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Last Updated: 2022-11-26
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I've been playing Tower Conquest well before the new Metaverse edition. I was hooked to the original TC for close to a year! TCME is very much the addictive and challenging game with a lot more strategic think required because of a redesigned economy. You know a game is good when you keep coming back to it on every 10 minute break.


Seems broken/completely unfinished. Store is empty. Profile just has a link to a 'tutorial' with 4 youtube videos totalling 7 minutes. You start with 80 cards and apparantly don't regenerate for pvp (its been a few days and mine are still gone). There are buildings and heroes that I cant find how to get/use. And youre stuck with 8 minion units compared to the old TC that had close to 100. Like.. in what world is this an improvement over the old game?


I love tower conquest, I've been playing it for years... But metaverse sucks! Half the links in the game don't work, the attacks in the battle are nowhere close to as smooth as the old game... You should have just upgraded the old game.

Venture into Tower Conquest: Metaverse (TC:ME), a mythical world 🌏 rich in valuable resources and MANA sought by everyone within.

TC:ME awaits someone capable of recruiting armies, devising strategies for PvP games, and leading the many on the conquest to victory.

Eternal glory and riches await in this realm for someone with true mettle.

Do you have what it takes to command and conquer? Get ready to have your name etched in the history books of TC:ME!

Key Features of the game:
• Get Started: Sign up - Connect your wallet - Acquire assets - Ready to Conquer! 👍
• Form the best combinations of cards to form undisputed squads, 🧙🧛🥷🧔‍♂️🧟🧑‍🌾🦸‍♀️🦹
• Command your squad against other real players in the PvP mode
• Lead your units against the AI squads in the PvE mode
• Earn resources after each battle

TC:ME is a free-to-earn Tower Defense Game
• Maximise profits by starting early! 📈
• Play & earn ETN. ❤️
• Trade game assets on the marketplace, 🔁
• HODL for attractive rewards! 🎁
• Be on the lookout for airdrops, 🪂

To learn more about the game, check out our website.

Join the Conquerors Community

We would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on our game.

Join us on our community channel to share your thoughts, and learn more about TC:ME, tips on how to start, how to play, how to have fun, and earn. Oh, and also to connect with your fellow Conquerors. 😎


Crafted in India, for the World

Tower Conquest: Metaverse Edition, a tower defense game, is brought to you by SuperGaming - India's 🇮🇳 leading game development studio and publisher. We take pride in building games that people play for years. With titles such as MaskGun, Silly World already under our belt, we’re now working on TC:ME and entering the web3 game space.

There’s so much more to come in this new Web3 game. So, stay tuned for the latest updates and announcements.

Note: Internet connection is required to play this tower defense game.

The following applies to everyone entering TC:ME:
Terms of service:
Privacy policy:

Disclaimer: Virtual Digital Assets commonly referred to as "Crypto products" or "Cryptocurrencies" and "Non-Fungible Tokens" or "NFTs" are unregulated and can be risky. There may be no regulatory recourse for any loss from such transactions.
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