind of weapon, and it is called the Sparky. The teaser showed that Ruby comes to the game with this new weapon.


  • Lin – Lin is also going to be featured in the game along with a weapon called Shadow Weavers, and she is also shown in the teaser to hint to us that she is going to be featured along with the Vera 2.0.


  • Saki Fuwa – Saki Fuwa, along with the Ryusen Toshincan as her weapon, will be featured in the 2.0, and she was seen with Lin and Ruby for this update.

Apart from all these characters who will be seen in the new expansion, we will see another new character called Frigg, and she will be a silent soldier in the game. Her body will be heavily modified using living metal, and she will fight with a Katana. This soldier will be a part of the Tower of Fantasy tier list, and her movements, as well as the attacking styles, will be perfect for reaching the expectations of all the players.

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A New Mount with Tower of Fantasy Vera 2.0

The new Vera 2.0 will feature a new mount for the Tower of Fantasy mount list, and it will be named the Jerboa. This was initially seen in the Chinese version of the game, and it seems like the new update will also feature it for the west.

Tower of Fantasy Vera 2.0 with a New World Boss


Tower of Fantasy Vera 2.0 with a New World Boss


Finally, a new boss will be featured in the new version of the game, and it seems like this boss is a whale. It is going to be a world boss, and it has already been revealed in the trailer of the game with some new powers.


And that is what we have to bring for all the details related to Tower of Fantasy Vera 2.0, and we hope that you will enjoy it to the fullest. New bosses, characters, maps and many more will be added to the game to enjoy with a new perspective, and it is time from the best.

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