Tower Conquest: Metaverse Beginner Guide with Tips to Earn More Money


The play-to-earn game Tower Conquest: Metaverse came out a few days ago. If you like play-to-earn games, you'll love this game. The game is easy to understand, and if you've played Battle Cats or other games like it, you'll find it easier to get started here. If you've never played a game like this before, don't worry, because in this Tower Conquest: Metaverse guide, we'll show you the basics you need to know to get started.



Tower Conquest: Metaverse Beginner Guide


In Tower Conquest, you must first take control of your opponent's tower while also keeping an eye on and protecting your own structure. To attack your enemies' towers and win, you need to make sure your best troops are on the field. To do this, you need to know what each unit can do. The next thing you need to know is that every battle is based on an energy system. Each of your troops costs energy to deploy, and the more powerful they are, the more energy they will cost.


So, you need to know what the most important units are that you need on the field. Having a clear view of the battlefield might help you figure out what's missing on the battlefield and keep an eye on both your base and the enemy's base at the same time. You can do that easily and with the help of many game-specific tools when you Play Tower Conquest: Metaverse on PC with LDPlayer 9. So let's start.


How to Play Tower Conquest: Metaverse?


In order to play the game you need to create a TC:ME account just like most of the play to earn games, but creating the account through in game is little bit harder because it will show always, tend to show error message “Account creation Unsuccessful” to avoid this it is better to head directly to the “” website and create the account through “SIGN UP” button from the right upper corner of the website. 


How to Play Tower Conquest: Metaverse


When creating the account make sure to use a private and secure email address and you don’t need a referral code to create the account. Once you log in the website will ask you to log in to your "Sequence wallet” if you are using email make sure to log in to the wallet with the same account you used to create the account. Once you are finished you can use the password and emails you used to create the account to log in to the game.


Gameplay of Tower Conquest: Metaverse


Once you've made an account and logged in to the game, you'll get a nice and easy tutorial on how to play. If you didn't pay attention to the tutorial, we'd explain it here in case you missed it. You have to set up your squad before you can join a battle or do a campaign. 


You can add units to your squad by going to the card section of the game. You can add any tower or unit to your squad when making it. Mixing and matching from both undead and Kingsmen is the best way to get the best of both types. The last slot is for your heroes.


When you start a battle, there are a few important things to keep an eye on with your mana: how long it takes for your units to refill, how long it takes for fireballs to refill, and the units on the battlefield. Each unit costs a certain amount of mana, and your mana meter needs to fill up to that amount before you can drop a unit to a battle. 


Gameplay of Tower Conquest: Metaverse


At the beginning of the game, you can only hold 100 mana, so it's best to use all of your mana at the start to increase the amount your mana meter can hold. To do this, wait until your mana meter turns blue and click on it. At first, raising it to 200 is enough, but during battle, you should try to raise it even more because the amount it can hold affects how fast it generates the mana.


Units of Tower Conquest: Metaverse


When dropping units, you have to know the function of each unit and what they are best at. 


  • Tank Units - they are best at absorbing a lot of damage so your other troops can stay alive and deal damage: black knight, Gollem.


  • Support Units - they will provide you with slowing down troops and reducing incoming damage. Lancer, Banshee


  • Damage Dealers - have low hit points, but they provide the highest DPS. Archer, Bone warden


You need to mix and match these types of units to get the best results, and as they level up, their stats will increase, they will level up as your account level up. 


What are Heroes?


What are Heroes


They are one of the game's assets that you can mine and trade, just like Skyweaver guide’s hero cards. They are the most powerful unit you can get. Unlike other units, they don't have charges, so you can drop them off as often as you want (this will be explained later). They can be minted in the blockchain, but there will only be a certain number of them in the game. There are two kinds of heroes in the game: The King and the old one. 


Both of these heroes attack slowly, but they do more damage than any other unit in the game. The King is best for one-on-one damage, while the Old One is best for area-of-effect damage. Once you get them, you can choose to "evolve" them, which will not only change their looks but also make their overall stats better. You can do this five times for a single hero. 


Modes of Tower Conquest: Metaverse


There are three modes in the game; let's take a look at what they are and what you have to do and earn from each one.


The Campaign


This is where you can get Exp to level up your account and where you can also get the essence. You can do ten stages of a campaign every day to earn essence, but after you've done all ten, you'll only get Exp. If you get stuck, you can replay old matches to level up. If you are playing the game with LDPlayer, you can use the steps below to level up your account with the Operation Record easily.


The Campaign


  • First, if you still need to do so, download and install Tower Conquest: Metaverse and LDPlayer 9.


  • Now, when you go to the game's campaign section, press F10 Before doing a stage.


  • Once you get back to the mission selection map after the battle, press F10 again, then click on the gear icon next to "My Script 1" and set it to run until you stop and save.


  • You can now play it while in the stage selection map to earn Exp automatically. When making the script, don't move the camera to avoid lag caused by the animation of troops attacking.


PVP Mode


Here, you'll fight against other players. Unlike in other modes, your cards need charges to be used, so you'll need to train your units in the Barracks before you go into battle. At the start of the game, no player will have a barrack, and you'll have to buy one from the market. 


You can have as many barracks as you want, but there are only a certain number of them in the game. There are two kinds of barracks for each faction in the game. If you want to train both factions, you have to buy barracks for both factions.


PVP Mode


You also need to be aware of the fact that more than possessing barracks is needed to train your soldiers for PvP battles. In order to train units, each troop needs both time and resources called essence. 


When you click on a barrack, you'll be able to view a count of how many you own. You may go into them and stack the number of soldiers you wish to train, and as long as you have the necessary components, it will begin the training process.


Wager Mode


Wager Mode


Here, you'll face off against other players, just like in PvP, but you won't get crowns. Instead, you'll bet your essence. If you are able to destroy your opponent's tower, you get twice as much minus a 5%  house cut as a reward. Wager Mode is a risky but highly profitable way of earning the essence you need.


Currencies Of Tower Conquest: Metaverse


Apart from cards, you also need certain resources to be able to play and advance in Tower Conquest: Metaverse as you battle your way to the top. There are three main currencies in the game; each has its own function and way of earning them. Following are the ways you can get them and their uses.


Currencies Of Tower Conquest: Metaverse


  • Essence - you need Essens to do almost all of the things in Tower Conquest: Metaverse. You will need it to train units, participate in arenas, upgrade your heroes, and many more things. You can get them through the Campaign mode or Wager Arena battles. 


  • Crowns - In the Player vs. Player mode of Tower Conquest: Metaverse, crowns are a way to measure how well you did. Fight in League matches against people who are about as good as you are, and you'll get Crowns. In PvP mode, you can only get Crowns by taking part in League Battles.


  • Ethereum - In Tower Conquest: Metaverse, Ethereum is the rarest material. You have to get to the hardest level of the game to mine Ethereum. With Ethereum, you can mine rare things like Heroes. The only way to get Ethanium right now is to win a Player vs. Player Legends match. Before you can join a battle, you have to spend a certain amount of Essence. You'll get Ethereum based on how many cards you manage to play and whether you win or lose.




In this guide, we've laid out a few guidelines and explained the fundamentals of the game for you. We've offered some tips and tricks for playing Tower Conquest: Metaverse, and we hope you find them useful. We appreciate you reading this far and want to wish you the best of luck, but it's time to wrap things up. If you want to learn about more P2E games, top blockchain games will be more to your taste.

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