Thetan Arena Beginner's Guide: Everything you need to know

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Thetan Arena has been launched for open Beta on Google Play and the App Store. It is a blockchain-based MOBA or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game. Players can assemble a group of friends, join a team, compete against other players, and earn money solely based on their abilities. As a result, the gameplay focuses on showing individual abilities as well as coordination.


The developers assure a never-before-seen gaming experience, as well as a guaranteed loss to anyone the second you stop fighting. Hundreds of weapons are available for your heroes to choose from. You'd better devise a sound strategy as well, for the most ferocious battle awaits you from the minute the starship drops you off on the battlefield. If you're new to the game, here's a detailed guide for the same.


Thetan Arena Gameplay

If you've played Pokemon Unite or any other MOBA game before, you would be very familiar with the gameplay. In Thetan Arena, you are given a free hero to play with. The character is called Raidon and is a member of the Delta Special Ops, and his job is to keep the people safe. He thinks that justice comes first, which is why he is the people of Earth's hero. He's one of the early heroes that you can get in the game. He uses a Gun as his weapon of choice and comes under the Assasin class of the Heroes. 



thetan arena gameplay ss


You can either play the game with your friends or match randomly with players around the world since the game involves playing in groups of 4. Your group goes against another group of 4 players and you have to be the last team standing with the most amount of points to win. The gameplay is pretty simple, just try and take down your enemies as fast as possible, and garner as many points as you can. The team earning the most points win and the one player getting the most points for the team is deemed as the MVP of that game.


There are also 4 different gameplay modes that players can explore-


  • Battle Royale (Solo or Teams) - 12 players in total try to compete to be the last one standing in under 4 minutes. Just like any other Battle royales that you might've played, this also includes an enclosing area that gets smaller and smaller as time passes.

  • Superstar - 8 players compete to collect match points, maximum of 50 from the "mother" Superstar who keeps producing Point stars, in under 4 minutes.

  • Deathmatch - As the name suggests, this involves eliminating the other team in under 3 minutes to accumulate elimination points and be the winning team. A team of 4s will go against each other.

  • Tower Seige - Each team of 4 is given a tower to defend and their goal is to also bring down the opponent's tower while defending theirs. If none of the towers are destroyed by the end, the team with the most health points wins.

  • Custom Battle- As the name implies, you can play in any mode you choose, with any number of players, on any map you desire.


All the Heroes in Thetan Arena

The characters that you play within the game are regarded as "Heroes." They are categorized into 3 groups- Assassins, Marksman, and Tanks. 


Assassin Heroes


Assassins are lethal and undetectable killers who can enter a fight, eliminate their victim in a single combo, and then flee without being discovered. They usually have lower health compared to other classes. Even with low health, they have impressive amounts of speed and deal a lot of damage.


Marksman Heroes


Marksmen are the major damage dealers, and they're in charge of keeping the DPS level up during the fight. Their health is usually in the mid-normal range, the same for their speed. But since they're the DPS of all three, their attack is extremely high. 


Tank Heroes


Tank heroes are in charge of putting themselves in front of the enemy and preventing their companions from taking harm. They usually act as a shield for the entire team. Since they have to deal with a lot of damage, their health is the maximum out of the three while their attack is normal and speed is comparatively low. 


thetan arena tank heroes


No matter what category the Hero belongs to, every single one of them has a special ability called "Fury." Additionally, each hero has unique stats according to their roles on the battlefield. Thus, choosing a suitable hero for each situation helps players increase the win rate in the Thetan Arena.


As for the rarity of the Heroes, they are also classified into 3 different types: Common Hero, Epic Hero, and Legendary Hero. A hero's rarity is determined by two factors: the hero's base rarity and the rarity of its skin. Heroes with a higher rarity have more distinct playstyles and skills, as well as a better possibility of receiving boosts in battle rewards.


In Thetan Arena, there are two separate types of Level attributes: Hero Level and In-game Hero Level.


Hero Level describes the base characteristics of heroes at that Level before they join the battlefield. Heroes' base attributes will be at In-game Level 1 when they enter the field. Players can level up their heroes from Level 1 to Level 10 during the tournament. The attributes of in-game heroes will increase in accordance with their duties.


The Trophy Class will be graded on a scale of H through SS, with corresponding advantages. Trophy Class denotes a mastery of a hero, implying that the hero has appeared in thousands of matches. Trophy Class also boosts the power of custom skills selected by heroes in the game.


Skin rarity is divided into three categories: Default Skin, Rare Skin, and Mythical Skin. The frequency of the skin in the selling pool determines its rarity. The better the cosmetic looks, with more visual effects and benefits in battle rewards, the rarer it is. 


All of the Skills in Thetan Arena


thetan arena skills set


Thetan Arena's heroes, like mentioned before, have a special set of skills assigned to them to help them excel on the battlefield. Before entering the battleground, players must choose two skills in addition to a hero. Each skill corresponds to a particular type of skill set, requiring players to make more deliberate decisions to use them successfully. The talent pool is randomized every week, with 15 skills to choose from. Players can only use the skills that are now available to them. The skill pool will be updated every week. Based on their main attributes, skills are divided into three skill sets. Each skill set is also classified into three rarity levels: default, rare, and mythical


The Skill sets are as follows:


  • Effect Skill: It changes the status of one's self, allies, and opponents.

  • Damage Skill: It is used to dramatically enhance the amount of damage done in a short length of time.

  • Support Skill: It helps assist you in fending off enemy attacks.



Overall, this is a highly engrossing game that does not become monotonous or uninteresting after a while of play due to the numerous game options available. I would strongly advise you to at least try this game; it has been a fantastic experience for me. Happy Gaming!!

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