King of Fighters All Star Top Tricks for a Quick Victory


King of Fighters All-Star has become the most popularized 2D action-based game developed by SNK. You will find several exciting characters in the game. Namely, a few of them are Terry Bogard, Rugal Bernstein, and Kyo Kusanagi. You will see the king and the host, the street brawlers, and they have hit hordes of baddies throughout the world. You can see many artificial intelligent baddies who are under control.


King of Fighters All Star Top Tricks for a Quick Victory


There are parties from other players, and you will see helpless trees and cars when a queer bonus stage appears. When you are eager to get the victory, you have to do an incredible performance. There, you have to use some secret tricks for better gameplay. Now, let us find the best tips and tricks that you can use to get a quick victory in the game with a download from King of Fighters All-Star on PC for free.


King of Fighters All Star Top Tricks for a Quick Victory


Battle Tactics 


When you are dealing with the battles of King of Fighters All-Star, you can follow several battle techniques for better gameplay. It would help if you did not take battles as simple. They can you and beat you. King of Fighters All-Star can be identified as a game which has deeper aspects than you think. 


There are different combinations of attacks for the characters. With access to that, characters can make different combo opportunities. If you select the play manually, you can get in touch with the move set of your favorite character. This will happen when you proceed through the myriad battle types of the game. 


We are always recommending the players to begin with the basic combo. If you look to make an extraordinary move, you can do two main things. You can strike an attack that puts the opponent into the air. To make this, you can use an air combo with the essential combo assist. There will be an additional special attack and a special move to complete it. The other choice is to land in a special attack. There, the enemy you are trying to beat will keep in place. 


Then you have to move to another character while maintaining the combo with the other offensive option. When you meet the big boss in that area, you have to keep more faith in your striker. Then, you can move to the selected supporter at the last stage. It will be the best way to move forward when you save the party assistants named striker and supporter for the boss battles.


King of Fighters All Star Top Tricks for a Quick Victory


Be smart when you form the party 


Consider a lot when you create your party. So, when making the squad, you have to be more careful with each other in a unique way. You will see three main characters in your squad are all male or all female. If not, they all are from the similar King of Fighters game. It will support to boost the team if they are from the same category.


It is essential to get all three of your present party members with different color combinations specified for them. It is good to move to the battles with different rosters. At least there will be one character who has the color affinity to become powerful than the enemies that you will meet in the strategy of game-winning. 


This rule is applicable when you choose a supporter. You have to consider the color affiliation. It becomes very helpful on the players for upcoming enemies. When you select strikers, you have to give more attention to the Relation effect of the character you have attached in the game.


Imagine you need a primer on the color class of the strengths and weaknesses of character. There is a breakdown list that you have to pay more attention to. It is as follows.


  • You will find the color red is more substantial than green color. But, it will be weak than the blue color.


  • You will find the green color is more substantial than the yellow color. But, it will be weak than the red color.


  • You will find the yellow color is more substantial than the purple color. But, it will be weak than the green color.


  • You will find the purple color is more substantial than the blue color. But, it will be weak than the yellow color.


  • You will find the blue color is more substantial than the red color. But, it will be weak than the purple color.


Starting to level up 


Once you obtain a new character, you have to boost the stats immediately. You have to do this for the whole collection of the one EXP material potion type. Then you can move for the new line of fighters who appears below them. Through that, you can level up them. You can dump one type of your EXP material potion to each one.


It is essential to save the Emerald card items and gold, and it will support you to unlock the stats boosts of your new characters. There will be a movement to the new moves through the Core Board. When talking about Affinity, you have to reward them with their preferable types of food. To check about the favorite types of food, you have to click the face-like icon close to the consumable items. 


When you are ready to begin the process of equipping Battle cards for your best-performing fighters, you will be mad. So, you have to stay stronger when you select the strongest fighter. It is required for the players on selecting the best fighter.


King of Fighters All Star Top Tricks for a Quick Victory


Summoning tactics 


The worthiest currency in King of Fighters All-Star is Rubies. You can find them with the quick proceed of the game. You will find different methods of obtaining Rubies. They finish all the three tasks assigned to a mission and finish a mission with the first attempt.


During this time, you have to collect enough rubies from summoning x10. This is an option for the Fighter summons who appear daily. When you collect ten fighters in one attempt, you get the opportunity to earn brand new fighters. There will be chances of earning several First-time recruitment rewards also. There are different chances of getting existing characters. They will shit to souls who can support and strengthen the characters that you kept for the roster.


When you get enough Rubies, you the benefit of the Step Up! Fighter summon. The other option is the Friendship points, and that is useful for the Friendship summons. When you earn Friendship points, you can collect them as a reward. That will be the reward of finishing the missions during the period of the Welcome Festival mission tab.


King of Fighters All Star Top Tricks for a Quick Victory


For summoning the best characters, you can use the Multi-Instance Sync feature of LDPlayer since it is easy and fast with an assured method. You may create multiple copies from the same game, and by using them all, there will be the rerolling. So you can have a great chance to obtain the exact hero you need and don’t need to lag with the usual summoning method. This is the fastest and assured way for you. 


Growth mission request


You have to follow Growth Mission requests. Especially, pay more attention to your daily missions. So, log to the daily missions regularly and collect your rewards. Always be considerable about the Growth mission sidebar. It will appear in the main menu when you are doing something else. So, check the requests and follow that. 


It will ask the tasks that you have completed and streamlines of the gameplay. Then the game will be become enormous and appear some easy battle options to you. 


When talking about the daily missions, you have to complete them daily. If not, there will be issues with claiming all the goodies. With the timely completion, you can get some extra rubies also. Do not forget to log in every day even though you have no fit to play the game. With the login, you can collect all the login items. So, you can log out after collecting them. 


It is essential to continue the game until you complete the Welcome Festival missions. Then you can get more rewards. Finally, take the Roulette Event tickets before your log off from the game. So, it is recommended to earn more as you can and move for the prize wheel of the Roulette Event. You have to do this before it happens with expiration.


King of Fighters All Star Top Tricks for a Quick Victory




King of Fighters All-Star is an exciting game where the players have the potentials to do different activities. If you need to get to the victory point immediately, you have to follow some secret tips. You have to follow the battle tactics correctly and begin your character level up at the right time. So, try to be smart throughout the gameplay and while using the summoning tactics also.

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