The King of Fighters Beginner Tips to Level up Fast

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Netmarble can introduce one of the biggest mobile gaming companies in South Korea, which has entitled several successful companies for more than twenty years. Most of the games have been released to the international market. There are positive and high average apps in their portfolio with a high level of reviews from the players. The latest game of Netmarble is The King of Fighters Allstar for both Android and iOS devices. 


The King of Fighters Beginner Tips to Level up Fast


As a top fighting game from SNK, this game is mainly about the colossal crossover of several SNK game characters into one extensive roster. There are protagonists and antagonists. Some of them are Fatal Fury, Ikari Warriors, Art of Fighting, and Psycho soldiers. The highest famous of the franchise led the path to many manga, novels, collectible card games, animations, drama CDs, and live-action movies.


This is a typical fighting game where the King of Fighters Allstar has to beat them up with the action. This is an RPG game with top-level graphics and extensive content. The players have the space to play the game with their most-liked characters from the franchise. They can create the final trio according to the choice. This is important when you move through different gaming modes across the prior types with the other franchise modes that you have never experienced. Download The King of Fighters on PC form here and start as a beginner. 




All the teams have to be customized by different methods, at the top of the excess of characters you need to collect and upgrade. This will be a unique action in RPG games with the mix of skills and compositions of teams. It will diverge many possibilities to select the best team list. Although you are not favoring the 2D fighting games, the latest series, the King of Fighters Allstar, has many other new RPG features and action games.


As we discussed earlier, there are thousands of contents and features in the latest series, making the beginners more amused. When you follow the tutorial from the beginning with the initial story chapter and the latest features and unlocking gaming modes will help you to understand the basic concepts. When you move forward in the combat systems, there will be nothing to worry about memorizing things.


There will be much simplified pulling off complex motion and button combinations in the latest series. To you can execute the character with the tapping of the button. There are one more best features. It is the auto mode activation to leave all the fighting to the artificial intelligence. The difficult enemies will be the best oppose with manual controlling. So, the mode of auto-battle helps you to have a small rest.


Now, you may have understood that gameplay controls have simple methods relative to the previous. If you are in trouble passing the problematic boss or waiting for an upgrade, you can begin your journey with the best tips and strategies that you have to know about the speed level up in the King of Fighters Allstars.


Progress through the main story


Rather than the bold action and intensified illustrations in the game, there is an engaging storyline. It will engage you to spend hours finishing the game. When you progress that game, you will find that the chapters are getting more challenging while the battling characters also become more robust with the experience points. When you take the tutorial sessions, it will be beneficial for you to finish them through the first few stages. 


It will become more challenging with the progress, and you will require a perfect rating at the end of every stage. The most crucial advantage of earning through the progress of the main story is the gaming modes and unlocking features. The unlocking feature will be available when you beat given chapters in the given series. There are experience points that can carry your level up to have higher max action points (AP). It will be helpful in many battels.


The AP level can recover with time, but when you have a higher max action value, you can get more in stock when you have logged off or quit the game for some time. Every Fighter in the primary story battle can earn experience points. Apart from that, you can get gold from every story battle. It will be the essential resource you will never have enough of.


There will be clear goals in the correct section of the pre-battle. Although there are easy general objectives, you have to be keen on defeating the boss who has a particular color. You have to do this with 20 hits or less than that. You need to switch partners. It will support if your effort to keep a perfect rating at every stage. It will reward you with some extra rubies as a reward. Rubies are the premium currency that is used to summon different fighters.


In every chapter, there will be bonus stages. The completion will take the easy path to achieve and get more reward offers. There is a challenge of bonus stages also. You have no chance of using the auto mode in this. But, it will offer more worthy rewards.


The King of Fighters Beginner Tips to Level up Fast


Select a balanced team 


When you move forward in the game, the King of Fighters Allstar, you have to get more fighters than you imagine or use before. With the collection of battle rewards and extra perks from the events and missions, you can get many new fighters within the first day of playing. Sometimes, you may find somewhat worthless fighters in your team, but you have the chance of selecting the best suiting fighters according to your preference and style of playing.


You have to examine the rarity, type of Fighter, and element of color. You can rank up the starts of every Fighter. But, when you do so, the bronze rarity which began from the three-stars will become more expensive. So, it is recommended to start with the five-star fighters as they use fewer resources to get into the maximum level of six stars with a high beginning level cap.


You can use the best in the team temporarily. It would be okay as you have not highly invested in them and will undoubtedly use them after a long time. All the fighters use an elemental affinity system that uses a rock-paper-scissor while dealing and getting the extra damages. There will be five categories of fighters according to their color. 


The purple will be intense in case of blue, blue will be vital in case of red, red will be strong in case of green, green will be vital in case of yellow, and yellow will be strong in case of purple, and purple will be vital in case of blue. There will be an essential advantage of every stage during the boss battle and to spell the contrast between defeat and victory. All the fighters have an icon. It will be on the top left corner of their picture, and it will show their class and type. 


The crosshair shows the balanced type of fighters. The fist and shield denote the type of attack and defense accordingly. There will be an impact on fighters' stats, attacks, and defense values through the categorization. There will be some changes in the impact stats on the actual combat on difficult stages and game modes. So, you can select the fighters according to your general playtime by concerning this.


Like the color element, you have to create a team with diversity. There will be a designated color for every Fighter you have selected, and you have to check the combat skills of that Fighter before selecting them for your team.


The King of Fighters Beginner Tips to Level up Fast


Strikers with relation effect


You have to consider the strikers with relation effect when you are building the team of three fighters where you have the chance of interchanging them during the battle. The reason is, they can combine with a striker in your selected roster. The strikers can get into the battle and do a wide range of unique skills. It will support you to proceed. You have to remember that not all the exclusive enemies deal with healing and buffs. 


Every striker can add value to the CP of the primary character. So, you have to consider all the affective relations during the selection. There will be no bonus of choosing a notable three main fighters in your team. Every Fighter has a unique link with one or more fighters. It will present as the Fighter's striker. The players do not need to become familiarized with every character in the King of Fighters series teams.


It will be easy to find the striker with the chain icon. Read the full description of every striker and find the best to utilize in your team.


The King of Fighters Beginner Tips to Level up Fast


Prioritizing the enhancement of one Fighter over the other fighters


The game King of Fighters Allstar mainly deals with the best three favorite fighters who are battling through different gaming modes with different upgrades and enhancement methods in the game using the available resources. During the game, you might decide to distribute the limited resources among the top trio characters in your team. But, you might have not advanced enough to get at least one of them. That is the point to use prioritizing the top pick. 


With that, you can use that character to take all the others in the battles. The primary enhancement factor is the natural level up of the fighters. But, it is not enough to keep them in your team to increase the hardness of the main story and other modes of games. They can get experience points when they come to the battle. You have to select the level up of the main Fighter when you get the experience potions from the battles, events, and missions. 


It needs to be done before further proceeding with using the experience potions. You can click the bottom left side of the picture of Fighter and then the level up button to level up them. You can use the other potions, which are on the top of the experience potion, to boost the stat level of that character. After the level up, you can upgrade all the fighters up to the six-stars through the evolution material. It will be based on the particular color of the fighter element.


There will be an increase of the character stat and difficulty of getting the succeeding materials with the evolution of the stars. There will be no issues of enhancing one Fighter for one color with the material requirement. You have to invest in them as it requires gold carefully. There will be a double of fighter summoning with a short time. All these will convert into soul shard, and you may need to limit break that. 


This can introduce the crucial decision of investing in a character by relying on their rarity. It will be hard to obtain fighters from a gold rarity. There will be more challenging tasks of limit breaking to the 100th level. It will oppose the rarities of bronze and silver. The basic system of this has unique options of enhancements. It can unlock the stat buffs and skill enhancements to the Fighter at the cost of cores. But, the players will be able to unlock all of them eventually.


There is a customization that happens with the prioritization. So, it is necessary to read through the core and select the best path to earn more scores before pushing other nodes. You can equip the fighters with the battle card to boost the CP, stats and unlock different skills to use at the battles. They will be more efficient than conventional RPG weapons. When you collect three sets of cards, you can get an extra buff. The unique special battle card will be difficult to grab. 


To battle as a huge game-changer, you need to own unique cards for the fighters. There will be an affinity system to give some gifts to the characters. It will boost the stats, rubies, and additional souls of fighting. You can gift anything in your inventory, and every character has some favorites. So, when you have found it specifically, the character will have an unimaginable affinity boost. You have to click and hold on to the gift item and look to find more like other materials in the game.


Sometimes, you might wonder about clearing the requirements of story missions which needs a specific color element to defeat the boss. To do that, you will need a strong fighter. You can take the Fighter from the required color and change him to the last point of the boss' health. When you need the support of a particular color, you have to pause the attacking to the boss or finish the battle and get the rewards of completion.


The King of Fighters Beginner Tips to Level up Fast


Grab more at the power dungeon


The power dungeon has a wide range of dungeons to battle, giving more resources to you, and it has gold, experience potions, battle card scores, evolution materials, and battle card evolution materials. You get some never ending number of times to enter. You can expend as much time you need till you collect all the action points or stamina to spend. So, collect all the needed things at the power dungeon. 


When you move forward by completing the main story chapters with great difficulty, there will be available dungeons. The Tower of Trials is a unique dungeon as it does not need AP. It has comprehensive resources, and you can get them on every floor. It would help if you climbed the tower as much as possible. Gradually, the floor will turn into demanding than the earlier floor. There will be a boss battle on every tenth floor. It will give more rewards also. 


There will be three chances for each player to try and climb the tower as much as possible. When you defeat, the available times will be over. You have to do an auto clearance to get extra gold and AP at the highest floor.


The King of Fighters Beginner Tips to Level up Fast


Follow the growth mission 


It will guide you to play the game perfectly through the aspects of sequence and power requirements. You have to go through the story camp and other challenging levels through the power-up dungeon. It will make many rewards as a support to your progress, making progress faster. 


Sometimes, you achieve some missions before you see them as the guide of growth missions. When it occurs, you have to follow it as much as possible. It will help to get more out of every mission that you consume during the game.


The King of Fighters Beginner Tips to Level up Fast


Dodge, Block, and tag wisely during the battle


The CP and the elemental advantage can give more challengeable levels at the battles. So, it would not be the deal with the game. So, it would help if you tried more on the manual control rather than waiting on the auto mode. It will serve better at the challenging levels. Sometimes, it will enhance the chances of success also. But, it would help if you used the abilities of the block, dodge, and tag with accurate timing during the difficult battles.


Generally, there will be a massive reduction of attack damages by blocking. But, it will leave a small loophole to counter attacks. It will be high when it is pinned with a combo. You can use dodge if you don’t like waiting on opponent to their combo fill. It will avoid all the damages, and you can attack from behind also. With the tagging and switching of characters, the enemies who have fallen to the ground will send.


You can use it as the last chance to get rid of heavy attacks. There will be some enemies who have specialized in grabbing. So, you have to avoid blocking whenever you are moving to these fights.


The King of Fighters Beginner Tips to Level up Fast


Extra rewards from the daily missions and achievements 


Through the daily missions and achievements, you can get more rewards. It is the best source of immediate rewards. You have to consider the checklist icon. It will show the objectives in all tabs in the section of mission section. It is a more general activity, and you have to play with your engagement to accomplish the objectives.


The daily missions will reset every day, and there will be tasks that can complete quickly. You have to effort your best to obtain these. Especially the task which offers AP as the reward. If you cannot finish all these, you have to complete at least the six objectives to get more rubies. There will be one-time rewards from the achievements. But, the rewards have vast amounts of gold, rubies, and auto-clear tickets.


So, you have to go through the objectives and see them. It will be comparatively easy to complete than other missions, and there will also be a seven-day limited special event. It will offer some rare rewards. The welcome festival will be more like other missions, and the achievements will have objectives that you will need while playing the game. 


You will have a chance of achieving the goals from the first day to the last day of the event. But, you have to consider every feat. The finishing of rewards every day is more valuable and exceptionally rare.


The King of Fighters Beginner Tips to Level up Fast


Add more friends


Apart from your two tag partners and three strikers, there will be more supporters in battles. So, the supporters are considering as the top characters of all the other available players. When you have them, it will be a great advantage for you. It will arrange the pat to summon them once in the combats. When you prefer to support the character you have used in the battles, you have to request a friend who owns the Fighter.


You can accept the incoming friend requests from the other players, appearing in the icon Friends. You can find that through the Menu. You have to click the grid in the Menu, which will appear on the right-hand- side of your home screen. When you use support, and when you are selected as a supporter, you can get friendship points. It can use to get cores, expensive potions, and gift items.


The King of Fighters Beginner Tips to Level up Fast


Check the mailbox for rewards


The rewards you have collected through the friendship points and other missions will directly deposit into your inventory. The rewards will finally come to your mailbox, and you can obtain them after claiming the rewards. Most of the time, there will be a notification on the icon of the mailbox. It will appear above the screen. You have to check the mailbox from time to time to find the unclaimed rewards.


The King of Fighters Beginner Tips to Level up Fast


Use the Multi-Instance Sync feature of LDplayer to earn the best heroes via different copies of your game. This way it will be fast and the heroes would be assured. So no need to stress over the rerolling and you will be reached to the top heroes easier. 




The AP or in-game stamina will determine the level of your daily progression, and you have to earn more consumable things during the first few days of the game. With that, you will start to love and enjoy the game while showing a good progression also. You can take the benefit of overflowing AP. To that, you have to ensure and get more close or go beyond the maximum.

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