Thetan Arena - Tips and Tricks you need to know


Thetan Arena is a new MOBA game in the game with a new unique aspect of crypto added onto it. It hasn't been done before, to my knowledge. Along with spectacular gaming comes the possibility to invest in Thetan Arena's own cryptocurrency, or NFT (Non- Fungible Tokens). The game isn't just limited to being on Android or iOS, but will also be available for PC players to download. It will officially release on the 27th of November, 2021. 


In terms of gameplay, it's almost identical to any other MOBA game you've probably played before, such as DOTA 2 or League of Legends. If you've already played the game and need some tips and tricks to improve your gameplay, you've come to the right place! 


About Thetan Arena

If you've never played the game before, here's a basic overview of how it works. You're given a free character to play with at the start. Raidon is his name, and he is a member of the Assasin class, one of the three in the game. The characters in this game are referred to as "Heroes" and every single belong to one of the three classes: Assasin, Marksman, and Tank. Heroes also have their own rarity meter: Common Hero, Epic Hero, and Legendary Hero.


About thetan arena



Despite their different classes, all of them possess a special ability called "Fury." You can also select two of the given "Skills" that are present in the game. Skills are a major part of the gameplay. You need to use them when it comes to playing against other players that you go against.


All of the skills also have their own class segregation: Default, Rare, and Mythical. The type of damage the skill deals with are divided into effect, damage, and support skill. Effect Skill changes the status, Damage Skill enhances the amount of damage, and Support skill assists you to defend yourself from enemy attacks. 


This game is also not limited to only one game mode. There are 4 different that you can choose from to play with. The first is the classic Battle Royale, in which a team of twelve players competes against each other to see who can stay alive the longest. The second one is Superstar where a group of 4 players goes against each other to earn the maximum amount of points, up to 50, and win. Deathmatch involves entirely killing the other team and coming out victorious. Tower Seige includes each team of four defending their towers and simultaneously attacking the other team's tower.


And last but not the least, they also have included a custom battle mode where you can decide that mode, the number of players, and the time limit for it. The amount of game modes Thetan Arena offers makes it much more fun and wants to go back to it again and again.


Tips and Tricks for Thetan Arena

Now that you're familiar with the game's concept, let's look at how you can improve your tactics and come out successful in every round of the game.



Thetan arena tips and tricks


  • Level Up your Heroes: This is a very essential part of the game. Like any other game, the better the level that your Hero is, the stronger they will be on the battlefield. Before they enter the battlefield, heroes' base attributes are described by their Hero Level. When heroes reach the field, their base attributes will be at In-game Level 1. During the competition, players can level up their heroes from 1 to 10. The qualities of in-game heroes will improve as the progress of their mission.
  • Decide your Strategy and select proper Skills before going to the battlefield: No matter what the game mode is, you just can't go in and attack your enemies and win. It's never that easy in MOBA games. Skills play a really big part in defeating the enemies. Depending on the type of Hero, you can decide what kind of skill you want to give to your hero. You can choose from Effect, Damage, or Support skill. Effect skill helps you apply status effects on the enemies, Damage helps you deal a lot of damage at once, and Support helps you defend your team against the enemies. If you're a Tank hero, always lead your team and stay upfront, if you're an Assassin Hero just stay in the middle and try to deal as much damage as possible and go back. And if you're a Marksman, stay behind and deal heavy damage.


Thetan arena tips


  • Learn about the Ranking System and Leaderboard: Yes, there is also a Ranking system in the game! Every game you play awards you with a trophy, and the Ranking system sorts the players according to them. There are 11 ranks in the ranking system, and players must earn a set number of trophies to move to the next one. Each level will be separated into several smaller tiers, making it easier for players to keep track of their progress. It also allows for a better match-matching organization. Also, with every rank you reach, you get better rewards! The leaderboard system ranks the player based on the number of achievements they've received in several categories. Most of them include Trophy Leaderboard, MVP Leaderboard, Hero Leaderboard, and more.


Thetan arena ranking


  • Join a Guild: Thetan Arena also has a guild system already in it. Guilds are self-organized groups of players. With objectives that need the efforts of all members to promote the guild's growth and gather significant rewards, the guild serves to increase the relationship between the players. Guilds make the game more difficult by ranking races on a scale between groups of players. ‌You can either join one or create your own, but creating a guild needs for you to reach a certain level. Whereas joining other guilds doesn't require you to have a particular level but just have to meet the guild requirements. Every guild also has its own leaderboards, shop, role, quests, war, and vault. 


Thetan arena shop



Thetan Arena is a simple game to play in general, but you will need to learn the ins and outs of it to master it. There's also an aspect of Battle pass to Thetan which you can buy which gives you both normal and premium rewards, which will help you rush through the game much faster. It's not necessary to buy it, you can always play F2P and come on top of the leaderboards so all the best for it! Happy Gaming!

Download Thetan Arena: Survival MOBA on PC