King of Fighters All-Star Leveling up Characters?

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King of Fighters is a thrilling game where the players have the ultimate ability to arrange their ally and battle through several annual tournaments in the game. This can label as role-playing, which has similar features to the spiritual successors of River City Ransom. When you begin the game, you have to deal with many enemies. This will continue until you come to the level of the boss. 


King of Fighters All-Star Leveling up Characters?


For compelling gameplay, it is essential to level up your characters. When talking about the leveling of your characters, you will notice different strategies that you can use. But it is much needed to have a clear vision and idea about these strategies before you follow them. Today, let us look for several strategies that you can use to level up your characters in the King of Fighters and to move forward in the game. It's time to download King of Fighters All-Star on PC and level up with the game. 


King of Fighters All-Star Leveling up Characters?


The Theory


You will find a clear and direct goal here. It is essential to confirm that your character is stronger to the highest possibility of your potentials. But, you will see a small number of systems which you have to place that use to take the use. This will be the appropriate way to go through the missions and player versus player matches. You do not need a whole level up of a character to make this a success. But, you have to maximize the character to offer more surviving chances to them.


The outer look of this theory is like this. You have to select a team with characters from five-star grades. Pay more attention to the setup. If not, you have to focus on the purple-grade festival characters. Take a set of five-star grade cards. It will support you to maximize the skills and evolve them quickly. By leveling up and buffs, you have to evolve the characters.


When you level up the characters, you will see no importance for the actual order. You have to offer capsules to maximize the level and limit break to the level at the 80th level. It is needed to evolve six-star stats. After awakening, you have to unlock all the available cores. Then using the capsules, try to boost the stats up to +297. Then you will see a new awaken system which has launched recently.


There is a need for EXP and other statistic capsules. You can obtain these by completing the missions. To obtain the total amount, you will see a need for grinding. When you play the game, the word grinding will repeatedly use to describe rewards. In the gaming context, you will find some features you can use to automate the game process. If not, it will be more fatigue for you.


To collect more details about the items that you can get, have a look at the menu. Here, it is essential to look at the period that we have to utilize daily on the game and efficient usage of the resources. You have to focus on the missions you have to play more effectively to raise your speed level. 


You can do this in the game with the clearance of some missions in the game. It will award you to come to the top level that you are looking for. You can use all the features on the menu screen to play the game efficiently and will see a unique ranking system in the game. It has levels, affinity with a codex. You should mainly focus on raising the level and capsules which have cores.


Fighter screen


For this, you have to check and identify your level of stats and the biographical details. To level up, you can use some items. For example, you can take EXP, DEF, and ATK and then raise the character rank. Here you can do this by one-star. But you have one chance. When it comes to the 60th level characters, you have one means of raising the level. That is with the use of souls.


Then you can activate the cores using the items you get from the dungeons. It will make the character more powerful than you have to equip your character. For this, you can use battle cards. It also can make the character strong. Then you can unlock the bonuses. You can do this by giving food to the character that they prefer to eat.


King of Fighters All-Star Leveling up Characters?


Limit break screen


There are few important notes that you have to focus on during the limit break. We can list out them as follows.


  • You have the opportunity of raising the level more several times using the buttons available. But, it is not compulsory to watch animation sequences for every level.


  • Some limitations are there from the materials bar. This will happen when you have preferences for using the souls. It will automatically move the soul to the right from the left.


  • Through different events, you can get Gold KOF souls. It is rare to get silver and bronze souls.


  • There will be an alignment character match with the element souls.
  • You can use Rainbow souls for anyone. But, do not waste them. There are many uses from them.


  • Give more attention to the cost of gold.


King of Fighters All-Star Leveling up Characters?


Road map


When you level up with the story mode, you will meet milestones in the 40th: 50th, 60th and 70-80th levels. From the first level to the 40th level, you have to select the main character. 


Level one to 40


For that, you will need cards, capsules, dungeons, and souls or dust. You can get capsules in red, green, and blue colors to take from the quest rewards. Even loot boxes will provide that. It will support enhancing the stats of Attack defense and Hitpoints. 


This will be worth for each buff, and the highest with be 99 per stat. There will be a leader of +297 on the character to show the real buff, and it will take some time also. You will see an urge for a good striker and leader skill to buff your characters more. You have to attempt for an efficient level up your team. There is another strategy to focus on. When your characters a strong enough, they have the potentials to complete the story mode. But they will face issues with the leverage of the boss.


To make a powerful team quickly, you can make use of infinite roll. If not, you can get a character from the purple grade. This will be the general element festival. You can get this at 80th level character. It is said to finish the welcome festival and aim more about Kyo 96. He will be at the beginning of the festival and come to the 8th level with your gaming progression in the story mode.


Identify your character one by one from here. 


Level 50 


Now there will be a destroy story mode on the normal mode. You are already familiar with this through the daily quests. Sometimes, it may get difficult also. That may happen with the use of the wrong colors in the mission. You can go again to the grinding. If not, you have enough money and EXP capsules when you come to the 50th level as the main. You can use them with no issues to level up your element character according to your choice.


Level 60


You will find a need of 60 with complete cores when you reach the hard mode of the game and KOF 98. Think about the leverage color. It is not easier to complete with few efforts. You have to get a partner with the right color. This can be the existing load of souls which are waiting to use.


If not, take the yellow festival on King Quest or Terry as an event. You have to get the entire team of elements. Then select a team for each color and begin to spread the power. The situation will become severe after the 60th level. It is essential to become more efficient. There will be a need for souls.


They will turn more difficult. There is no chance of completing some bosses through auto mode. The maximum point will be 99 for each buff of the capsules.


Level 70-90


Once you turn more powerful, you can farm. For the farming, there is a trails tower. There will be items from the epic quests. You can find them through the festivals. King's quest is such a festival where you can get 30 HP capsules. The epic quests buffs will work only on the epic quests. You have to get color souls, which are challenging to get. Then you can use it at the exchange. If not, you can use them at the secret shop.


Daily Tasks


When you are maintaining your rubies for summoning, there will be a skip of tasks. They will require spending. So, you have to log in daily to get your login bonus. Then drain your AP. For that, you can do Lunatic and Expert level dungeons. You have to collect free summons, which will be helpful for characters and cards, and you can add all the possible cards. Then use all the available buffs you won.


There will be soul quests and soul story quests for your characters. Try to increase the affinity and advent boss. There will be an arena and league match. You have to roulette. From the secret shop, you can buy AP items. They will be available in the exchange shop also. Remember to get story rewards. For that, check the guild regularly.


This will be the best time to complete some story quests. You can do event quests also. Through that, you have a chance of getting the character that you want. After that, continue to do guild quests. You have to burn all the remaining before the end of the day and using the skip tickets. You can get a slight buff through the codex rewards, which will allow all the characters to rise to the 30th, 60th, and 90th levels. It will appear to the card collection and overall affinity also.


There are some conditions in the quests. The evasion roll will deny with the hit count. So, you have to use it. The cost does not indicate the total. It will show the cost per character. Strikers will not include there, and you can get characters quickly by clicking the filter button.


The Guild


When you join a guild, you can get ATK DEF or buffs or every 11 hours. That will happen if Guild Master is activated. From the guild shop, you can get buff capsules and souls. There are summon tickets also. When you find a partner for quests, there will be some guild members under the FES characters. There is great importance from the strong guild members.


The tab of guild missions will open when you get a chance to do quests to obtain tokens. The tokens will have greeted by members and affinity items from them. There will be a daily donation from the guild master. Generally, there will be a high need of 25K gold to upgrade through ranks. You can donate a minimum amount using items or money that you have. There will be a varying amount of money from different items.


The ranks table will base on the different amounts given by the members. This is important. The reason is, the daily quest is a greet fellow members. Players simply mash the button and greet the six who are at the tip of the list. Players can begin by greeting. Then gather more tokens. You can view the Guild store from the 15th level. 


It will rise through the ranks. So, you can get more members when you unlock several missions in the game. Alternatively, you will have more tokens. To check the tokens, you can go to the Check-In. There will be several daily quests also. This will be important as it counts the tokens to the AP capsule. There will be some souls in the guild shop. When you come to the 35th level, you can unlock more other missions. So, you can obtain more rewards also.


King of Fighters All-Star Leveling up Characters?




The dungeons can introduce as missions which a particularly created for leveling up of the characters. There is a range of challenging missions that will appear when you unlock one. They are range from easy, normal, hard, expert, lunatic, and inferno. There are conditions for quests that you have to remember.




In the middle of the floor of the dungeon, you can see a big ornament-like thing. This is something interesting to talk about. There will be waves of adversaries who are intended to destroy it. There will be a damage bar. So, you have the chance of resisting some attacks. You will see two main things to worry about here. Those are two large bruisers. That will appear simultaneously from opposite directions of the screen. 


That can successfully manage by a team with 60 and sprinkling cores. You will find a glitch also. You can leave it on the character manually next to the ornament, and you can do this till they have the strength.


King of Fighters All-Star Leveling up Characters?




This will destroy anything. The attribute will increase the meter of the gold cat. Once you come to the highest point, you can see a fortune cat doll. That will smash you to obtain the bonus. You will see an alert at this movement, and it will show Fever time. That means there is a possibility of doing a particular movement without a cooldown. 


Fighter evolution


You can see five tabs in the fighter evolution. There will be two towers also. From the tower on the left-handed side, you can get a full power meter. Then you can unleash it. This will be activated with your ultimate move when one on the right weakens a boss. There is no standard order for doing this. You can try any method which you can quickly do. 


Evolution dungeon


You will see two tabs here. During this, you have to give more attention to the higher levels. There will be some extensions if you watch advertisements. When you are dealing in auto mode, you can see a bypass of the screen. The problem, in this case, is the inability to access the screen. 


But it is essential to think more about pressing the AD button. It is essential to do this at the last point. If not, you have to care more about hitting the AD button. You can do this whenever you see it. It will be essential to spend your rubies to collect a guaranteed summon. Here, you will find an issue when you are flying through the ranks. This will happen when you move from one rank to another. Then your AP will be subject to refill.


Suppose you have any idea about using AP elixirs or any bonuses to fill this. If not, it will become a waste. Be mindful about your AP level. Store it until it fills. So, do not use it unnecessarily. When you have enough guts to pass the team to match, you can shift to the auto mode.


King of Fighters All-Star Leveling up Characters?


When you have stuck


Imagine, the quest appears, which demands a character that is not available to you. You will see situations where you can use the daily free summon. So, forget it for now and move to something else. Come back after spending some time there. When you have the character, it is unnecessary to waste the available resources to level up them. You will find many quests to win those by tagging on them or being a part of the team.


So, if you find a need to move to fight, you have to do this. In such a situation, you can pass on the quest if they are already been knocked out. Sometimes you might be in the problem in a challenging quest. 


If not, there will be a quest which required three of characters. This can appear when you have no proper level up at all. In such an instance, you can skip it. Don’t waste the precious time. You can move to do something else.


You have to check the list of daily quests. Do this daily as a habit. The main reason for a regular check of daily quests is that there are only six available quests to obtain the daily bonus. You need to move again to the dungeons. There you have to maintain the flow of getting more EXP. You can get money and core for your team from the dungeons. 


You have no restrictions on building up the card equips. When you do that, there will be a visible change in the performance boost. This will serve a more excellent job for you during the battles.


Use the LDPlayer to summon these heroes fast and easier. You will only take seconds, and the assured hero for the level-up will be yours. The Multi-Instance Sync Feature will take care of the rerolling with several copies of the game, and the most wanted will be a hero will be yours within a glance.


King of Fighters All-Star Leveling up Characters?




King of Fighters All-Stars is a role-playing game where players can set up their team. So, they have to face several enemies in the game. During these battles, they can level up the characters. This will be useful to enhance their performances, and it will also increase the effectiveness of the game. So, read this guide carefully and grab a clear idea about how you can use it to enhance the character level during the game.

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