Top Play to Earn Games for Android


Gaming over the past years has been a solidified industry, and it has been listed among several industries as well. But it was not the most popular one until play to earn games for Android came into being. Now that the NFTs have been added to this whole industry, it has become the most popular games available for the gaming industry.






These play to earn games for Android are said to have overcome many issues faced by the gamers. The main issue was about the profits. Earlier, the games' profit was only shared among the companies and developers, and there was no chance for another. So it has led to the rise of the concept of earning by gaming. And it now comes to several platforms.


So today, let's look at the top play to earn games for Android out there through this guide. Before starting, let's have a brief idea of what these all play to earn games.


Play to Earn Mobile Games


These kinds of games generate a profit for both developers and gamers. Profits will be generated for the gameplay, and you can now do it by mobile phone. In past years, the most dominant games were Call of Duty, PUBG, Fortnite etc. But this time, it is the period for NFT games to have the throne. And now, NFT has been a solid trend among all the other gaming trends. And it leads to the rise of NFT mobile games.


Play to earn games for Android comes with a vast range of metaverses and themes on them. The most common theme for them all is a battle based RPG. These two types of genres have a great audience for them, and they are looking to experience more from the play to earn games for Android. 


So why do these games have such great popularity? The reason is the innovative concept brought up by the NFTs as their in-game collectables. As an example, we can take the Bigtime NFT game as well. These NFTs assets can be bought or won from the metaverse of the game, and they all can be monetized by having a trade. So if a player trades in-game collectables through multiple marketplaces, they are getting paid.


Top Play to Earn Games for Android


Here we are going to discuss the top 5 games that are currently rising in the gaming industry as play to earn games for Android.




Sorare is the first one from our play to earn games for an android list, and it is a football-based NFT game that is available for android phones. The game is a card-based one. It has a huge range of footballers cards coming from multiple leagues. Some of those leagues are la Liga, premier league, Bundesliga etc.



Every footballer card is categorized into four as rare, limited, unique and super rare. If a player purchases these cards, the value will be based on their performance and pitch. The game is very exciting and thrilling, and the cards on this platform represent the NFT. They can be traded or used to gain immediate profits as well.




Many players have already heard about Cryptokitties since it is very popular among Android users. There are kitties in this game, and we can trade and breed them. So Cryptokittie shows more similarities for a selling type game. Kitties are the representation of NFTs here.



The entire Cryptokitties gameplay is based on the purchasing of our kitties. If a player tries to start this game for the first time, they have to buy a kitty and breed some crypto kitties. Playersadditional kitties provide players, and if you manage to breed more kitties, the value of your assets are also increasing.


Cryptokitties can be traded over many NFT marketplaces, and the most common marketplace that you can use is It is a platform where it lets us trade crypto kitties with a high rate of volume.


Gods Unchained


This is the third choice for our top play to earn games for Android, and it is a strategy game. We can say this game is the most popular of all the top play to earn NFT mobile games throughout the entire mobile gaming world.



The game features a trading card theme, and it holds so many cards like rare, legendary, epic, and shiny legendary. Depending on the rarity of our cards, the outcome we get will be determined, and the trading cards are the primary representation of the NFTs. NFT cards are there with Gods Unchained with the use of native token GODS. Moreover, all these cards can be traded by players on the NFT marketplaces.


Axie Infinity


This is our 4th one from the play to earn games for an android list, and this game has a huge demand from the video game industry as an android based NFT. More than 2 million active users are engaged with this game, and it grows day by day.



Axie Infinity is a battle-based NFT game where players are asked to battle for rewards. The game's main core will be the creatures called Axis, and they can be used in your battles by training. Axis are the NFTs on Axie Infinity, and the rewards you gain are also going to be shown as NFTs. Players can trade these in-game assets through secondary marketplaces.


The Sandbox


The Sandbox is our last selection for play to earn games for the android list, and it is a game that had a recent entrance for the NFT gaming world. It is a metaverse game that allows players to buy houses and lands. Players can engage with everyday activities within a metaverse environment in the Sandbox.



The token which is native for The Sandbox is $SAND, and we can use it to buy our in-game assets. And later, we can trade them with several secondary platforms to have profits.


If you have plans to have more optimized gameplay with generic features, we suggest you use an emulator LDPlayer. Yes, of course, you can play these games via your mobile, but it would not be optimized based on your requirements, and besides all, you will only have ordinary gameplay from it.


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So here concludes the top play to earn games for Android, and it is always a thrilling and beneficial experience for sure. With these top play to earn NFT games for mobiles, the pleasure to earn by having profits and the entertainment will be very impressive for sure. So it is now your time to start earning and trade your NFTs and make it profitable by these top play to earn games for Android.

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